The 10 best delicious dessert apps

If you previously had to buy cookbooks to learn new recipes, now you just need the right app on your smartphone. And of course, this need not be restricted to complex culinary or savory dishes. So, we've put together some of the best delicious dessert apps.

Obviously we are not going to focus only on fatty desserts, since we will have many healthy recipe apps. So if you're curious, just check out our list below to find out what our favorite dessert apps are!

1. Light kitchen guide

best dessert apps

Since we're talking about a list of dessert apps, we decided to start with the Light Cooking Guide. After all, not everyone can eat traditional desserts and end up looking for light versions.

This app brings dozens of lighter recipes that are not just for dessert. In it you will also find various types of juices, sweets, salads and savory dishes for you to learn how to make.

You can download it on Android and on your iPhone.

2. Kitchen Stories

Another good tip for those looking for dessert apps is Kitchen Stories. This app not only gives useful tips, but also teaches some techniques that can help you in the kitchen.

The cool thing is that the app still has educational videos and a section just for those who learn the most basic things. Other than that, it has a special timer to help you calculate the right time for each recipe.

Very useful to learn how to make that dessert recipe that always seemed difficult. If you are interested, you can download the app on Android or iPhone.

3. Petitchef

Our next indication is Petitchef, which not only shows a recipe but also gives you nutritional information on dishes and ingredients. Other than that, it has a really cool feature that lets you upload photos of the foods you've already prepared.

You can also bookmark and leave comments on the recipes you like best. This ends up being very useful for you and other users to know if the recipe works or if it needs changes.

Unfortunately, the app is only available on Android.

4. Runtasty

If the name of Runtasty sounds familiar, it is because it comes from the same name as Runtastic, a great app for monitoring your runs. Even so, you can already get a sense that Runtasty is a great app for those looking for light recipes.

Whether to lose weight or to complement your physical exercises. The best thing is that its collection of recipes was created by several nutritionists and has the most diverse meals.

Fortunately, this also includes desserts that don't have a lot of calories. If you like the concept, you can download the app on Android and iOS.

5. EverythingTasteful

all delicious app

Then we have one of the best dessert apps, after all, it is also one of the most well-known and popular in the culinary world. Even if you haven't used the app yet, it's quite possible that you've already consulted an TudoGostoso recipe.

It works almost like a social network, where users themselves post and share their recipes. Those who follow them can post photos, comment on whether it worked and evaluate the recipes they tried.

So, you get a sense of whether they really work or not. In addition to desserts, you can also find just about any dish you can imagine.

The app can be downloaded on Android and iPhone.

6. Tastemade

You can tell that Tastemade is another app well-known among culinary enthusiasts. Its difference is that there are posts of recipes being made on video and with a step by step process.

This makes it a lot easier to make a dessert that looks complex, for example. Of course, in addition to sweets, there are several other types of dishes that are posted in the app.

If you liked the app, download it on your Android or iPhone.

7. CookMate

Another alternative that you should try among dessert apps is CookMate. With it installed, you can create a personal account, search for different recipes and favor the ones you like best.

This way, you can access your favorite recipes whenever you want and without having to keep searching. The app also has a shopping list feature, which can be very useful when you need to buy the ingredients for a specific dessert.

To learn more about the app, just check it out on Android or on iPhone and iPad.

8. Light recipes

Here we have another one of the dessert apps that offers healthier recipes. The Light Recipes shows only light dishes that are low in calories, either original recipes or modified versions of existing meals.

The best is that you can even choose to avoid recipes with gluten, sugar and carbohydrates, for example. Other than that, the app is very cute and has an easy-to-learn interface.

You can check out more about it on Android and iPhone.

9. Tasty Recipes

Tasty Recipes is another very cool and popular app that you can try. Like Tastemade, this service also includes recipes in videos and with all steps carefully described.

As the app still has a feature that doesn’t let the phone turn off the screen, you don’t have to touch the device with greasy hands. Something simple, but it helps a lot in the kitchen when you are following the instructions of the recipe.

Fortunately, the app is available on both Android and iPhone.

10. Pip Recipes

dessert apps pip tips

To end our list of dessert apps, we have Pip Recipes. This application is free and has dozens of different recipes, in addition to teaching you about techniques and methods you can use in the kitchen.

The cool thing is that Pip still encourages its users to share their own recipes with others. If you make one of the recipes, you can still take a photo and post it on the app to show how the result looks.

Fortunately, you can download the app on both your Android and iPhone.

Did you like the dessert apps?

Did you take advantage of our delicious dessert app tips to find one to learn new recipes? So forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the tips.

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