Sports Trader: How to make money watching football games

Possibly you have heard of the world of sports betting. Whether through football hints or sports trading, the world of online sports betting has attracted thousands of Brazilians around the world and is a market that is exploding, even creating new professions such as the sports trader. Unlike those who only play for the entertainment and pleasure of playing, the sports trader is today an extremely demanding profession for professional bettors who wish to live by buying and selling bets on a sports exchange such as Betfair, for example.

The profession consists of buying and selling bets, as in the stock exchange with the shares, earning a percentage of profit between buying and selling that same bet. Although there is a lot of information spread around the internet about sports betting, the reality is that sports trading is still a little explored market by Brazilian players and it is truly a unique opportunity for you to earn some money working from home, while watching games on football. Cool right?

What is sports trading?

Sports trading appears with the entry into the market of sports exchanges such as Betfair, for example, that although they are considered sports betting houses, they offer much more features in addition to the classic 1X2 bets, where the bettor bets on the victory of the home team , in the tie or in the victory of the visiting team.

In a traditional bookmaker like Bet365 Brasil, the bettor plays against the bookmaker itself. If he wins the bookmaker pays the agreed amount for that bet, while he loses, the bookmaker wins. It is a simple relationship and one that naturally pays a lot less to the player than sports trading.

In sports trading, the player plays against other punters. When a sports trader places a bet on the home team's victory, he is actually betting against another bettor who believes that the home team will not win the match. For a bet to be accepted on the market, there must be a match between a bet for and a bet against. Whoever wins gets the profit from those two bets and whoever loses loses their bet.

What is the Betfair betting exchange?

Betfair is a betting exchange (also known as Betfair exchange) where bettors can buy and sell bets for or against certain results of a game of football, tennis, basketball, etc. It is different from a traditional sportsbook precisely because it offers this betting functionality for and against a certain outcome, which is after all what allows sports traders to trade live while watching football matches.

Betfair is an English bookmaker, considered by many to be the best bookmaker in the world, both for its reputation and its professionalism.

When you register with the Betfair betting exchange, you will have the opportunity to earn a bonus of R $ 400 on your first deposit and when you start placing your first sports bets, which is super cool for you to start playing with more money available and to have greater flexibility to apply their knowledge of sports trading.

What does a sports trader do?

A sports trader buys sports bets at football, tennis or basketball games, for example, by trading these bets on a sports exchange such as Betfair. Your job is to buy bets at a certain amount and sell them earning a good profit when you decide to sell those bets. As on the stock exchange when you buy and sell a stock, on the sports exchange the same thing happens, that is, the sports trader will be buying and selling “sports shares” in a given soccer game, with the aim of gaining a margin profit between the purchase and sale of these “sports shares”.

Logically, as it is a sports exchange and betting on football, there is a risk associated with losing those same bets. A sports trader who misses his prognosis, may have to sell his bet losing money, in order to minimize his loss and logically, not to lose all his money on that bet.

Unlike traditional sports betting, in sports trading the end result of the game is the least important, as the role of a sports trader is to negotiate your bets during the course of the game and sell all of them before the game is over.

Imagine the following example:

Sports trader betting on Betfair in Brasileirão

A sports trader decides to bet on the Internacional X Palmeiras game. The Betfair betting market is offering a 2.50 odd for Internacional's win and the trader decides to bet R $ 100 on the win. If the trader wins his bet, he will win R $ 150 in profit to add to the R $ 100 of his bet. If he loses, he will lose the R $ 100 wagered initially.

For all football games, odds are offered (odds) both to bet in favor and to bet against a given result. See this example of the Brasileirão:

Games round offered by Betfair

In the first example, Atlético Goianiense has an odd of 4.00 for the bet in favor of victory and an odd of 4.20 for the bet against victory. The draw between the teams has an odd of 3.60 in favor of the draw and an odd of 3.70 against the draw. São Paulo's win has a 2.08 odd in favor of the win and a 2.10 odd against the win.

Although it may seem complex at first, buying and selling sports betting is a very serious and relatively easy job to do by anyone who enjoys football and follows the main championships in Brazil and Europe.

And unlike a traditional bookmaker, in a betting exchange you can bet against a certain result and in favor of a certain result, which is super cool because it doubles your betting possibilities, and you will be betting against other players who think the opposite of you. The best-informed trader who has studied the game the best will end up winning more easily.

How to succeed as a sports trader?

When we talk about success in the sports trading market, there are clearly at least 5 key elements that make all the difference between a successful trader and a trader who ends up failing in the sports betting market. And these 5 elements are fundamental to fully know and dominate, if you have the ambition to live off sports trading.

1) Analyze the games correctly

A trader will accurately analyze the games where he intends to place bets well before the game has started. This means studying both teams very well, understanding what is going on with each of them, seeing if motivation is high or low, if there are injured players, suspended players, if the relationship between the team and the coach is healthy, etc. The moment of form and the weather during the game are also important factors to study beforehand.

2) Emotional control

The first rule of sports trading is not to bet on the team at heart. The second is to have incredible emotional control over your work as a sports trader. A good professional deals assertively with emotions during a football game, not making beginner mistakes like betting large amounts to try to recover his losses, for example. Having great emotional control is essential in a successful trader.

3) Manage your money well

Knowing how to manage your money well is very important. A successful trader has to know exactly how much to bet on a particular game, what to do when he wins and when he loses, etc. Managing your money very well is halfway to success as a sports trader, which is not always easy, since no player likes to lose.

4) Trading tools

As a sports trader gains experience, he should start working with some trading tools available on the internet that make his job much easier when it comes to watching games and knowing when the right time to buy or sell a bet is on. sports bag. This software makes this market analysis work much easier and allows you to automate a lot of work as well.

5) Studying constantly

A good sports trader is one who constantly studies about his work, the teams that are going to play, about new betting strategies, etc. Being constantly updated is essential to keep up with the evolution of the sports betting market and also the bookmakers themselves, which are constantly launching new features.

Free Sports Trader Course

For you to learn more about sports trading and maybe start your adventure in this world of sports betting, we have discovered a free online course called Sports Trader Course which is available on the website and which offers lots of practical video lessons and 100 % free for you to learn how to do sports trading on the betting exchange.

This course is divided into 4 different modules with dozens of hands-on and hands-on lessons for you to learn how to place your sports bets using the Betfair betting exchange or even make traditional sports bets at Bet365.

In the Sports Trader Course you can learn everything about trading, namely how sports betting works, what sports trading is, how to place bets for and against, how to place multiple bets, how to manage your money, how to control your emotions during a football match you're betting on and more.

In Brazil there are thousands of bettors who live today from sports trading and earn small fortunes every month by betting on betting exchanges like Betfair.

And this is an opportunity for anyone who wants to enter the world of trading and start making some money by watching football games and making their guesses.

Sports Trading in Brazil

Sports trading in Brazil has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years, as sports bookmakers are gaining popularity in the market, sponsoring the main teams of the Brasileirão and destroying the suspicion that existed regarding sports betting in Brazil.

And that popularity is growing a lot from day to day, making it possible to live off sports betting as is the case with sports traders who end up living from this new profession, putting their knowledge in football in favor of the business.

If you like to guess football, follow the games and be on top of everything that is going on in the main football championships in the world, you probably have a very good chance of being successful as a professional trader.

You can also use apps to keep up with football and keep up to date on what's happening on the pitch.

Now that you know this, the ball is in your court!

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