The 20 best Netflix thriller movies

We know that Netflix is ​​one of the best sites for watching movies and series, even because they offer a huge amount of different genres. There are spy movies and western movies, as well as a few Netflix thriller movies that you can't miss.

This turns out to be great for those who prefer feature films different from the usual dramas and comedies that end up being more prominent. To help you learn more Netflix suspense movies, just check out our list below!

1. Fear Island

fear Island

To start our list, we have Ilha do Fear which is based on a book of the same name. The film starring Leonardo DiCaprio shows the story of the investigator lived by the actor, who is called to a psychiatric hospital after a patient disappears.

The strange thing is that the hospital is on a remote island, so he is isolated there with his new partner during the investigation. When he realizes that there is some resistance on the part of hospital staff to get clues, he needs to find other ways to continue the investigation.

You can safely say that this film manages to keep its suspense from beginning to end. So, it's more than worth watching.

2. Seven – The Seven Capital Crimes

Our next nomination is Seven, which is possibly one of the best-known films on our list. It is also a film more focused on police investigation, but with a different theme.

The plot shows two detectives in a new partnership who need to solve the crimes of a new serial killer. This killer always seems to focus on recreating some of the seven deadly sins in his crimes, and he keeps increasing the level of violence.

3. Exemplary girl

Despite being more recent, it is quite possible that you have also heard of Exemplary Girl. This is easily one of the best Netflix thriller movies, not least because it has numerous twists and turns that many don't even imagine the first time they watch it.

He accompanies Nick Dunne, whose wife Amy recently disappeared and becomes the main suspect in the police case. Despite saying he is innocent, he omits a lot of information and tells countless lies that are soon revealed.

But even more information is gradually appearing and showing that Nick can really be innocent. We will not give spoilers, but you can tell that there are twists from beginning to end.

4. Training Day

Another great suggestion we can give is Training Day, which is another extremely popular and well-known film. It shows police officer Jake Hoyt on his first day on the job after a transfer to the narcotics division.

He is assigned to partner with a veteran and corrupt policeman, who makes the boy's first day a living hell. As the situation gets more complicated throughout the day, Jake needs to find a way to get rid of the accusations and pitfalls prepared by his partner.

5. El Camino

For anyone who was a fan of Breaking Bad, there is no way to stop recommending El Camino. The film focuses on showing what happened to the character Jesse Pinkman after the end of the series, as we only see him being released from his captivity.

If you enjoyed the end of the series and want to keep the mystery going, you might want to leave this movie alone. Otherwise, it is a very interesting experience for those who wanted to see more of the old characters.

The suspense is maintained throughout the film, but it is worth saying that it has a very slow and dragged rhythm.

6. Birdbox

We already talked about some Netflix thriller movies that were very successful, so Birdbox couldn't be left out. Even more, this is one of the first original Netflix productions to become so famous.

The plot follows a mother taking her two children on a journey in a post-apocalyptic world. Except that it comes from zombies or a deadly virus, what causes this situation in the world is a mysterious presence that leads people to suicide.

To prevent this from happening, the entire trip needs to be done with everyone blindfolded. Could not be left out of our list of best Netflix movies!

7. Shark

If we are going to talk about suspense films, we could not fail to mention a classic like Tubarão. The film may be one of the oldest on our list, but it remains as tense as the day it was released.

For those who do not know the film, it shows a small town on the beach that begins to be attacked by a great white shark. Despite countless efforts and warnings, more and more people are dying for the animal.

This is where the head of the local police must intervene and embark on a journey to defeat the beast.

8. Severity

Gravity is another good option for those looking for Netflix thriller movies, especially if you want a touch of drama in between. In this feature, we accompany an engineer and an astronaut on a space mission together. Everything is going well until they are hit by space debris at high speed.

The consequences of the impact leave them without communication with Earth and they need to find a way to get home. The film can be very tense, but it is also very good.

9. The Host

Anyone who has watched the movie Parasita must have been at least interested in director Bong Joon-ho's other work. If you are one of those people, we can easily recommend “The Host”.

His plot is about a monster that kidnapped a man's daughter, and follows his attempts to rescue her. He definitely has his moments of terror, but most of the film focuses on the suspense anyway.

10. Bandersnatch

Bandersnatch movie tips

Our next tip on the list is very different from everything we've seen so far. Rather than just being a straightforward, straightforward film, Bandersnatch offers a number of options from where your plot can go, with the person who watches it chooses.

