The 30 best ideas for working at home

Once an alternative to making extra income after hours, working from home has become the main source of income for many. This is one of the most significant advantages of this model: the freedom to work when and how much you want. To do this, you need to know some of the best ideas for working from home.

We don't skimp on possible alternatives. Considering the model, we put together all kinds of work that you can do right from your home.

You can use them either to create an online business or as a way to earn extra money, depending on your availability and the tools at your disposal. So, see with us some of the best ideas for working at home and start organizing now!

1. Create a blog

It may seem old-fashioned, but creating a blog is still one of the safest ways to earn income. Even if it takes a long time and effort for the first few reais to start coming in, after reaching a reasonable audience, your blog can yield in different ways.

In addition to ad banners, companies can hire you to create a special publipost to recommend their services. Another way to earn money when creating a blog is through affiliate marketing, which we will talk about later in the article.

Again, don't think that you will create a blog and a few months later you will start making money. Blogs are expected to start making money after a year of activity.

Still, they are very worth it for the passive income that they eventually end up offering.

creating a blog is great for writers who want to make money working from home

2. Start an online store

Another type of website that can also earn you money working from home is the creation of a virtual store. Of course, the gains will not be many in the first few months, but a job well done will earn income faster than the blog. So it is one of the best ideas for working from home.

On the other hand, the workload required to meet the demand for your online store will also be greater, as it will depend on how much you will be able to sell each month. The good thing is that today it is not necessary to understand design or programming to create your own ecommerce.

Tools such as Zyro allow you to select and drag elements from your collection, facilitating the creation and publication of your business on the internet. Learn more about this website creation platform by accessing the link.

3. Create a YouTube channel

Another way to live talking about the topics that interest you, having a YouTube channel is also often a solid way to earn money working from home. Even if you start with just a smartphone camera, you are able to record videos and publish them on the largest video platform in the world.

In addition, there are several channels and even the platform has free courses for those who want to become a creator and live off the income from YouTube. However, like blogs, it takes time and effort to achieve platform partner status, which allows you to earn money from ads that run on videos.

It is worth mentioning that the YouTube channel also allows you to earn money through affiliate marketing or by creating company-sponsored videos. However, it is important to be aware of policies and guidelines to learn how to do this.

4. Create a podcast

The podcast has exploded over the past few years. So much so that even large communication conglomerates like Globo also produce content in this format.

As if it were a radio chat program, the podcast allows you and a group of guests to chat about your favorite topic.

The "chat" format is the most common in several themes, but nothing prevents you from creating a podcast just with your participation, whether evoking a subject, talking about a theme or even telling fiction stories.

More limited in relation to monetization options, affiliate marketing or the insertion of advertisements in the middle of your program are monetization options for those who want to become a podcaster or want extra income working from home.


5. Work with affiliate marketing

We talk a lot about affiliate marketing in the first of the best ideas for working from home. We say this because it is one of the safest ways to earn money, even without having created anything.

In addition to using affiliate marketing through online content – regardless of the platform, as you can see – you can work directly with affiliation on your social media profiles. Through specialized platforms such as Hotmart and Eduzz, you can browse product catalogs and register as an affiliate.

After your approval, you will be able to generate customizable links. These links can be disseminated wherever you want, as in your Instagram bio phrases and even to friends and relatives through WhatsApp, among several possibilities.

Every time someone clicks on that link and buys the product they are selling, you receive a commission, which you can transfer to your account at a digital bank.

6. Work with remote sales

He is already an established sales professional and prefers to work directly with companies. You can also search for vacancies for remote sales. Several companies already allow sales representatives to start working on the internet, prospecting customers and selling directly.

In these cases, it is interesting to have previous experience in companies in the area, since it is difficult for companies to hire a novice in this work at home format. Alternatively, you can work with affiliate marketing and, with good results, you may be invited to become an exclusive seller for any of the companies you work with.

7. Work with online support

A more common alternative to working with companies even working from home is online service. These companies are usually adept at using online chat and need human attendants to complement the bots, who are not always able to handle complex demands.

