The 20 best Netflix horror movies [2020]

Not everyone has the courage to watch movies of this type, but I can't say that horror movies are not interesting at all. Fortunately, it is much easier to find new features to check on websites to watch movies and series, especially when it comes to Netflix horror movies.

So that you don't end up seeing one of those bad and very cliché productions that infest this genre, we have prepared a list of the best Netflix horror movies. Check in detail below!

1. Psychosis

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To start our list, we already have one of the most famous horror productions ever made. Even if you haven't watched Psycho, chances are you've heard of or even seen parodies of it.

The plot follows the owner of a roadside inn, who apparently has problems with the controlling mother who lives in the house near the site. After a guest is murdered in one of the rooms, the police begin investigating the establishment. You can watch by accessing the link.

2. Case 39

Our next suggestion among Netflix horror films is Case 39. Although not as well known as the others, it is quite interesting.

The film tells the story of a social worker who wants to take a ten-year-old girl out of the house where she lives, since her parents are abusive. But it is only when she gains her guard that the assistant realizes more secrets and strange things about the child than she could imagine.

If you were interested, just access the link to check out the feature.

3. The Host

Anyone who has watched the super famous Parasite must have been at least interested in director Bong Joon-ho's other films. If this is your case, you can follow the recommendation to watch The Host.

His story is about a monster that kidnapped a man's daughter, and follows his attempts to rescue her. He definitely has his moments of terror, but most of the film focuses on the suspense anyway.

The movie can be seen on Netflix by accessing the link.

4. The Blair Witch

The Blair Witch is another great feature that could not be missing from the list of Netflix horror films. Especially because years after its release, it remains as scary as when it was new.

Their entire story is based on footage found in the forest, but the group that recorded it was never found. It is through these images that we see the whole film, following all the situations and places that the group went through until it disappeared.

This was the film that popularized the “found footage” theme. That is, films that present themselves as real instead of having more traditional filming and production.

Just check the Netflix link to watch the work.

5. Interview with the Vampire

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Another film that is known is Interview with the Vampire, which you can not fail to check if you like productions with these creatures. He is older and tells a story that spans the ages.

Basically, a journalist interviews an alleged vampire who tells his entire life story. Considering all the things he and his companions did, you can think of this as a great mix between terror and suspense. You can watch by accessing the link.

6. Invocation of Evil

A very cool option for those who like more traditional horror movies is Invocation of Evil. This feature was such a huge success that it had multiple sequences that were also very interesting, perfect for those who like movie trilogies to marathon.

You can tell it's a good one even for those who like movie trilogies to marathon. The franchise follows a couple of paranormal investigators that actually existed, Ed and Lorraine Warren.

In this first film, they are called to help a family that has noticed several strange events in their home. Although andskeptical at first, the couple decides to investigate and learns that disturbing events occurred there.

If you were interested, just access the link to check out the feature.

7. Invocation of Evil 2

If you found Invocation of Evil interesting, we can't help recommending your sequel as well. It basically follows another case investigated by the Warren case.

The story takes place a few years later in another residence. Just like the first time, there are paranormal events happening, but not only in the home but with family members.

The movie can be seen on Netflix by accessing the link.

8. Whose

Based on a book by Stephen King, Cujo is another one of the Netflix horror films that you can't miss. Especially because it is a great classic of the genre.

For those who have never heard of it, just know that it is the story of a beautiful and sweet São Bernardo dog that is bitten by a vampire bat. With that, he gets angry and starts attacking everyone he meets in the small town where he lives.

Just check the Netflix link to watch the work.

9. Urban Legend

Anyone who enjoyed watching horror movies in the 1990s, must have heard of Urban Legend. He was very successful at the time and remains interesting today.

Its plot begins when several macabre murderers start in a university. A student realizes that there is a pattern among them and starts to investigate with the help of his colleagues.

Just check the Netflix link to watch the work.

10. Paranormal Activity

Following the example of The Witch of Blair, the film Paranormal Activity also follows the theme of “real images”. And he was so successful that he won several sequels over the years.

For those who haven't seen it yet, the plot focuses on a couple who placed security cameras around the house and thus noticed several strange events. Soon, they start trying to film more and more of these events, which are getting much more violent.

You can watch by accessing the link.

11. Emily Rose's Exorcism

Anyone who has watched exorcism movies before should already know what to expect with Emily Rose's Exorcism. The big difference is that it has some basis in real facts.

