The 20 best Netflix comedy movies

There is no doubt that Netflix offers many types of films and, for those who like humorous productions, it is a full plate. But among so many Netflix comedy movies, it's even hard to decide which one to watch next, whether alone or with your family.

Therefore, we took advantage of this excellent site to see films and series, and separated some of the best features. If you're curious and want to know our tips on the best Netflix comedy movies, just follow the list below!

1. How to lose a man in 10 days

how to lose a man in 10 days

To start our list, we already have a very funny movie that could not be missing from the list of Netflix comedy films. It shows an advertiser needs to make a woman fall in love in 10 days to prove he understands women and get a new account at his agency.

In the meantime, a journalist needs to do her best to win over and irritate a man in the meantime to write an article and have more freedom in the magazine she works for. Of course, unknowingly, the two do it with each other, something that makes their goal very difficult to achieve.

2. Click

Actor Adam Sandler is no stranger to comedy films, so it is clear that some of his features could not be left out. Click is one of his films that he usually likes until he is not a fan of the actor.

We see the story of Michael, an architect who dies from work and never has time for his family. Suddenly, he receives a universal remote control that gives him the power to pause or speed up the moments of his life.

Except that the man ends up abusing this strange power and puts his life on a path far from what was planned.

3. I want to be with Polly

Another very good suggestion for the Netflix comedy film list is I want to stay with Polly. This is a comedy that even has some touches of romance, but that ends up being overshadowed by the humorous part.

The plot itself is also quite simple. After being abandoned by his wife on his honeymoon, the nervous Reuben meets a childhood friend who teaches him to live on the edge.

4. As if it were the First Time

Following on our list, we have another film by Adam Sandler. Only as if it were the first time it is even more popular and loved than Click, so I can't help seeing it.

It is worth mentioning that this is one of several partnerships between Sandler and actress Drew Barrymore. His story is also very interesting and quite different.

We accompany a marine veterinarian who falls in love with a teacher who suffers from amnesia and needs to win her back every day.

5. The Patricia in Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills Patrons

For those who like older films, we have a classic from the 1990s. In fact, As Patricinhas de Beverly Hills is a good option even for those who like to watch series, since the film was adapted as a series later.

Its plot focuses on Cher, a nosy student at Beverly Hills High School. It all starts when she changes the look of an old-fashioned colleague and discovers that she also needs changes.

6. The Proposal

The Proposal is one of those films that spends most of its time as comedy, but also has a little bit of romance there for the end. It's just that the mix is ​​so well done that comedy fans shouldn't care too much.

The whole plot begins with a powerful publisher who discovers that she will lose her American visa soon. To prevent this from happening, she practically forces her assistant to marry her, securing her permanent visa.

But the coexistence between the two changes the dynamics a little.

7. They say around

This is an unconventional comedy, since it has more unusual situations than comedy clichés. It all starts when the protagonist Sarah travels to California for her sister's wedding and ends up hearing that her family served as inspiration for the film "The First Night of a Man".

After this revelation, she goes after the man she thinks is her real father, but ends up getting involved with him after she finds out that he is not. This brings many conflicts with his family and betrayed fiance.

8. Love at Second Sight

The Proposal was not the only Sandra Bullock film that had a relationship between boss and employee. But in “Amor à Segunda Vista”,

Only the rest is quite different from the other film. History shows a millionaire in the real estate business does nothing without his advisor.

After some time deciding everything for him, she decides to get out and try to pursue her career the way she always wanted to. That's when he realizes he can't live without it.

9. Everything to be with him

Everything To Stay With Him has everything to look like a romantic comedy movie, but believe me, it is far from it. list. The film is much more of a kind of bullshit, which is great for those who like this type of Netflix comedy movies.

We accompanied a very party woman who meets a rather clumsy man named Peter. She is very interested, but loses her contact and decides to follow him until her brother's wedding with his best friends.

10. Lying wife

We spoke earlier on this list that there was no way to stop including Adam Sandler's works in a list of Netflix comedy films. Well, Mentirinha's Wife is one of the actor's features that is worth watching.

History shows that after a misunderstanding with the girl he fell in love with, Sandler's character must pretend to be a divorced family man. Although the plan works initially, the girl worries that he is not spending enough time with his children.

So it ends up making everyone go on vacation in Hawaii. Except that spending a few days pretending that your employee is your ex-wife and her children are his is also not as easy as it seemed.

11. The Lie

Continuing the theme of Netflix comedy films that have some lying element, we have this excellent feature. He stars actress Emma Stone, when she was not so famous and was starting to stand out with roles like this.

