The 35 best TikTok Challenges you need to know

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TikTok is one of the best ways to make and share funny videos with any soundtrack you prefer. This can be done with some idea of ​​the user or following a challenge. Known as TikTok Challenges, these challenges in general are quite simple. They involve performing an action or dance to the sound of a specific song and posting on the platform for your followers.

The big scheme is to follow the formula with a hashtag, but try to do the challenge in a more cool or interesting way than the others who have already done it. We've even put together some of the best TikTok Challenges on the list below. So you can have fun watching or try to get inspired for your own TikTok videos. Check it all out next.

1. School bathroom

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In this first challenge, we see several teenagers using their school's bathroom as the backdrop for their videos. There is no specific song or theme to be followed outside the setting itself.

There are people who dance, do a comedy skit or even sing something in this unusual place. Even so, this is one of the TikTok Challenges in which you can be more creative.

2. Art challenge

In this challenge, TikTok users need to use their videos to demonstrate their artistic talents. It only requires you to show a little of your creative process, that is, several steps of creating the art you want to show.

Some people do something more conventional, like painting, but also more interesting videos with unconventional art. It’s easily one of the TikTok Challenges that can surprise most who’s watching,

3. DNA testing

As confusing as the name may seem, the challenge of DNA testing has nothing to do with a real test. In this challenge, you use the song Truth Hurts by singer Lizzo and pretend to be doing a DNA test.

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Only instead of finding out if someone is in your family, you only discover a trait that represents you well. This can be something of a joke or something more real, like your nationality, for example.

4. “Respect the drip”

In this challenge, you kind of have to choose your strangest combination of clothes and show them only from the legs down. The revelation of the whole set comes only at the end in front of a mirror.

It works more like a skit for someone frustrated that his stepmother didn't approve of his clothes and didn't know why.

5. “Obsessed”

In the next TikTok Challenge, we see users of the app using Mariah Carrey's Obsessed song. With this trail, people simply do a very simple dance in front of the camera.

The dance itself can vary widely, so you can be more creative with it. The interesting thing is that Mariah Carrey herself has already made this challenge, so there is no reason to stop trying too.

6. “Beautiful People”

Here we have others from TikTok Challenges that use famous background music. This time it's Beautiful People by singer Ed Sheeran and the motivation behind this challenge ends up being cuter.

The videos have several users of the app showing their appreciation for their friends and family. That is, all the beautiful people in their lives.

7. False travel

This challenge has a very self-explanatory name, since you need to try to use scenarios and everyday objects to make it look like you're going on a trip. It can be a lot of fun and allows you a lot of creativity too.

Of course, he's not really designed to cheat someone, just to be funny.

8. “Don’t Rush”

In this challenge, the person shows a little of what she looks like without dressing up at home for a few seconds. Soon after, she shows an object of how to start dressing (like a hair comb or makeup accessory) and becomes her most beautiful version as if she were going to leave the house.

Then, the person throws the object they used to get ready, which is picked up by the next person who is going to make the video. Even so, this becomes one of the most fun challenges to watch.

This is especially true if you get the videos in the right sequence. And you can't fail to mention that it's all done with Don't Rush.

9. Flip and Switch

This challenge can be very funny, especially if it is done between people with very different styles. Many couples even do it at TikTok, so it's something you can try this way too.

It consists of the two people standing in front of a mirror dancing to a song. At a certain point in the song, you change positions and clothes.

10. Finger challenge

The next challenge may seem simpler, but few people are able to do it for a long time. It consists of making the sign of a weapon with one hand pointing at the other hand, while the other hand is showing only four fingers upwards.

The challenge is to change this between your hands as quickly as possible. Of course, this becomes quite difficult after a while, as you may end up getting confused in the middle.

11. Plank challenge

There are also people who like to do challenges that involve physical exercises in TikTok. The board challenge, for example, requires that you try to do this specific exercise to the sound of a song of your choice.

The cool thing is that you can do this challenge alone or with someone by your side too.

12. Handshake

This challenge is perfect for anyone who is a fan of the 1998 Operation Cupid movie, which has a very specific handshake at the beginning of the film. The premise of the challenge is simply to recreate that complicated handshake with someone.

13. Questions and answers

This is one you can try with your boyfriend or girlfriend. In it, you receive several questions ready for that specific challenge about your relationship and you need to answer by pointing at yourself or your partner.

The questions are very simple and involve who initiated the conversation between you, who gave the first kiss, etc.

14. You Can Really Dance

This is another really cool challenge that you should do at least in pairs. In it, you choose a song and dance in a similar way, but so that you seem to be competing with each other.

The cool thing is to go climbing things or try to make more absurd videos. Many of the most famous TikTok users have done so, so it's worth a try.

15. “A-Punk”

This is one of the most classic types of TikTok Challenges that exist, after all, it consists only of making a dance step for a specific song. The chosen song is A-Punk by the band Vampire Weekend.

The step itself is to lift one leg and try to do a dance, but it is necessary to switch between them as well. It is certainly much more difficult than it looks.

16. “No Mercy”

For those who like games, this can be a good musical challenge. Although he is a little hated by Overwatch fans, as the challenge became so popular that many people couldn't take it anymore.

