Speedtest: how to test your internet speed

You can even know what internet speed you have hired from your provider, but that does not mean that you will receive it at home. In many, you may notice that the internet seems slower than normal, but you don't know how to check it out. Our suggestion is to use sites like Speedtest, which allows you to test your internet speed in just a few seconds.

No problem if you have never heard of this site, as we will teach you how to use it in detail. And if you prefer, we will even cite a great alternative to Speedtest. Check out everything in our guide below!

Testing the internet with Speedtest

As we mentioned, you can test your internet speed easily when using Speedtest. If you have never accessed the site, you can do so by checking the link below.

On the website, just follow the next steps:

Step 1: with the Speedtest website open, you must click on the “Start” button to start the speed test.

how to test the internet

Step 2: this will take you to the test page itself. In the first part, you will see the download speed being tested, which is basically the internet speed you use for almost everything.

speedtest test download

If it is slower, it is in this result that you will see the biggest difference between what you have contracted with your provider and what you are actually receiving.

Step 3: the next test is to see the speed of your upload. Basically, this serves to make transmissions and send files to some type of service or application, for example.

upload test

This number is usually extremely less than the download speed, so don't be alarmed. If you do not know exactly the upload speed you should receive, it is good to contact your provider just to be sure that everything is fine.

Step 4: At the end, you will see the overall result of your internet speed. Speedtest will also give you the opportunity to share the test with a friend or on social media.

speedtest result

If you want you can even click on "Start" right there to do the test again. If you notice that the internet is unstable, it may be a good idea.

Using Fast as an alternative

If you think that the Speedtest is a little time consuming or you notice that it has gone offline momentarily (which happens every now and then), you may prefer an alternative. In this case, we will suggest that you use Fast, which is a test belonging to Netflix.

Step 1: you can access Fast at the following link, but we have already warned you that testing starts as soon as you open the site. That's why you can prefer it if you want something super fast.

alternative to speedtest

Step 2: as soon as it finishes testing your internet speed, you will be able to click on the “Show more information” button.

fast information

Step 3: Once this is done, you will see more complete information about ping, latency and your upload speed. This is not something that everyone wants to know all the time, especially those who just want to check the internet in a few seconds.

speedtest vs fast

Still, it’s great that the option is there when you want a more complete report. Fast is also great for those who want to perform tests on the phone, since it has a very simple interface.

Unstable Internet

It is always possible for the speed of the internet to change slightly from one test to the next. This is true even if they are performed within seconds of each other, which is perfectly normal.

You should be concerned if the difference is too big and happens every time you test the internet. Differences of 10 Mbps or more can indicate more serious instability, especially if it continues for a long time.

This instability can be caused by heavy rain, by a user who is downloading heavily, by an assisted transmission, etc. We also recommend that you do the simple action of turning the modem off for a few minutes and turning it back on to see if everything is back to normal.

If you do not notice anything different like the cases we have mentioned, it is always good to call the provider and check if there are any problems in your region. The sooner you contact the provider, the greater the chances of the problem being resolved.

And if you want, you can also check out our tips to increase the speed of the internet or how to improve the internet on Android.

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