The 20 best science fiction series

Anyone who likes to watch TV series knows that they are more popular than ever and that goes for practically every genre imaginable. But with more and more public and available funds, it is the science fiction series that has been more successful in recent years.

Fortunately, it's pretty easy to find such big series on TV and in apps to watch movies and series, like Netflix or Amazon Prive Video. To find out the best science fiction series you can see, just check out our tips below!

1. Russian doll

russian doll fiction series

Russian doll may not be as well known yet, but it is easily one of the best Netflix series today. It mixes several elements, including a dash of comedy and drama around the sci-fi plot.

The story itself shows a developer named Nadia Vulvokov, who dies several times and always ends up returning the same day. At all times, she tries to find a way to stay alive and fail, starting the loop again.

2. The Umbrella Academy

Another good suggestion for those who like science fiction series is The Umbrella Academy. It is based on the comic book of the same name and tries to create a premise different from most hero plots.

The plot shows several individuals who were born by surprise on the same day and with special powers. Many of these people were adopted by a billionaire who wanted to train them to save the world.

Years after following their paths in life, everyone meets again to try to find out who killed the adoptive father.

3. Dark

We're sure you've heard of Dark at least once, even if you haven't seen an episode. The series has been quite successful on Netflix and is widely commented on almost any social network today.

It takes place in the fictional city Winden, after the mysterious disappearance of a child. Throughout the episodes, the stories of four families connected by a dark and secret past are told.

4. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is not only one of the first Marvel series to appear on Netflix, she is one of her most popular productions to date. It shows the life of an old heroine who now works as a private detective.

She uses some of her powers in an unconventional way in her work. At the same time, she has to face a villain who has imprisoned her in the past and is making new victims.

5. The Good Place

the good place

At first glance, a series about good people going to heaven doesn't seem like such a good topic for science fiction series. Except that the plot of The Good Place brings much more than this simple premise makes us believe.

It is easily one of the best comedy series created in recent years and its fantasy elements only make it more fun to watch. In the series, we accompany Eleanor, who arrives at “Lugar Bom” after his death and realizes that his stay there is a mistake.

6. American Horror Story

Since we mentioned a few different science fiction series, it’s worth mentioning one who has a lot of elements of terror. The anthological series American Horror Story tells a different story each season, but almost always has the same cast playing different characters.

The cool thing is that each season also has a different theme, like haunted houses, witches, hospices, etc. But the most interesting thing is that other more absurd elements are also introduced, giving that touch of fiction that does not always appear in series of paranormal subjects.

7. Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon is another one of our suggestions for those looking for science fiction series. It was created based on a book of the same name written by Richard K. Morgan.

The whole plot takes place in a dystopian future where consciousness can be digitized and stored. A prisoner comes back to life in a new body and must solve a murder to gain his freedom.

8. Stranger Things

Another great success from Netflix that has elements of science fiction is Stranger Things. It takes place in the fictional town of Hawkins, where an ordinary boy disappears under mysterious circumstances.

After that happens, his mother, the police chief and his friends do their best to find him. That's when a girl with special powers appears and tries to help them even without knowing much about herself.

9. Van Helsing

Even if you haven't heard of the series, chances are you've heard the name Van Helsing. The character itself has appeared in books, movies and even other series before, as he is the great hunter of the vampire Dracula.

This series in question has a slightly different take. She accompanies Vanessa Helsing, a relative of Abraham Van Helsing, who is revived and discovers that the world has been ruled by vampires

Basically, it had become his duty to hunt them down and bring some hope to humans.

10. The Witcher

The next suggestion on our list is The Witcher. It doesn't matter much if you already know the history of the books or games that were released years before the series to take advantage of it, as it kind of follows its own course.

It is still based on the original plot by monster hunter Geralt of Rivia, but it tells everything in a very original and unique way. In the first season, we see how the lives of Geralt, Princess Ciri and the magician Yennefer are connected.

11. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

The next option on our list is Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, which is considered one of the best sci-fi and fantasy series made in recent years. Unfortunately, it has already been canceled and did not have the ending it deserved.

Still, his two existing seasons are a lot of fun and worth checking out. The series shows Dirk Gently, a holistic detective and his date, Todd.

Both solve various bizarre and supernatural crimes and mysteries, using only intuition. A great series to marathon with the family.

12. Doctor Who

Another one of the best known science fiction series is Doctor Who. In case you didn't know, it was created in 1963 and is produced by the BBC until the present day.

Its plot always follows the adventures of the Doctor (or Doctor, depending on the season) an alien time lord. Together with their friends and human companions, they travel through the confines of space and time and saving many planets and populations.

13. The Twilight Zone

If you like to watch classic series, The Twilight Zone is one that cannot be missing from your list. It has had several versions over the years, with the original being shown in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

There were versions still in the 1980s and 2000s, in addition to the reboot that debuted in 2019. It is anthological, that is, each episode tells a different story from a similar theme.

Generally, the theme focuses a lot on technology and the way it affects humans. It's basically the series that inspired so many others, like Black Mirror, so check it out.

14. The Boys

Another good option if you like series based on comics is The Boys. She follows a group of watchmen known as The Boys, who do their best to take down the corrupt superheroes who abuse their powers.

The premise is very interesting and the series is even more irreverent than you think. We recommend it if you want something different.

15. Sense8

If you want to see a series of science fiction mixed with drama, we recommend that you check out Sense8. She was created by sisters Lana and Lilly Wachowski, who also created and directed the Matrix trilogy.

The plot shows a group of 28-year-olds who are mentally connected to each other. Together, they must escape and defeat the group that is hunting them.

16. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Going back to the conventional superhero series, we have Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It not only has great elements of science fiction, but is a good option for those who like spy series.

It shows Marvel's spy agency, which we even see being cited several times in Marvel cinematic universe movies. Not only does it follow many of its special agents like cases and enemies like Hydra, Inhumans, Life Model Decoys and more.

17. Legends of Tomorrow

Now if you're a bigger fan of DC Comics comics, the Legends of Tomorrow series might be a better suggestion. It shows the story of Rip Hunter, a time traveler who needs to bring together a group of heroes and villains to prevent the apocalypse.

The interesting thing is that the apocalypse itself is not only of Earth, but also of time.

18. The Shannara Chronicles

Another series that you may have heard of is The Chronicles of Shannara. we say this because it is an adaptation of the trilogy “The Sword of Shannara” written by Terry Brooks.

The series shows the adventures of a trio of characters who do everything to save their homeland when it is threatened by great danger. It may not seem like anything very innovative, but make sure it’s a lot of fun.

19. Love, Death & Robots

For those who prefer to watch animations from time to time, we also have a great suggestion. Love, Death & Robots is another great sci-fi series you should check out.

Each episode has its own story and works independently of the others. Most have elements of fantasy and science fiction, so we are sure you will like it if you enjoy this genre.

20. The End of The F *** ing World

science fiction series the end of the fucking world

Finally, we have nothing less than one of the best teen series on Netflix. The End of the F *** ing World mixes several interesting elements, especially comedy and science fiction.

It is based on a comic book of the same name written by Charles Forsman. Basically, the plot shows the story of James, a 17 year old teenager who is sure he is a psychopath.

He plans to kill his new classmate Alyssa to finally have his first victim, but other events end up postponing the crime.

Did you like the tips of science fiction series?

Did you take advantage of our list to get to know some of the best science fiction series you can watch? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us which ones caught your attention the most!

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