The 4 best digital banks on the market

If you need a new bank for you and want an alternative different from the most classic and traditional ones, check here which are the best digital banks on the market and start using one right now for you!

Read on and see which are the best available, what benefits they bring and create your account!

1. Nubank

To start we have Nubank, which is a startup created in 2013 that was originally just a credit card issuer with no annual fee. In 2017, fintech launched NuConta, its bank account, with the idea of ​​formalizing itself as a real bank, something that became a reality.

In this digital bank, users hardly find any fees or tariffs, being very advantageous when compared to traditional banks. Any transfer you want to make to any bank is free. In addition, you can generate slips when you want to pay the bill or part of the card bill without paying anything!

The only real fee that users are forced to pay is a withdrawal fee. But still, before you need to pay R $ 6.50 per withdrawal, you can make 4 per month without paying anything. Withdrawals can be made exclusively at Banco24Horas cashiers.

Another great advantage that Nubank users have is the Nubank Rewards system, a different points system. In it, whenever you use your credit card, you will accumulate points that can be exchanged for discounts on travel, movies and many other services. The only downside is that you have to pay to have it.

Finally, another benefit of having a NuConta is the fact that all the money you put into it will be automatically invested in government bonds, which has a much higher yield than savings, which will serve you to make money without do nothing. And don't worry, you can access the money invested whenever you want, without paying anything!

To learn more about Nubank and start using one of the best digital banks on the market right now, just follow the link in one of the best internet browsers (and hope to be approved).


2. Next

Another excellent option for those who want to migrate to a digital bank, Next will be particularly attractive for those who are Bradesco customers, since this bank is responsible for Next. It arrived on the market in June 2017 to compete with the other existing digital banks

At Next, users do not have to pay any maintenance fees to their account, just like at Nubank. They can also pay slips as they wish, make free transfers to other Next or Bradesco accounts and even make free TEDs and DOCs for any bank.

It offers two great advantages over Nubank: first, you can make as many withdrawals per month at Bradesco or Banco24Horas boxes without paying anything and you can make a physical cash deposit through Bradesco boxes.

It also offers a credit card free of charge and without any annual fee, from Visa International. However, in order to achieve it, it must be approved in a thorough credit analysis.

Finally, it offers exclusive “treats” for its users. In short, they are discounts at various stores and products, including up to 50% discount at Cinemark. To learn more about this bank, just follow the link to its official website!

Next best digital banks on the market

3. Original Bank

One of the best digital banks on the market, Original was one of the first institutions to offer services in a completely digital way. However, unlike the other options on the list, it is not free. To use the account, you need to pay a monthly fee that costs at least R $ 12.90.

Following the pattern of the alternatives found here, to create your account you must download the app for Android or for iPhone. On the plan Unlimited Original, the most basic, you have access to the following included services:

  • Unlimited TED transfers to any bank;
  • Unlimited transfers between Banco Original accounts;
  • You can make as many withdrawals as you like at ATMs at Banco Original or at Banco24Horas;
  • You can receive as many statements as you want, whether monthly or for specific periods.

Furthermore, it offers you a financial manager, being one of the best options for investors and for those who want to start investing, in order to make a good extra income almost passively. Find out more about Banco Original by following the link!

Banco Original best digital banks on the market

4. Banco Inter

We also have Banco Inter among the best digital banks on the market, which was initially known for Intermedium. On our list, he is the only one who is completely free. Inter offers you:

  • Credit and debit card without annual fee;
  • Unlimited TEDs for any bank account;
  • Unlimited withdrawals at Banco24Horas cashiers;
  • Possibility to make purchases and transfers by QR Code;
  • Deposit in a cash account by means of a ticket paid in any lottery;
  • Check deposit by image;
  • A complete investment platform for users;
  • Bill payment;
  • Insurance of all types, such as travel insurance, dental insurance and home insurance;
  • You can even recharge your phone!

As a great benefit, Banco Inter also has partnerships with various institutions and services in the country, always being able to offer you the best discounts, in addition to offering you cashback on purchases. To know everything about Banco Inter, just follow the link to the official website.

Banco Inter best digital banks on the market

Did you like our guide to the best digital banks on the market?

Leave in the comments if you already knew all the options that we included in the article and if you know any other that you prefer. Don't forget to also check out our guide on what digital banks offer, our complete guide on how to make extra income online and learn how to deal with quarantine boredom!

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