The story itself is very simple and very similar to the comedies of the 1980s. Basically, through malicious gossip, the protagonist Olive is labeled a slut and easy at her school.

Instead of putting an end to rumors, she decides to benefit by pretending that she has stayed with certain boys in exchange for credit in stores and restaurants.

12. A Prince in New York

Another good tip for those who like to watch classic films, is the old acquaintance “A Prince in New York”. This is easily one of the best-known films by actor Eddie Murphy, so you must have at least heard about it.

The story shows an African prince who goes to the USA to find someone who falls in love with him, not with his money. Despite the premise, he is a lot funnier than romantic.

13. For all the boys I loved

For our next suggestion on the list, we have one of the Netflix comedy movies that is totally original from the platform. That is, it is a feature that Netflix itself produced and is one of the most successful there recently.

Other than that, you can say that the film is very light and full of humorous moments. The plot shows a teenager named Lara loves to write secret love letters to everyone she has ever been interested in.

Only she always kept them hidden, at least until they were mysteriously sent to the boys. With that done, she is confronted by all of them, who believe the letters are recent.

The cool thing is that the film already has a sequel and seems to have a third film to be produced in the future. A great choice for those who like movie trilogies to marathon.

14. 10 things I hate about you

Since we recommend the movie above, it's worth talking about another one with a teen theme. As he is another one considered a classic of the 1990s, it is likely that you have heard of “10 things I hate about you”.

The story is about a boy in love who hires a rebel boy to try to win over his beloved's sister. All because he learns that the girl cannot date until her sister, who hates men, has a boyfriend.

15. Megarromantic

megarrromantico is one of the best comedy netflix movies

In the sequence, we have a very cool suggestion both for those who like romantic comedies and for those who find their clichés super beaten. We say that because Megarrromântico is a great acid parody of these clichés that we always see in films of this type.

It shows an architect who doesn't believe in romances and who hates romantic comedies. After hitting his head he sees his life transform into a film of this genre.

She needs to do her best to return to her reality, but that's when she ends up discovering her feelings for an old friend.

16. Nothing to Hide

Among so many Netflix comedy films, Nothing to Hide is one of the most entertaining. This French feature shows the dinner of three couples and a single who have known each other and are friends for many years.

It all starts with some of them checking their cell phones constantly. As a result, it is suggested that they leave their devices on the table and read all the messages they receive aloud.

As you can imagine, this will generate more and more confusion, problems, fights and secrets being discovered throughout the night.

17. Big Fish

Our next film focuses a lot on the distant relationship of a father and son, since the father was always traveling for work. Just don't make too much mistake with this synopsis to think it's a drama.

Of course, the film has exciting moments, but most of it is very light and genuinely funny. You can't expect cracked jokes or anything, since the humor is much more subtle.

The whole plot is told through fantastic and seemingly impossible stories that the father told to try to connect with his son. The interesting thing is that the son only comes to understand the motivation and real intention behind the stories when his father is close to death.

Most of the film shows these adventurous stories of its protagonist.

18. Monty Python: Brian's Life

There is no doubt that Monty Python is the largest comedy group that has ever existed in the world. They have already made series, plays, musicals and even films, among which, “Brian's life” is considered one of the best.

This film follows Brian Cohen, a young Jewish boy who is born on the same day as Jesus Christ and ends up being mistaken for the Messiah. He even tries to warn that he is not the son of God, but nobody believes him and he ends up finding himself in more dangerous situations.

19. Invader Zim and the Florpus

If we're making a list of Netflix comedy movies, we couldn't leave one of your funniest animations on the platform. The film “Invasor Zim and the Florpus” marks the return of the series that aired on Nickelodeon in the early 2000s.

The cool thing is that the feature even plays with the fact that the drawing was canceled so many years ago. After all, he starts by saying that the alien Zim was long gone.

The whole story ends up being a great adventure that could simply be another one of the great episodes of the series.

20. Colorful Friendship

To close our list of Netflix comedy movies, we have the Colorful Friendship. He's really fun and can be cool even for music fans, as it stars Justin Timberlake.

The film's story depicts the relationship between two busy single executives who try to include sex in their friendship. They are even trying to leave out the feelings and commitment, but it doesn't work out very well.

As you can see, there are touches of romance, but that's more towards the end of the film. In total, it ends up being more of a comedy.

Did you like Netflix comedy movies?

Did you take advantage of our tips to know the best Netflix comedy movies? Then leave your comment telling us what you think of our suggestions and what other apps for watching movies and series usually watch your favorite productions.

And don't forget to check out our tips on the best westerns and spy movies! After all, nothing better than choosing a totally opposite genre after watching a comedy.

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