The 30 Netflix series you can't miss

For some time now, Netflix has been producing its own original works instead of just adding third-party projects to its catalog. Although their films are very good, it is the Netflix series that end up attracting an even larger audience. Among so many, it is clear that there are those Netflix series that you cannot miss. From the best known to those that are at a level well above the quality of what they offer.

If you're curious or just looking for good suggestions on what to watch, you can check out our main Netflix series suggestions that you can't miss. See everything in detail below about one of the best apps for watching movies and series!

1. Stranger Things

netflix series you can't miss

To start our list, we have none other than Stranger Things. It was not the first Netflix series to be a huge success, but it was really a phenomenon among the platform's original productions.

The series focuses on strange events in a small town in the 1980s. The interesting thing is that there are many references of the time, both for films, games and other fashions of the decade.

2. The Curse of the Hill Residence

Next, we have a good suggestion for those who like horror series. The Hill House Curse shows two timelines in their episodes: a family's past in a haunted house and how they live in the present.

Each episode shows a little more of the mystery, which only makes the series better for marathons. Other than that, several episodes have ghosts hidden by the scene when you least expect it, which is fun and scary to find.

3. Better Call Saul

If you've heard of Breaking Bad, just know that this is an official spin off of the series. She addresses the life of attorney James Morgan McGill before he was known as Saul Goodman and worked with Walter White.

As much as it raised the concern of fans when announced, the series showed that it is good in itself. It really is one of the Netflix series that you can't miss.

4. Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black was one of Neflix's first big hits. So much so that it continued to be renewed for many years and only recently came to an end.

For those who do not know, it is based on a book of the same name. Her focus is on Piper, an upper-middle-class woman who needs to serve an old crime sentence, but it is really the other prisoners who stand out.

5. The Witcher

The Witcher is one of the most recent additions to the platform, but it is already one of the Netflix series not to be missed. You may have heard about the franchise because of the books and games of the same name.

As in other media, the series follows the journey of the wizard Geralt of Rivia. The quality of the production really surprised and a second season has already been guaranteed by Netflix.

6. The Staircase

Next, we have a documentary series, something increasingly common on Netflix. In The Staircase, we follow Michael Peterson's trial, who is innocent of the charge of killing his wife.

The case lasted almost 20 years and had several twists and turns, especially due to malicious practices by the investigators. That makes the series look like fiction, but all the images are real and very intriguing.

7. The Crown

The Crown is easily one of the Netflix series not to be missed. It is certainly at a level of quality well above what we are used to in relation to other works produced by the platform.

For those unfamiliar, the series basically shows the British royal family, with a special focus on Queen Elizabeth II since her 20s. Each episode shows several historical facts, which is generally quite interesting.

8. La Casa de Papel

La Casa de Papel is another very famous work by Netflix. So much so that even those who have never seen it, must have heard a lot about it in the last two years, especially in Brazil, where it was a real fever.

This Spanish series shows a robbery at the Mint with thieves of different abilities. Throughout the episodes, we see their motivations, how they deal with the situation, their relations with the hostages and more.

9. The Good Place

The Good Place is another very interesting option that has already started in an unusual way. At first, the protagonist dies and ends up going to paradise totally by mistake after living a very corrupt life.

The theme itself is quite interesting, but the questions raised in the episodes can end up hooking you even more. Other than that, the series is very funny and worth it for those looking for a good-natured marathon.

10. 3%

Fortunately we also have some Brazilian works on our list of Netflix series. For those who do not know much about it, 3% show a world is divided between a more advanced and technological society and another that lives in misery.

Of those who live in poverty, only 3% manage to migrate to the other side. This is basically what we follow in the episodes, as young 20 year olds have a chance to make this transition.

11. Bandits on TV

Continuing on the Brazilian series, we have Bandidos on TV to recommend as well. A little different, this is a documentary series that shows the case of Wallace Souza.

He was the host of a police program that ended up becoming political because of his popularity. After spending years reporting crimes on TV, he was accused of being involved with them.

Each episode presents evidence and testimonies from both sides, so it is difficult to know the truth. Of course, this makes the series perfect for a marathon.

12. Sex Education

Sex Education shows a teenager with little interest in sex, unlike most people his age. This is especially true after he has spent his life listening to his mother talking about it because she is a sex therapist.

Fortunately, he ends up using his knowledge to advise schoolmates and is discovering more with his new friends. It's a very interesting and funny series, so it's worth checking out.

13. 13 Reasons Why

If you're looking for Netflix series you can't miss, 13 Reasons Why can't talk. She focuses on the story of several teenagers after her schoolmate commits suicide and leaves tapes citing her motives.

The series already has three seasons and should continue to be produced for some time. Just remember that the work has many triggers for dealing with very difficult situations.

14. Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek fans haven't seen series content for a long time. Fortunately, Discovery came not only to change that, but to offer a series of great quality.

The cool thing is that it shows events that took place 10 years before the original series. This is great both for those who were already fans of the original series and for those who have never watched something from Star Trek.

