The 10 Reasons to Buy Apple Pencil

With the announcement and launch of the first iPad Pro, also came the Apple Pencil. Apple's official stylus can be used on touch screens of compatible iPads. The accessory is great for drawing, taking notes and even using other content creation apps. Still, a lot of people are left behind when deciding to buy the Apple Pencil.

But believe me, despite the high prices, there are many good reasons to consider buying the Apple Pencil. If you are curious, you can check our list with the best reasons to make this purchase below!

1. Drawings

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First of all, we have to talk about the drawings. Of course, this is going to be the main aspect most people will consider when deciding whether to buy Apple Pencil.

Considering that the iPad Pro's screen is sensitive to stylus pressure and accuracy, drawing becomes much more natural. Other than that, there are a lot of great Apple Pencil apps to draw in any style you can imagine.

If you're looking for a good design tablet that can do something else, the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil set is really great.

2. Notes

Another very obvious but worth mentioning factor is the ability to make notes. There are also apps specifically for that, so you can even use iPad Pro as a notebook, diary, etc.

This turns out to be much better than typing on the iPad constantly. This is even better if you don't have the physical iPad keyboard, which makes typing on the screen a must.

3. Photo Editing

Another good use of Apple Pencil on your iPad is in photo editing apps. We are not even talking about the simpler app we usually see on smartphones, but weighty apps with more advanced options.

Apps like Photoshop and Lightroom, for example, become easier to handle with Apple Pencil. You will be able to select parts of the image more easily, either in very heavy editing or to correct color.

If you often work hard with image editing, this is a good reason to buy Apple Pencil. But don't forget: These apps can be paid.

4. Use it in browser

Almost everything you do on iPad can be improved in some way with Apple Pencil. This is especially true if you really want to maximize your stylus usage on your tablet.

We say this because even something as simple as using your browser can be enhanced that way. It's much better to navigate the pages this way, especially if you don't want to fill the fingerprint screen.

5. Notes on PDFs

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Another really cool feature is that you can make notes on your PDFs. If you're reading a book or studying in a file in this format, that's great.

Thus, you do not need to use a separate note app or notebook. It's also a good thing if you want to share the PDF with specific tags or notes.

6. Notes on images

The cool thing is that what we mentioned above can also be applied with images. This is especially true for screen prints you may have taken from interesting articles.

There are many creative uses if you are considering buying the Apple Pencil. This is just one of them, as you can see.

7. Notes on Presentations

If you're giving a presentation with the iPad screen streaming on a big screen, you can also use Pencil to draw symbols, markup, or annotate.

This can make your presentations much more interesting and engaging. It really is worth expanding the stylus usage this way if you are thinking of buying the Apple Pencil.

8. Use iPad as a virtual desktop

A lot of people like to use iPad as their virtual desktop, something that can be enhanced by Apple Pencil. In this case, Pencil can be used almost like a mouse.

This makes the task of using iPad that much less difficult. Of course this is even better if you have a physical keyboard, but only Apple Pencil is great.

9. More accurate than other stylus

Of course you might consider using other stylus on your iPad. This turns out to be a good option if you plan on doing more casual stylus tasks such as brief notes and edits, among others.

But if you need a more accurate experience, the Apple Pencil is still the best. This is especially true for drawings, as you might already imagine.

10. Best experience for iPad Pro

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As we mentioned above, Apple Pencil really has a superior quality. But this applies especially to the iPad Pro, as the accessory is meant to be used with this tablet.

The whole experience is optimized and worth it if you really think about using iPad more professionally. This goes for both drawings, notes, and more.

Did you like the reasons to buy Apple Pencil?

Could you take a look at our list to find out the top reasons you should buy Apple Pencil? So be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think and think of more reasons to buy the Apple stylus.

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