Sources for Instagram: Top 10 Websites to Create Your Own

Instagram is one of the largest social networks in the world and, as you probably already know, it offers a standard source for describing your biography, posts, comments, etc. Of course, this font fulfills its role and even makes the profiles a little more homogeneous, standardized. However, there is nothing better than being able to customize your profile as you prefer.

Fortunately, there are ways around this basic limitation so that you can create your own sources for Instagram. To help you out, we've put together a list of the top 10 sites, check your options, and find exactly which font you want to use on your profile!

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1. Instagram Fonts

To start our list, Instagram Fonts Generator is one of the most practical options for customizing the Instagram font. It is super simple and practical, just go to the site, write your text, with or without line breaks, and immediately you can see a huge list with the same words written in different sources.

From there, just copy and paste it into your bio or Instagram posts. The only downside to Instagram Fonts is that you won't know what the font name is. Even so, the tool is available on the web, meaning it can be accessed from any device and is completely free!

Fonts for Instagram Instagram Fonts

2. IG Fonts

IG Fonts also works very similarly to Instagram Fonts, but still has some really cool differentials. Here you can actually create your own sources for Instagram. After performing the entire procedure, just copy and paste it into your profile.

When accessing the page and writing the text, essentially the same way you would in the previous list option, go to the end of the font options and click the button. “Design your own font” to start creating a fully custom font. It is also free and can be accessed by any device through this link.

3. Fonts for Instagram

Fonts for Instagram was made in a really interesting way. It resembles a language translator, such as Google Translate itself. But here, as you type the word or phrase you want to change in the left box, you can see several variations of the same word written with different fonts in the right box.

Accessible directly through the browser, simply copy the result and paste it into your profile. Unfortunately, just like Instagram Fonts and IG Fonts, it is not possible to identify the name of the available Instagram fonts, but at least it is also free, go for the link!

4. Sprezz

Sprezz is not just an app for creating fonts for Instagram. In fact, it has its own custom keyboard app, available on the App Store exclusively for iOS. Even so, directly from their website you can still write excerpts and get several variations with different fonts.

With that, the custom keyboard function is really only for owners of iPhone and other Apple devices, but at least the font feature is available to any user. Access through the link to use the tool or download it on iOS!

Fonts for Instagram Sprezz

5. Fontify

Now for an option available exclusively on Android, Fontify is an application that also allows you to create fonts for Instagram. Unfortunately it has no emojis, but at least it has an extensive list of font options.

Because it is available directly from an app, it may be more practical than using the browser on your smartphone. Visit the Google Play link to download it for free on your Android.

6. Fonts – For Instagram

Fonts is available for iOS only and is one of the best options on our list of apps for creating Instagram fonts. It has over 100 different fonts, as well as over 1000 text emojis so you can add a special touch to your profile.

Also, another nice difference from Fonts is that it allows you to combine several different font elements to create the final result, and most importantly, the app also supports changing fonts in comments. Did you find it cool? The best part is that it's free, go to the App Store!

Fonts for Instagram Fonts

7. Beauty Font Style

Another option available only on Android, Beauty Font Style is a really well done and very complete application. Besides allowing you to create your own fonts for Instagram, it also categorizes the various options as: cool, hot, funny, radical fonts, etc. Which makes it a lot easier in the search to find which type of writing you like best.

The application is completely free and really very simple to use, and it makes it possible to create publications for Instagram stories, as well as offering other editing options for fonts such as size, color, etc.

8. Cool Fancy Generator

Cool Fancy Generator offers a true virtual keyboard so you can type texts with different fonts and, unlike the other options, this time you can know the name of the font you are using.

It is available directly from the browser and can be accessed from any device. Choose between copying a font style available on the site or entering each symbol individually from the virtual keyboard. Access the link and check it out!

9. Instagram Fonts Top

Another great option on our list, Instagram Fonts Top also categorizes different font types according to their format, such as italic, bold, stylized, emoji or decoration fonts, etc. The tool can also be accessed directly on the web.

It's free and just like the other options, just type your text, select the result you prefer, copy and paste it into any area you want on the social network. Open directly through the link!

Fonts for Instagram Fonts Top

10. Instafonts

To finish our list, we have one more option that lets you create your own fonts, as well as offering a wide variety of ready-made fonts. Just write your excerpt in the text box at the top of the screen.

If you do not identify yourself with any of the options, click the “Design Your Own Font” located in the bottom right corner of the page. Instafonts is also free, go through the link and start creating your own custom fonts right now!

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Did you like these sites to create fonts for Instagram?

Did you already know that it was possible to create fonts for Instagram? Tell us in the comments which of the alternatives served you best and if we can help you leave your profile exactly the way you prefer!

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