Streamyard discount coupon: how to take advantage

Using software to help us deal with day-to-day tasks has become conventional. Many are free and require a certain level of knowledge to use, while others are paid, but offer you support and a simpler interface to use. Through occasional discounts, you can take advantage of the Streamyard discount coupon and have access to one of the best apps for making lives.

Of course, you might have entered that article wondering what Streamyard is and what it can do. Therefore, we will give you both answers in the following excerpt.

If you already know the software and were waiting for a promotion to get it, then you don't need to scroll to the end of the article to get the Streamyard discount coupon.

Just click on the link and enjoy the 10 dollar discount on the app!

For those who still need to understand how this app can help you make lives, check it out below!

What is Streamyard?

Streamyard is software for those who need to make lives with more features than platforms like Instagram and YouTube can offer. For example, most platforms where it is possible to make live streams prevent you from playing the same stream in more than one place simultaneously.

That is, if you need to live on YouTube and Facebook at the same time, none of the platforms will support you. Streamyard is one of the solutions that will allow you to do this type of transmission in more than one place at the same time.

You can broadcast live on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch and Periscope through Streamyard.

This is not the only feature of the app, which also allows you to call up to 10 guests to interact on your broadcast. Ideal for those who do interviews lives.

In addition, you will see comments directly from the screen, in addition to being able to include your logo and buttons with external links on the viewers screen.

streamyard home screen

Who is Streamyard for?

The main intention of the software is to help professionals who are working at home making lives. Through its integration with Twitch, for example, it is one of the most suitable options for those who transmit gameplay of their games, such as the iconic The Sims 4.

But it's not just gamers who can take advantage of Streamyard. Because it allows you to live in different places, they also serve those who have their own business and need to build a community in more than one social network.

Digital influencers can also take advantage of Streamyard, especially if they are betting heavily on collaborations with other professionals in the field, since the app allows you to call up to 10 people simultaneously.

As you may be aware, any online business, be it as formal or as informal as possible, can take advantage of Streamyard's features.

Do you work online and need a reliable tool to make your lives? Then see how to take advantage of the Streamyard discount coupon we have prepared for you!

How to take advantage of the Streamyard discount coupon?

Before you start, let's remember that our coupon guarantees a 10 dollar discount on the service subscription, which can be used directly from your internet browser.

To get started, click on the link to access the Streamyard page with the discount already applied. On the home page, enter your email address and click the button Get Started.

enter your email

Tip: make sure the message below the button Get Started is showing up to guarantee your 10 dollar discount!

Now, check your email inbox for a message from Streamyard, which will contain a six-digit code.

receive the streamyard code by email

Copy and paste this digit into the program window and click Login.

paste the code

Tip: remember that the code shown in the print will not work for you, but what will arrive in your own email.

Then click on Onward to access the control panel. Go to the button Upgrade.

click the upgrade button to use the streamyard discount coupon

On this screen, you will see a message stating that you have $ 10 in credit to purchase Streamyard plans. Choose the one that is best for you and click Upgrade Now.

choose your plan and take advantage of the discount coupon

From here, simply enter your credit card information to purchase a plan with your Streamyard discount coupon.

Live in more than one place with Streamyard!

Now that you know how to use our Streamyard discount coupon, you can make simultaneous lives on various social networks and add several guests!

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