That's where you come in. With just a computer and a headset, you can apply for such vacancies, setting a work schedule, but doing everything from your home. It is interesting to already have some kind of experience in service, although not all companies make this requirement.

Tip: Are you looking for a way to put online support on your website, but without spending a lot? Then access the link and get to know Jivochat!

online service is one of the best ideas for working at home for those just starting out

8. Work as a social media manager

Do you like how social networks work and have you ever imagined yourself managing brand or celebrity profiles? So how about learning about these platforms in a more professional way. One of the fastest growing areas, being a social media manager is one of the best ideas for working from home.

This professional specializes in creating content for these platforms, in addition to acquiring knowledge for the creation of paid advertisements, audience study and analysis of reports. That is, the part of posting memes is the least important when it comes to managing social media.

What I mean here is: being a social media manager is one of the best ways to make money working from home, but before that you need to study the business tools of these platforms a lot.

Do you understand social media and have companies around you that are not present in them? Then you already know where to look for your first customers!

9. Work as a freelance copywriter

If you have a talent for writing, one of the best ideas for working from home is to become a freelance writer. One of the professions on the web with an extensive market and few barriers to entry – a computer with good access to the internet is enough to start with – there are plenty of platforms offering clients in this area.

Of course, it is not enough to get contracts and start working. Writing for websites, blogs and social media differs from other media, so you will need to learn concepts like content marketing and search engine optimization, popularly known as SEO.

10. Work as a freelance editor or reviewer

The editor or reviewer is responsible for ensuring that the information provided by the editor is correct and well written. Do you have skills with grammar and spelling? Then the job of editor or reviewer may be even better for you.

Of course, being a reviewer does not prevent you from working as a copywriter. This can increase your chances of getting new jobs, but it is important to understand that the roles are different. Not everyone who has talent as a proofreader also has talent as a writer and vice versa.

In addition to mastering grammar and spelling rules, you also need to know about SEO and content marketing. This way, you can know when a piece of content is well optimized.

work as a proofreader

11. Work as a freelance translator

Many websites, blogs and companies work to internationalize your business. Whether a Brazilian company heading abroad or an international company opening branches here, they all need translators to make their materials readable to their new customers.

This is where the freelance translator comes in. It is he who will embrace this project, and should help his client to locate his written material in the country of origin.

In addition to mastering the languages ​​that will be used in translation, it is interesting to choose a niche and learn to translate technical terms, which do not always have the same meaning as their literal translation.

You can find projects in this and the three functions above on platforms like Fiverr, and Workana, some of the best sites to make money on the internet.

12. Work with image design or editing

Do you have experience creating images or editing photos in Photoshop? Depending on your level of experience and knowledge in the field, you can work creating art for companies or digital influencers.

On the same platforms previously mentioned, it is common to find several works in this area. In addition, you can use your knowledge and tools for designers to offer your services to local businesses, one of the ways to get your first opportunities to work from home.

13. Work with video creation and editing

If there are companies looking for professionals to edit images, there are certainly companies that want someone to create videos. Have you tried a career on YouTube, but found that you liked editing videos more than recording them?

So let another company or influencer keep recording videos and offer to do the editing only!

There is no shortage of accessible programs for editing videos, which can help you learn while providing services and making money in the process.

One of these platforms is Movavi. With guides teaching you how to use its features and accessible tools, you'll be able to create and edit your videos in no time.

That is, you can start working from home with something you like quickly.

Click the link to download and start using Movavi right now!

being a video editor is one of the best ideas for working from home

14. Create business websites

Not only photos and videos, but you can also create complete websites for companies, especially if you already have training in web design. Platforms that do not require the help of this type of professional are useful for those who cannot pay, but they are extremely limited.

This means that those who know how to work creating websites are able to create a more personalized solution, ensuring quality and style. In addition, companies that need a solution like this tend to be more consolidated, which is interesting both to receive payments regularly and to earn more for the website you created.

15. Become a virtual assistant

One of the best ideas for working from home and also one of the most profitable. Working as a virtual assistant means assisting brands in tasks that, while important, are time consuming.

