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The 20 best cases for iPhone 11 [2020]

The 20 best cases for iPhone 11 [2020]

One of the most important things to do when buying a new smartphone is to think of the most useful accessories. Overall, that means buying some of the many iPhone 11 covers and a screen film.

While films are usually a simpler purchase, purchasing a cover may take longer. After all, there are so many different models available that you can't just make an impulse purchase.

It is necessary to think about the protection it offers, if it has any extra utility, if it is compatible with wireless charging, etc. To help you select the best of the numerous iPhone 11 cases, we've separated the top 20. Check them all out below!

1. Apple transparent cover

official apple cover

Of course, to start our list of best cases for the iPhone 11, we couldn't leave Apple's officials out. The first option is one of the most classic, as it is the company's basic transparent plastic cover.

It is a very simple cover that can provide minimal protection for lighter falls. It also serves to give a greater firmness when holding the smartphone and prevent the back from being scratched. You can check out more by accessing the link.

2. Apple silicone case

Another good option is the official Apple silicone case. This is a softer cover and fits very well on the iPhone's body, and may even be more comfortable to touch than the plastic.

It also protects against more superficial damage, but it is not ideal for those who always drop the phone. If you found it interesting, you can check out more on the link.

3. Nomad Rugged Tri-Folio case

The next suggestion is the Nomad Rugged Tri-Folio Case, which is considered one of the best cases for the iPhone 11. This is a good option for those who still like to use leather cases on their smartphone.

Other than that, this is one of those covers that close and protect the device's screen. Fortunately, she uses the extra space to carry her money and cards.

Fortunately, the case itself is very light and can protect the iPhone 11 from even more serious drops. You can check out more about the cover at the following link.

4. Apple leather case

Since mentioning a leather case from a specialized company, it is worth mentioning the official version of Apple as well. Its design is much simpler and has a very high price, but it can be good for those looking for a simple style.

It also offers a good touch on the hands and protects against falls and lighter scratches. To take one of these home, just check out the link on Apple's official website.

5. Spigen Thin Fit

iphone 11 thin covers

Another one that cannot be missing from our list is Spigen Thin Fit. This is a classic model that is always relaunched for new generations of iPhone, with everything adapted to their new design, of course.

In addition to being very beautiful, it has a great finish and gives a good firmness to the hands. The case is still very thin and light, but still has good durability and can protect your iPhone 11 well.

Other than that, it is a very discreet cover and will hardly have scratches over time. If you liked it, just check the official website.

6. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

If you are looking for more protection, Spigen Ultra Hybrid is one of the best options today. It is not very large or chubby, but it is very rigid and offers a good defense against scratches and falls.

It is worth mentioning that it is all transparent, so it is a good option for those who want nothing by covering their iPhone 11. You can check out more about the cover at the link.

7. Anka High Impact

Anka High Impact is a little different, as it focuses on both protection and beauty. Basically, it has several very beautiful designs that you can choose from at the time of purchase.

It is much better for those who want something totally different from what we usually see out there. Other than that, it has a great finish, prevents scratches, supports wireless charging and more.

If you found it interesting, just see more by accessing the link.

8. Spigen Neo Hybrid

The Spigen Neo Hybrid is another case for the iPhone 11 that you can not fail to check. She does her best to combine a stylish design with the extra protection of other covers.

Basically, it has reinforced material to keep your iPhone 11 in complete safety. It has two layers capable of absorbing impacts of greater intensity, even though it is a more flexible cover.

The back has very beautiful patterns that still give a more firm grip on the hands. You can check out more about it at the link.

9. Super Thin Case

The Super Thin Case is the perfect protective cover for those who want to protect the iPhone 11 without even looking like they are using a case. Its entire design is based on this concept, and besides being transparent, it does not have any logo or brand from the manufacturers.

Other than that, the model is so thin that it adds just 0.35 mm thick to your iPhone. We should only warn you that it is not ideal for those who end up dropping the iPhone frequently, but it is a great option for the careful ones.

To learn more and acquire yours, just access the link below.

