The 12 best apps to train your brain

If you have problems with any of your mental abilities, be they memory, focus, learning or concentration and you don't know how to improve, you can use some apps to train your brain.

Keep reading the article and check out the best apps to train your brain!

1. Lumosity

We started our list with one of the most famous of its kind, Lumosity, which offers both memory and attention training. It is based on several scientific foundations, which serves to ensure the effectiveness of its methods.

Through it, you can track your overall progress, whether on your computer or smartphones. It has more than 70 million users around the world, more than 25 different games to help you and much more. To start using it, go to the official website to the Play Store or App Store.


2. Happify

Another excellent alternative among apps to train your brain is Happify, developed from the fundamentals of positive psychology in order to help its users to better control stress and their emotions throughout the day.

It's free to start using, but it has a paid plan that releases many new programs, gives you your own report, allows you to follow its evolution over time. It has many tests and surveys, all to help you work your memory even more efficiently. is available for iOS, for Android and in browsers through the website.

3. Eidetic

Exclusive to iPhone, Eidetic is one of the best options for those who want to develop their memory. It uses the spaced repetition method, through which the user increases the time he needs to memorize information, which can be entries, famous phrases and much more.

It is completely focused on this exercise, being particularly good for those who need to memorize information before some test, such as ENEM. Rather than just memorizing, you will actually store them. To use, you can go to the official website or go to the App Store.

4. Against Jour

Originally iOS exclusive, Contre Jour is currently available for computers and Android as well. It is a very beautiful puzzle game that incorporates elements that end up stimulating your brain a lot and improving your memory and reasoning.

In the game, you need to make several changes to the map in order for the character to reach other elements. It has a soundtrack that will mark you, beautifully designed graphics, unbelievable lighting effects, everything to keep you attached to the screen. Follow the link to download for iPhone, Android or pTheplay on the PC and have some fun.

Contre Jour apps to train your brain

5. Elevate

Launched in 2014, Elevate is the most recommended app to train your brain for those who want to improve their communication skills and their analytical skills through various daily challenges. These challenges involve the speed you can read, spotting grammatical errors, and more.

They were all developed together with researchers to really help speed processing, memory development, English language study and math skills. Start using it right now to strengthen your brain by following the link to the App Store, Play Store or the official website.

6. CogniFit Brain Fitness

Another great mind-training app is CogniFit Brain Fitness, which creates custom workouts for each user that help them exercise their brain. There are several intelligence tests that can assess up to 23 cognitive skills used in everyday life.

It promises to help with memory, mental alertness and, even better, stimulate the brain and restore functions in people who have, for example, dementia, Alzheimer's, insomnia, dyslexia or ADHD. Head to their official website to see more or download directly to iPhone or Android.

7. Skill

Featuring numerous logic games such as finding matching cards or determining the longest line, Skillz is a great help in training memory and cognitive skills. It also promises to help test your reflexes.

It's free and, as you use it, the difficulty of the games goes up. It also has a multiplayer mode and is suitable for users of any age. Download it now via the App Store or Play Store.

Skillz apps to train your brain

8. NeuroNation Memory Trainer

Among the apps to train your brain, we also find NeuroNation, which has even won the “Best App” award from Google. It helps you in many situations, whether they have poor memory, poor concentration or slow thinking.

With just 15 minutes a day dedicated to this, your brain will develop and these problems will disappear, making it an excellent use of your free time. In its premium version, it has even more exercises, allows for complete customization and several benefits. Go to the official website or download from the App Store or Play Store.

9. Memrise

Memrise is one of the best known memory training apps, focusing on exercising the brain to improve the memorization of words and information, being very suitable for those who want to learn new languages.

It has a paid and a free version, which is really complete, offering grammar, word proofing, audio and video, statistics about your learning and quick proofreading games. The developers promise that it is possible to learn up to 44 new words an hour with it. See more on the official website or download for iOS or Android.

10. Monument Valley

Another game with elements that help a lot in exercising and strengthening your mind, Monument Valley combines architecture, a really beautiful look and many puzzles and puzzles to help you pass the time.

Even though it's relatively short, the story is very beautiful and makes you emotional (and, due to the challenges, helps you in logical reasoning). There is also the continuation of the game, Monument Valley 2. Both the first and the second are available on the official website.

Monument Valley apps to train your brain

11. Brain trainer

With a very apt name, Brain Trainer is another app to train your brain, which focuses on improving your short-term memory, concentration, focus, speed and accuracy with its 20 types of games .

It also promises to help people with ADHD improve symptoms, increase multitasking and many other amazing qualities. It is exclusive to Android smartphones and can be downloaded via the link.

12. Peak

Finally, we have Peak, an app that allows its users to choose from the beginning what they want to train from a few options: memory, focus, problem solving, mental agility and language. It has 25 games to improve your brain potential.

It has a detailed analysis of your performance, with comparisons, brain maps and more. In the free version you have access to only 4 games per day. Download for Android, iOS or go to the official website.

What did you think of our list of the best apps to train your brain?

Leave it in the comments if you already knew them or if any were new to you. Also check out how to deal with boredom during quarantine, how to make money in this situation, and how to work at home productively.

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