His plot follows the normal life of Emily, who ends up noticing certain strange facts happening to her suddenly. After being classified as possessed by a demon, a long process of exorcism begins.

If you were interested, just access the link to check out the feature.

12. The Man In Darkness

We couldn't help but recommend The Dark Man on our list of Netflix horror movies too. It has been very successful recently even though it is considered a low budget production.

His story is about three thieves who make money breaking into rich people's homes. When one of them learns about a blind war veteran who made a lot of money for the death of his only daughter, he becomes the next target. But after the invasion, they are trapped inside and discover that the victim is not harmless.

The movie can be seen on Netflix by accessing the link.

13. Bird Box

Since we recommend so many successful traditional films, it's worth mentioning a totally original one from Netflix. In this case, we're talking about Bird Box, one of the platform's biggest successes to date.

The story shows a mother who takes her two children on a journey in a post-apocalyptic world. The interesting thing is that what caused this situation is a mysterious presence that leads people to suicide.

To prevent this from happening, the entire trip needs to be done with everyone blindfolded. Quite different, isn't it ?!

Just check the Netflix link to watch the work.

14. Veronica

A tip for those who want more recent films is Veronica. The film has some more cliché elements, but it is still fun and interesting.

We accompany a young woman who tries unsuccessfully to contact her deceased father. She does this through an Ouija table with her friends, but then she is haunted by several supernatural presences that threaten her entire family.

The movie can be seen on Netflix by accessing the link.

15. Annabelle

Here is another indication for those who liked the first Invocation of Evil. After all, Annabelle is nothing more than a spin-off based on the possessed doll that we see in the first film.

So, with this production we can learn more about the history of the doll and where she went before being captured by the Warren couple. Although it is not as good as the film from which it was original, it is still quite entertaining.

You can watch by accessing the link.

16. When a Stranger Calls

Even if you didn't see When a Stranger Calls, it is quite possible that you heard a similar story. After all, the plot has already been rehired several times in different media.

We accompanied young Jill, who has just started working as a nanny in a remote hilltop home. After the children fall asleep, she locks the door and turns on the general home alarm, but that's where a series of phone calls begin.

In these calls, a stranger repeatedly insists that she check the children. Jill manages to track the calls and discovers that the calls are made inside her own home.

If you were interested, just access the link to check out the feature.

17. Eli

Next we are going to recommend a film called Eli. This is not a production as well known as the others, but you can't miss it.

His plot follows the parents of the 11-year-old Eli, who is undergoing treatment for his rare and autoimmune disease. The problem is that they discover that the clinic where the boy is hospitalized is not as safe as they thought.

The movie can be seen on Netflix by accessing the link.

18. Shark

Among so many Netflix horror films, it is clear that Tubarão could not be left out. This is not only one of the greatest classics of the genre, it is also known as the first Blockbuster in history.

Its history follows a small town by the beach, which was very calm until certain attacks by a huge white shark. After the problem is ignored for the city, several deaths occur.

With that, the chief of police meets with a group of different specialties to hunt the beast. Of course, the task becomes much more difficult than it looked.

Just check the Netflix link to watch the work.

19. The Seventh Prophecy

One of our latest Netflix horror movie recommendations is The Seventh Prophecy. Another older film that is also well known.

Her story is that of a woman pregnant with her first child and who discovers that her baby is awaited by members of a satanic sect. She receives help from her mysterious tenant, an angel sent by God to avoid demonic prophecies.

Just check the Netflix link to watch the work.

20. Influence

influence horror movies

To end our Netflix horror movie tips, we have the Spanish production called Influence. It is one of those films that most people would really know through the streaming platform.

Its plot focuses on Alicia, who returned to the house where she grew up after she ran away many years ago. She tries to rebuild her life with her husband and son while she still has to face her past on the spot.

Other than that, the girl still has to deal with and care for the matriarch of the family that remains alive. However, this woman is in a deep coma and barely survives with the machines that support her.

You can watch by accessing the link.

Did you like Netflix horror movies?

Did you take advantage of our list to know some of the best Netflix horror movie tips? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the suggestions and which one caught your attention the most.

And if you use other apps to watch movies and series, don't forget to leave your tip as well. We still recommend you take a look at our tips for spy movies and western movies!

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