This means that virtual assistance comes up against other careers shown in this article. The virtual assistant is responsible for creating and scheduling content on social media, online service on platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger and even managing sponsored ads.

It is worth remembering that not every company requests all of this from the virtual assistant, but they are interesting skills to learn to help you increase your number of customers, as well as your income.

16. Make audio transcriptions

Another type of work with few barriers to entry, audio transcription is highly requested by professionals who need to convert interviews from audio to text.

Whether it is a company that wants to publish an interview with its own CEO or a digital influencer who has had the opportunity to interview an idol in his area, the transcript comes down to receiving the audio file and organizing it in text.

In addition to writing what was said, the transcription professional should organize it in a way that makes it readable and interesting. That is, it is also an alternative for those who already work as a writer, proofreader or freelance editor.

17. Teach languages ​​online

With quarantine, many people had more free time to dedicate themselves to their studies. A considerable portion of her decided to return to trying to learn languages ​​that they were unable to because of the lack of time.

Using apps for team meetings, you can teach languages ​​online privately, without the need to leave your home. If you already work or worked as a teacher and taught in classroom courses, you can look for alumni to offer the opportunity to teach them directly.

One of our suggestions for online classes is Proficonf, a videoconferencing application that is a reference in the area. With it, you can share your screen with your students, put a digital whiteboard to take notes and illustrate your explanations, for example.

Click on the link to meet Proficonf!

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18. Teach online

It is not only professionals who help you learn English that has space on the internet. In fact, you can teach online about anything that has knowledge or skill.

You can use the same tools as in the example above to convey your teachings. Of course, any material you need to have available to teach will also be useful.

It is worth mentioning here that there are specific platforms for teachers to get students as clients. Just as Uber pairs drivers and passengers, on these platforms you include your skills and interested students can find your profile and hire you.

If you already work as a teacher and have several alumni, you can try to book private lessons with them. For example, students who finished high school did not pass college entrance exams can hire you to teach them online about the subject you master.

19. Create online courses

The problem with giving classes online and live is that it depends on the students' immediate demand. If they give up, or a financial problem plagues your life, you lose that source of income.

An alternative to earn extra income on the internet and create a financial base is to create online courses. In it, you can apply the same knowledge you are teaching in classes in a recorded and encapsulated way.

Your students will be able to absorb the content and apply it with the course, but you can use the live classes as a differentiator. After all, despite the virtual presence, you can apply other teaching methods and correct your exercises in real time.

You can create and publish online courses on a variety of platforms. Check out this list with the best alternatives!

20. Teach people to organize their space

With the quarantine caused by the pandemic, many people who used to spend most of their time away from home were forced to not leave. This made them realize that their homes have become more chaotic than ideal environments.

The problem is that not everyone has a good sense of organization and needs help to deal with the mess. Although the profession of personal organizer already exists, the impossibility of being present to help with tidiness made the career become remote.

Through applications to meet online, the personal organizer can give instructions and storage tips. In other words, it will teach messy people to organize themselves better to get their house in order. And you will earn money for it!

personal organizer

21. Finance organization

Not everyone needs someone to help clean up the physical mess in their homes. Some need to control how they open their wallets. Even with the rise of YouTube stars who talk about financial organization, some people need closer monitoring to achieve their goals.

If you are a professional in the field or have a good ability to organize your finances, there are people willing to pay for your service. Since money is, most of the time, handled digitally, it can help your clients organize themselves by conference.

A financial organizer helps his client with tasks such as saving money, eliminating bills, limiting expenses and with methods to earn extra income, among other tasks.

22. Create an online gym

One of the sectors most affected by the pandemic was certainly the academies. As crowding is prohibitive with the coronavirus, many have had to stop their gym membership to exercise at home.

While exercise apps help a lot, not everyone feels disciplined enough to exercise regularly. That's where your online gym can work.

With a personal touch, you can schedule exercise times, teaching your clients how to exercise properly, as well as encouraging them to continue exercising. Even by videoconference, it is possible to offer training and exercise programs at home to help your students.