10. Smart Battery Case

iphone battery case

Now we have one more of the official Apple covers on our list of suggestions. This time, it's the Smart Battery Case, which is basically a normal case with an extra battery to charge iPhone 11 whenever necessary.

Despite being far from the most beautiful, it can be a very functional cover. This is especially true for those whose iPhone does not charge for most of the day.

It's also a good one when the iPhone won't turn on or if the iPhone is inactive and you need to charge it as soon as possible. For those interested, just check out more on the official Apple website.

11. Mujjo Leather Case

We already talked a little about the leather cases from Nomad and Apple, so we must mention the cases of Mujjo as well. She makes several models of leather covers, trying to make them elegant and functional at the same time.

It is really one of the best cases for the iPhone 11 if you are looking exclusively for leather cases. The cover is also comfortable to hold and has some interesting design variations.

To check out more about these covers, just go to their official website.

12. Totallee Thin

Another very interesting option for those who like absurdly thin covers is the Totalle Thin cover is another interesting cover that has a thinner aspect. The cool thing is that it has a few different models available.

You can choose the transparent or matte version, which comes in some different colors. Protection is good against scratches and scratches, but falls can be risky. To check out more, just access the link below.

13. Speck Presidio Case

The Speck Presidio Case is an existing model for other iPhones and is quite successful among its users. It has a very simple look, so it can be a great option for those who want something more discreet for their iPhone 11.

The best thing is that it has two layers and withstands the impact of very high drops, leaving your iPhone always safe. If you found the cover interesting, just check the link.

14. Trianium Clarium Case

The Trianium Clarium Case is a very interesting option for those who want a simpler design and with good protection. It is completely transparent and has slightly raised edges.

These edges are exactly to prevent scratches and can absorb the impact of smaller drops. Other than that, there is full support for wireless charging.

If you are interested, you can check out more at the following link.

15. Parallax Caseology

iphone 11 parallax cover

Caseology is another brand known for its smartphone accessories. The Parallax case is an excellent alternative for those looking for a beautiful, elegant and capable option to protect their iPhone 11.

It has a slim design, but it also offers a double layer to absorb the impact of drops. Currently, the cover is available in several colors compatible with the iPhone 11.

You can check this and more by accessing the link.

16. Ultra Thin Anccer

Continuing on the theme of super thin covers, we have Anccer Ultra Thin. Even though it is one of the thinnest on our list of iPhone 11 cases, it still manages to give the device good protection.

That's because it has shock absorption and can prevent damage from smaller falls. To learn more, just check the link below.

17. Anccer Colorful Series

Taking advantage of that we talked about Anccer above, we will also recommend the Colorful Series of this same brand. This model focuses especially on the fact that it offers several different and very beautiful colors.

Of course, it is also very thin and offers interesting security against scratches, small drops and scratches. It is worth saying that it has a brighter appearance, so it can be quite striking.

If you want to check out more, just access the link.

18. Maxboost Wallet Case

We also have the Maxboost Wallet Case, which was made to serve as a cover and wallet at the same time. A great addition for anyone who wants to charge most of their cards and money along with their smartphone.

It is made with a material that imitates leather very well and contains some partitions to store what you would carry in your wallet. You can purchase it by accessing the link.

19. Spigen Tough Armor

Another very good option from the Spigen brand is the Tough Armor Case. This is the ideal case for those who want total protection for their iPhone 11, without caring so much for the appearance of the case itself.

We say this because it is so robust that you cannot say that its design is a great attraction. Still, it has a flexible inner layer and can absorb shock from almost any impact.

To check out more, just access the link.

20. Torro Leather Wallet Case

wallet case for iphone 11

To end our list of cases for the iPhone 11, we have the Torro Leather Wallet Case. As the name already kind of reveals, this is another cover that tries to imitate the look of a wallet.

Even so, it protects not only the rear, but the front of the smartphone. As you might expect, there are partitions inside to store cards and money. Check out more at the link.

Did you like the iPhone 11 cases?

Did you take advantage of our tips for finding good cases for the iPhone 11? Don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think and which one caught your attention the most.

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