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The 15 best tools for easy watermark removal!

The 15 best tools for easy watermark removal!

We all know how annoying the watermarks on the videos and photos we have stored on our devices. Precisely for this reason, we may often want to remove the watermark, but the question remains: how to do this?

It is precisely with this in mind that we decided to make this article, in which we will list some of the best tools that offer this functionality. It has options for the most layman and the most proficient, as well as options for video and photos. Check out!

1. Photoshop

This is the option you should use if you have more knowledge of graphic design, being easily the most complete (more expensive and difficult to use, too). In fact, Photoshop is one of the best drawing applications to use on your computer.

Using Photoshop, you will be able to remove all unwanted elements, retouch your images as you wish, apply the most varied filters, crop, retouch and combine photos to remove watermark and much more.

If you're after a really complete tool, Photoshop is the right choice. Follow the link to see more!

Photoshop remove watermark

2. Inpaint

Another great online tool you can use to remove much more than watermarks from your photos is Inpaint. With it, you will achieve really good results very simply. Anyone will be able to use Inpaint!

It is possible to remove, for example, power lines, unwanted people, buildings, and any other elements. Afterwards, you can still use it to improve the quality of your photos and highlight their natural beauty. To use the tool, just follow this link.

3. Pixlr

Pixlr is an application that you can use in any of the best internet browsers to edit photos. It even has versions for Android, iPhone, and even Windows, being one of the most versatile options on our list.

It can open a wide range of image formats, including PSD, PXD, JPEG, PNG, and SVG, among others. It has an artificial intelligence tool that will remove the watermark with just one click.

You can use Pixlr to create post ideas for Instagram, posts for other social networks, flyers, and more. Check it out now!

4. Apowersoft Watermark Remover

We also have on our list one of the easiest tools to use to remove the watermark from almost any image or video. With it, you can choose from three different selection options to remove everything you want!

Furthermore, it is also possible to use Apowersoft Remover to remove multiple watermarks from multiple media at the same time, further simplifying the process!

To use it, just upload the photo, select the region that contains the watermark you want to remove, click on delete, and you're done! Now just download the photo and use it however you want! Follow the link to see more

5. Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo editing application created and maintained by Google, which is really easy to use. It is available for both Android and iOS devices, with the possibility to remove the watermark from images very easily.

In fact, with a few clicks you will take out unwanted objects and elements. You won't even notice that these things were there! Even better, the original image quality is maintained, making it ideal for sharing on social media. Download for Android or iOS!

Snapseed remove watermark

6. SoftOrbits

Then we have SoftOrbits to remove the watermark from images, which is exclusive to Windows computers. As much as it focuses on removing these unwanted marks, it is also possible to remove date stamps, people, and many other elements.

Free, the platform also offers a unique tool that you can use to remove tags and stuff even from videos! The tool also lets you do retouches, restore old images, and much more. Check out!


GIMP is the photo editing tool that is there to compete with Photoshop, being completely free. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, offering many tools and features for you to edit photos and even draw.

Using it, you will be able to remove watermark from photos, as well as other objects. It supports basically all file formats and is compatible with over 100 different types of plugins.

In addition, it offers almost all the tools that Photoshop offers, although they are less polished, some are missing, and it is a little less powerful on the whole. Still, it's worth seeing more!

8. Wondershare Fotophire

Then there's Fotophire, offered by Wondershare. To use it, you don't need to have any prior knowledge or need to learn almost anything. Even the first time you will almost certainly succeed in removing the watermark on your own!

While the tool is paid for, it has a free trial period in which you can see everything Fotophire has to offer (image background removal, graphic design creations, automatic image enhancements, and much more). Follow the link!

9. Airbrush

An app that can be used on both Android and iOS, AirBrush is one of the best ways to edit photos as a blogger. It offers the possibility to edit everything very quickly in a lightweight and easy-to-use package.

In addition to removing the watermark, you can also remove pimples, whiten teeth and make your eyes look “luminous”, improve your skin in every photo, change the shape of any area, touch up everything with many tools, and more. All this to make you fit even better on Instagram. Go to the official website to see more!

10. TouchRetouch

Similar to AirBrush, TouchRetouch is great for Android and iOS users who want to retouch their photos and remove any unwanted items from their images, including, of course, the watermark that might be on them!

It lets you remove wires and posts, people who shouldn't be there, scratches and cracks, pimples and skin blemishes, traffic lights, trash cans, and anything else you could want. It is easily the best tool to remove background from images.

It's also very easy to use, with just one tap to remove as many objects as you want, plus you can simply mark a section of a line for it to be removed entirely! Go to the Play Store or the App Store to see more.

TouchRetouch remove watermark

11. PicLab

Easily one of the best apps for editing photos as well as removing the watermark from them, PicLab is free and available for both Android and iOS. With it, you can use fonts created by professional designers to add to your images, change the text color, and even add shadows to it!

In addition, you can add stickers and artwork, over 20 different filters, many photo effects, masks for the photos, use a drawing tool directly in your hand, and even create collages and montages with ease! Check it out for Android and iOS.

12. Fotogenic: Photo Editor

We also have Fotogenic, another option available for all smartphones. With it, you'll be able to edit all your photos giving them a professional look. The Watermark Removal Tool allows you to copy and paste parts of an image to hide the logo or text.

Besides, it also lets you paint over what you want to remove, and even simply select the unwanted area and delete the object or watermark. Going further, it lets you add text to images, text balloons, make you taller or thinner, change perspective, rotate, straighten photos, and more.

It also offers many beauty tools, such as smoother skin, whiter teeth, adding digital makeup, tattoos, tanning, and everything else you might want. Go to the Play Store or the App Store!

13. iWatermark

The name makes it sound like it's unique to iOS devices, but in fact iWatermark can be found for all smartphones. With it, you can remove unwanted objects from photos very easily.

As a big plus point, it is possible to use the batch processing tool to remove the watermark from many images at the same time. In fact, it's so good that it can process heavy files without changing the quality. Check it out for Android and iOS!

14. HitPaw

Here we have a really good option so that those who use computers with Windows or Macs can remove the watermark from any images and videos. HitPaw  is very easy to use, simple to understand and extremely effective.

The biggest downside is that you have to pay to use it, but it does have a free trial period. You can cut, shrink videos, make multiple edits, and remove marks. To check it out, just follow this link to the official website right now!

15. Add Watermark on Photos

The name indicates that Add Watermark on Photos is only for adding watermark on photos and not for removing them, but this is far from the truth. The app is free and only available for Android.

With it, you can create and save new watermark templates to add, add them to hundreds of files at the same time, preview how the result will be, change the positioning in different images, add custom texts, and much more .

As you can see, the app offers all the solutions you could want to add and edit your custom watermarks, as well as remove them from any images you want. Follow the link to the Play Store to see more!

Add Watermark on Photos

Did you like our guide on how to remove watermark from photos?

Leave a comment telling us what you think about our article and if it was helpful for you to remove unwanted watermarks from your photos and videos! Also let us know if you prefer to use some other app for this.

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