23. Online stylist

Even though parties and events are held remotely, it does not mean that you should dress anyway. One of the best ideas for working from home with fashion is to offer your services as an online stylist.

Like the personal trainer for exercise, you can help clients dress better by videoconferencing, helping them choose the best combination available in the closet.

being an online stylist can be one of the best ideas for working from home

24. Interior design online

Usually, an interior designer needs to see the whole house to define how it will be organized and decorated to optimize its space. With the impossibility of visits, the way is to do it by online conference.

Even if it is not ideal, you can use online tools to provide this service. In addition, you can apply digital marketing techniques to win customers over the internet. Who knows, in a few months these new clients may meet you in person with a face-to-face visit?

25. Build apps

Those who work with programming probably already know that creating applications is one of the best ideas for working at home.

Just needing a computer and tools to program, you can develop applications for companies or create a low cost solution, which can be sold on platforms like Google Play and App Store.

If you are still learning programming, you can take this time to try to create your first products. It is worth mentioning that offline applications do not need support or pay the rent of servers to stay active, being easier alternatives.

To learn more about creating apps, check out the Android Architect course through the link!

26. Test websites and apps

Don't feel safe to create your own apps? So it might be more useful to test websites and apps to make money at home.

Some platforms look for conventional users to take the test, but they also look for people with programming knowledge, who can do a better quality control, since they know how these applications work.

If this is your case, we recommend looking for these platforms and registering, stating that you know programming. Many software companies hire people – and they pay good money for it! – to test your programs and uncover bugs or possible security problems.

test apps to make money

27. Sell your photographs

The area of ​​photography was also seriously affected by Covid-19. With the postponement and closing of events, contracts were canceled and new opportunities became difficult.

However, you can sell photos that you did not use to make money on the internet. Several image banks often buy these photos, regardless of how they are. That is, you can use your home or elements of it to take pictures and sell them through these banks.

Another alternative is to assist people who don't know how to take photos professionally, using meeting apps to show them what to do for a perfect shoot.

Even television shows are using this feature to record new shows without putting their artists at risk, so remote photo shoot is also an alternative for photographers.

28. Sell food and sweets online

Having a business that offers food was quite complicated in the past, especially considering deliveries. With delivery apps, anyone can sell food and sweets online without worrying about creating a delivery logistics.

Applications such as iFood or Uber Eats are quite competent in this regard, as it brings together delivery people in search of opportunities and restaurants that do not have their own delivery.

It is worth mentioning that you can sell food and sweets online without opening a restaurant, creating an exclusive delivery service. In other words, nothing to coordinate a room full of hungry and furious customers!

You just have to be careful not to leave them hungry at home, as it can yield bad reviews in the delivery apps.

29. Write an ebook

If you're already working on writing, then creating an ebook is one of the best ideas for working from home. Just as we recommend that teachers who are teaching online create a course to create a financial foundation, writing an ebook can become an alternative source.

Depending on the success of your digital book, it may become your financial base, allowing you to increase the price for the writing service and work at the pace you prefer.

30. Take surveys online

More considered a way to make extra income than a work at home, answering online surveys can guarantee you interesting money, in exchange only for your information as a consumer.

On the other hand, this means that you should give up information that can be considered sensitive, such as monthly income or the number of appliances in your home. Thus, it is worth considering whether you want to open this information before you start making money by taking surveys online.

How to organize your workday at home?

Have you chosen one of these best ideas for working from home, but don't know how to organize your tasks?

To achieve this goal, we recommend MeisterTask. This application is available for both computers and cell phones.

Through it, you can create task lists, which are displayed as if it were a large whiteboard. In other words, you have the freedom to organize it as you see fit. Each MeisterTask card is a task, in which you can add comments, images and files that can support it.

Remember that you can add guests to collaborate, if you have an online business idea that you will apply with friends. MeisterTask is useful regardless of which of these best ideas for working from home you have chosen.

So, start using MeisterTask for free by clicking the link!

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