15. The Umbrella Academy

For anyone who is a fan of comics, The Umbrella Academy can be a good suggestion. The series is based on the comic of the same name and follows some individuals with special abilities.

The series shows a group of individuals who were born with special skills and were created by the same man. After adulthood, they meet again to try to find out how he was murdered.

16. Explaining

Explaining can also be considered a documentary series, but it is somewhat different. It does not focus on just one subject or touches on very heavy topics, for example.

Each episode works more like a conversation, where different themes are explored and explained. It is very interesting for those who want to know more about some different and important subjects today.

17. Demolitionist

You may have heard of Daredevil, since it was the first series created in partnership with Marvel and Netflix. The work spans three seasons, in which we accompany lawyer Matt Murdock.

Even though he is blind, he has special powers and uses them to seek justice at night. It's a great series to entertain, especially if you're a fan of the Marvel hero.

18. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is another of the Marvel series on Netflix. She follows the private detective who also has some special powers and tries to escape the horrors she went through with the villain Kilgrave.

Her personality is very different from what we are used to with other heroines, which makes the whole series very interesting. Other than that, it takes place in the same universe as other Marvel series, which can be cool for those who have watched the others.

19. Condemning Eyes

Eyes That Damn is based on real events from five black teenagers who were unjustly accused of raping and killing a woman in Central Park. The show shows how racism is ingrained in society and the thirst for justice can end up ruining the lives of innocents.

The series also focuses heavily on how public opinion and the media play an alternative jury role, condemning even without evidence. It is an intense series, but it is worth seeing.

20. Narcos

Narcos was one of the first non-American Netflix series to be successful. Easily one of the Netflix series you can't miss, especially if you like something based on real facts.

The first seasons focus a lot on the life of drug dealer Pablo Escobar in Colombia. Then, she ends up following other well-known traffickers with the same quality as before, so it’s worth following her to the end

21. House of Cards

House of Cards follows the career of politician Francis Underwood. As you would expect from an unscrupulous politician, he is showing us his schemes in the search for the greatest possible position in American politics.

The series ended a while ago and had a total of six seasons. She is still one of the most popular on Netflix and, in general, is really good for marathon running.

22. Glow

A little less well known, Glow is another series of great quality and with a very interesting story. It takes place in the 1980s and shows the creation of an all-female wrestling program.

The episodes focus a lot not only on the program, but on the actresses who agreed to participate in it. Despite having some dramatic tones, the series is very funny and relaxed.

23. Titans

We've already talked about Marvel's partnership with Netflix, so it's worth mentioning the DC series as well. To start, we have Titãs, which is the first work to show the young Titans in live action instead of an animation.

The series has two seasons and shows a lot of the origin of each of the heroes, in addition to exploring some of their adventures. Fortunately, a third season has also been guaranteed.

24. Black Lightning

Another good suggestion for those who like DC heroes is Black Lightning. For those who do not know much about the hero, it is enough to know that he retired to live a more common life, but needs to return to active duty to save his daughters from a kidnapper.

Of course, the hero's return doesn't stop with just that and she ends up getting more involved in this life of action. The only problem is to reconcile this with the normal life I used to have.

25. Russian doll

Russian Doll shows the protagonist reliving the two days before her death repeatedly. She tries, in several ways, to avoid the tragedy, but she returns to the first day whenever she fails.

The premise may seem a little beaten, but it's really interesting. It has been quite successful since its release, so it's worth checking out.

26. You

The “Você” series is a good bet for those who like suspense. In this work, we accompany the manager of a bookstore, who knows and begins to become obsessed with a beginning writer.

He uses the internet, social networks and other means to become closer to women. The problem gets even bigger when he thinks other people are getting in the way.

27. Sabrina's dark world

Unlike the teen series of the 1990s, this version of Sabrina is much darker, as the name implies. In this case, Sabrina's dark world is based on the same material, but makes a more faithful adaptation.

As we hope, I accompany the half-human and half-witch girl as she discovers her powers. It is worth it both for those who were fans of old series and for those who have never seen it.

28. Lucifer

If you are looking for a series with a more irreverent and different theme, Lucifer is a good choice. In it, we accompany the fallen angel leaving hell to live in Los Angeles and open his own business

In the meantime, he still helps police officers solve difficult cases in the city. Pretty interesting, isn't it? For that reason alone it is worth checking out some episodes.

29. Our Planet

Our Planet is another Netflix documentary in the form of a series. It shows, in general, how our presence on earth can affect different regions on the planet, especially in a negative way.

It is a very different option from our other suggestions, but it is too worth checking out. Especially if you like documentaries in general.

30. Black Mirror

Netflix series that can't miss black mirror

Even though it didn't start on the platform, Black Mirror is still one of the Netflix series you can't miss. All of its most recent seasons have been produced by the company and continue with enormous quality.

If you don't know, each episode has different stories and actors, and only the theme is similar between them. Overall, the focus is on how technology affects our lives, especially when we are too dependent on it.

Did you like the Netflix series you can't miss?

Did you take advantage of our list to see some of the Netflix series you can't miss? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think and if there are any other suggestions you'd like to see about watching series.

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