The 15 news you need to know about iOS 15!

As happens every year, Apple held a special event to announce and showcase the new iOS 15 to the world. This updated version of the iPhone operating system has some very interesting new features that can change the way you use certain features of your smartphone. In case you're curious, you can check out everything Apple has detailed about iOS 15 in our list below. Enjoy!

1. Notifications

use the ios 15

It's hard to see an OS update from Apple without a new design for notifications. On iOS 15, you'll be able to see photos of the people who sent you messages in the notifications tab, which helps to identify the contact more easily.

In addition, the apps icon will also get bigger, so you don't confuse apps and their notifications. There will also be a summary of notifications that are not urgent and can be viewed at another time.

If you prefer, you'll also have the option to mute notifications from certain apps or contacts directly on your home screen. This is great especially if you find yourself at a time when you need more concentration.

2. Focus mode

Anyone with a smartphone must already be distracted from their most urgent tasks because they ended up accessing their social networks or other leisure apps on the device. With that in mind, Apple has prepared a focus mode that can help you with just that.

With this mode, you can filter the notifications you receive and update your status in messaging apps so your contacts know you're busy. The cool thing is that you can customize the focus mode and even use it in different ways depending on the occasion.

So you can have a way like that at bedtime, working, studying, etc.

3. Spotlight

iOS 15 users will be able to use the Spotlight feature to search for photos by places, people, scenes, objects and even phrases or words written in the images. The tool will also have support for internet browsers for when you want to search for something about something or someone famous.

The cool thing is that you can use this feature directly from your lock screen. This makes its use much faster and more practical on a daily basis.

4. Photos

The iOS 15 Photos app has received an interesting update for the Memories feature. In addition to having a new design, this feature will have integration with Apple Music and a more interactive interface.

With that, Memories will suggest Apple Music songs from your history to sync with your photos and videos. This way you will have a more personalized experience than before.

5. FaceTime

The FaceTime app got a really cool feature on iOS 15. The app will now have spatial audio support, meaning you'll hear sound coming from the right direction.

This means that if two people are on one side of the video call, you will hear each person's audio coming from the right side. There is also a mode in which the noise is suppressed so that you only hear the speaker's voice instead of noises that might be happening in the room.

Going a little further, the app will feature two even more interesting news: SharePlay and FaceTime Links. SharePlay will allow you to share certain experiences in your calls. This includes movies, series, and even music you're listening to, so everyone on the call can enjoy the content together.

FaceTime Links is easier, as it allows you to create a link to a call in the app and share it in the app of your choice. This way, people with the link can join the call at any time.

6. Maps

The Maps app is always receiving updates every year in an attempt to encourage iPhone users to stop using Google Maps. With iOS 15, the app gained an interactive view of the world with improved details and a 3D mode for cities.

This should make your navigation easier to follow and a lot more interactive. There are also new filters for when you need to search for a place, which makes it much easier for you to search for specific places.

7. Wallet App

ios update

The wallet app now supports storing different types of keys, such as your home, workplace, car or hotel. Of course, this is only for card-shaped keys, as you can imagine.

This is a technology that ends up being more useful outside Brazil for the time being, but we are sure that one day it will also be able to be used abundantly here. The cool thing is that some people in the US might even store important documents in this app, like their IDs and driver's license.

8. Safari

Not everyone with an iPhone uses Safari as their primary web browser, so it makes sense that Apple wants to improve the browser. This time, the app has a new design, with the main buttons at the bottom for easy one-handed use.

Tabs are also more compressed and easier to access. The groups function also allows you to store your tabs in a folder and sync them to other Apple devices.

9. Weather

Another app that gained a renewed design was the Weather. The official iOS 15 app looks so good that you probably won't need to use other weather apps on your iPhone going forward.

In addition, there is much more information about the weather and a layout that changes completely according to the weather forecast. Notifications can even let you know when it's about to rain, for example.

10. Messages

In the messaging app, we have the news that the content you receive will appear in a section called “Shared with you” in the corresponding app. This section will appear in Safari, Apple Music, the Podcast app, and the Photo app.

The cool thing is that you can still pin shared content so you can always find it easily. For Brazilian users, a special option has been added: it will be possible to filter unwanted SMS.

11. Health

Although it's an app that's not widely used by most iPhone users, the Health app has a tab that lets you share your health data with whoever you think is necessary. This includes exam results, which you can even fix certain points or underline the most important information for quick access later.

12. Find device

The app that helps you locate your device will allow you to find a device even if it is turned off. Other than that, if an acquaintance shares the location with you, you will be able to see a live stream of updates from that location.

Another novelty is that with iOS 15, you can use this tool to find your AirPods, in addition to Air Tags. A really nice improvement on this app.

13. Notes

It may not even seem like it, many iPhone users use the Notes app quite often. On iOS 15, you can use tags to categorize all your notes however you like.

Other than that, you can tap on these categories to see all the notes tagged with each of them. For those who usually share their notes, there will also be the option to mention other users.

14. Reminders

The Reminders app has gained some improvements that its users can appreciate. In this new iOS version, you'll be able to place bookmarks to organize your reminders more efficiently.

It is also possible to have an access to the main options of the app, in case you want to open or delete a reminder without delay. For those who use the app, these are small details that end up improving its use in everyday life.

15. Siri

ios 15 news

Finally, we can also talk about some changes Siri received in iOS 15. In addition to no longer needing an internet connection, there has been an improvement in the security of Apple's virtual assistant.

Other than that, Apple promises that the recognition and understanding of what you say will improve as you use your device. In addition, Siri will remember the contacts you talk to the most and the topics you read the most.

This will help Siri give you more personalized answers over time. She will also have an enhanced sense of context, being able to refer to something you asked for earlier.

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