Basically, you do a duet of The Living Tombstone's No Mercy song, which simulates a conversation between players from an Overwatch match. The music itself is very good, but the challenge has kind of turned into a meme.

17. Stairway challenge

This is another very simple TikTok Challenge, but one that we don't recommend so much for everyone. It involves the person climbing a ladder dancing sideways, which can be a little dangerous if you don't have good coordination.

18. Gum candy

This challenge is funnier than challenging. After all, it only requires you to use those gummy candies in the shape of pets to simulate a show by singer Adele.

You put one of the bullets to represent the singer and several others to simulate the audience. Basically, the video starts with Adele singing the song “Someone Like You”, but the audience with jelly beans ends up singing the rest.

19. Sharing the work

This is one of the coolest TikTok Challenges on our list. It does not mean that the user has to perform dances, skits or anything like that that we usually see in the app.

Instead, people simply share a video showing some of what they do at their jobs. It is very interesting to see, especially unconventional jobs.

20. Shoe challenge

This challenge is more fun to watch than likely to be done. In it, the person appears sitting on the floor with a combination of clothes and to the sound of music.

She uses the beat of the music to put on and take off her shoe in front of the camera. Each time she does this, she needs to appear in a different outfit

21. Hit or Miss

This is definitely one of the TikTok Challenges to be ashamed of in public. In it, the person doing the challenge shouts the phrase "Hit or Miss" and waits to see if someone at the scene answers it.

If someone answers, it is because there is another TikTok user who knows the challenge. If that doesn't happen, the way is to pretend that nothing happened.

22. Challenge with grandparents

This has the potential to be one of the cutest TikTok Challenges on our list. It consists of getting your grandparents to participate in your TikTok video, usually through a dance.

The cool thing is that the grandparents in the videos posted really seem to be having fun, instead of just doing something to please their grandchildren.

23. Young grandparents

Another great challenge involving the grandparents of Tiktok users is showing them when they were young. Just show a current photo or the most recent photo you have of any of them and then display several images from when they were younger.

24. Duets

Despite not being so specific, this is one of the most popular types of TikTok Challenges to date. It only consists of taking songs that have duets and trying to create them with someone.

This can be done in the same location or with two people recording videos of themselves separately, each performing the voice of a singer.

25. Karma

Although it is not so obvious, even because it is so short, this challenge is a way to show how someone who is despised can be very beautiful. For this, the user is a little messy and with very comfortable and simple clothes.

Then he passes a blanket, towel or sheet in front of the camera, revealing a much tidier version of himself afterwards.

26. Dressed animals

Of course, animals should not be forced to wear clothes that make them uncomfortable, but fortunately this is not the case with these TikTok videos. In these videos, app users show their dogs wearing cute clothes to the sound of some music.

27. Cosplay

It is not new today that cosplay is popular, but becoming a fictional character while singing a song has grown a lot on TikTok lately. The coolest thing is to even sing a song related to the cosplay character you're using.

28. Prank war

Videos of people pranking each other have been popular for quite some time. In TikTok, the most interesting challenge involving this is when people fight prank wars with each other.

It is possible to do this in one video, with several pranks being made one after the other. If you prefer, you can do this in several videos in a row, with the person who got the trick getting revenge in the next.

29. Eating your own fingers

For some reason, the challenge that shows people pretending to eat their own fingers has become a huge hit at TikTok. Some do it in a simpler way, while others really take care of the challenge and even show how to prepare or season the fingers.

This became popular even at the time that TikTok was known by the name of Musically some time ago. Believe it or not, people continue to take on this challenge.

30. eGirls transforming

We've even done an article talking about eGirls, so I couldn't help but include the challenges they do. In general, it is possible to see girls dressed in a very normal way and becoming a stereotype of eGirl.

That means more elaborate clothing, colorful hair or well-styled hair, heavy makeup, etc. The challenge may also consist of an eGirl becoming something else.

31. Challenge of the lips

This challenge has a very simple premise, but it can be difficult to carry out. In it, you can only apply lipstick on a thin strip in the middle of the mouth, but you need to spread it to the rest of the lips in a few seconds.

He ended up going viral between men and women, with most making a mess on their lips more than anything else.

32. Rotation

Here is another example of a challenge that seems simple, but not so much in practice. He asks the user to start recording himself in front of the mirror and rotate the cell phone as much as he can.

It also went viral, as people wanted to show how much they could rotate the smartphone without any problems.

33. Male transformation

This challenge is made only by girls at TikTok who want to show how well they can transform into a male stereotype. They start with their normal appearance and then demonstrate their best imitation of a man.

This goes for clothes, hairstyle, accessories and even faces.

34. Changing shoes

This challenge is very similar to the “shoe challenge” that we have listed above. The difference is that instead of changing clothes when you put the shoe on the camera, you just change your shoes.

It's a way to show all your shoes in a short time, which is really cool if you have shoes of different styles.

35. Eating on the beat

This is a good challenge for TikTok for those who like to eat. After all, it requires you to eat something of your choice to the beat of some music you put in the background.

It may take a while to get everything right, so prepare your food supply first.

Do you like TikTok Challenges?

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