Well, the film works just like those books or games like “choose your own adventure”. So it's up to you what should happen at the main points of the film, meaning that you can watch them over and over and always choose different paths.

Its main plot tells the story of a programmer who wants to adapt a video game with multiple choices, paths and endings. Things don't go as planned when the fate of the programmer himself begins to take unexpected paths.

The interactive film has 90 minutes and several different paths and endings.

11. The Silence

Here is another film based on a book of the same name. The silence shows a family that unintentionally releases creatures from another era from a cave that had not yet been touched by humans.

As these creatures used their super keen hearing to hunt, the family has to be as quiet as possible to try to survive and escape. Although not as well known, it is a very interesting and suspenseful film.

12. Fracture

Another good tip is Fratura, which not only has an excellent suspense atmosphere, but also makes us doubt what is real or not. It shows a man named Ray, who takes his wife and daughter to the hospital after the girl suffered a fall.

Only after napping during an exam, Ray wakes up and realizes that the two just disappeared. The hospital says he came alone and that there is no record of his wife and daughter there.

That's when Ray starts investigating what may have happened, but that only causes police to be called in to contain him.

13. Missing

Another very good film, even if less known than others, is Missing. It shows the excursion of an English teacher with five students to study how an Argentine city resurfaced after the eruption of the Tunik volcano.

On this trip, one of the girls simply disappears and the case is unsolved for more than 10 years. After that time, one of the missing woman's friends returns to the site to investigate what could really have happened.

14. Roommate

Of course, among so many Netflix suspense films, one more cliché could not be missing. The feature Roommate fits this category well, but it's still a lot of fun to watch.

The film shows how college student Sara ends up having to share her dorm with an unknown girl named Rebecca. Since they don't know anyone on campus yet, they end up becoming friends pretty quickly.

Only when making new friends, Sara realizes that Rebecca has created a real obsession with her. Of course, it doesn't take long for this to become a danger to her and everyone around her.

15. Nerve

Another suspense more focused on young audiences is Nerve, which is very recent and not so well known here. He focuses on a teenager named Vee, who is pressured by her friends to participate in an online challenge game known as Nerve.

In this game, there is a division between a group of observers and a group of players. Observers are the ones who decide which tasks will be proposed as challenges to the players, who can win cash prizes if they complete everything.

As you can imagine, the challenges range from silly things in the beginning to increasingly dangerous tasks later.

16. Perfection

In this film, a young violinist named Charlotte needs to let go of her dreams to care for her terminally ill mother. After many years, she returns to the music school where she studied.

She ends up making friends with Lizzie, who is considered the new prodigy of the place. The strange thing is that, as time goes by, this friendship seems to become more sinister and full of malicious intentions.

17. The Stranger We Love

Among so many options, we have an interesting one that has had versions in different media. Basically, the film is based on a novel of the same name, which itself is based on another version of the book.

Fortunately, its plot is simpler than its origin. The film shows a soldier who was wounded in combat during the Civil War and finds shelter in a female boarding school.

The boarding school itself is in an enemy location for his troops, but he ends up making friends with the girls there. The problem is that when they start to have feelings for the boy, some strange things happen.

18. Invocation of evil

Now we have a really cool option for those who also like a little horror with the suspense. Invocation of evil was a great success and had multiple sequences, so it's a good one even for those who like movie trilogies to marathon.

The entire franchise follows a couple of paranormal investigators who actually existed, Ed and Lorraine Warren. In this first film, they are called to help a family that has noticed several strange events in their home.

Although skeptical at first, the couple decides to investigate and learns that disturbing events occurred there.

19. Blair Witch

Following with another suggestion for those who also like horror a lot, Blair Witch is a classic that everyone should watch. Unlike most current thriller / horror films, it has no sudden scares.

His focus is really on creating tension only with situations and their characters. For those who do not know the story, it is all told from the cameras used by the characters themselves, who go to a forest to record a documentary about the legend of a witch.

The tapes with the filming are found months later, and there is no sign of the young people who left them. It is by watching these films that we have a better sense of what may have happened.

20. Interview with the Vampire

netflix movies interview with the vampire

To close our list, we suggest you check out Interview with the Vampire. The feature was very successful in its release, so it is quite possible that you have heard of it or its book of the same name.

It tells the story of three vampires living through different times. All of this is told from the point of view of one of the vampires, who is being interviewed by a journalist who decided to listen to his story to find out if it is all real.

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