The best alternatives to Zoom: Top 13

In the middle of the pandemic, the option of working from home has become mandatory for a considerable portion of the population. For this to be possible, using applications to meet online is necessary. However, Zoom, the most used of them, is in the middle of several security problems, which made many of its users look for alternatives to Zoom.

So that you can find out all about the best ones, keep reading our article where we briefly describe each one and include links to download them!

1. GoToMeeting


We started our list with GoToMeeting, an excellent option that is relatively affordable. With it, it is possible to meet with up to 150 participants in its most basic and inexpensive plan, either through internet browsers and mobile devices with Android or iPhone. You can also download the app on your Mac, Windows or Linux computer!

In it, you will find all the basic options, such as recording meetings and screen sharing, as well as several facilitators, such as calendar integration and automatic transcription of meetings. See everything through the link!

2. FreeConferenceCall

Completely free, existing for 18 years now, FreeConferenceCall is the only online conference service completely and truly free, allowing up to 1000 people to attend meetings. In addition, it allows recording of meetings and HD broadcast quality!

It has most of the tools paid for in a package that not only requires no payment, but also offers 24-hour support, via chat or email. Go to the official website to find out more about it.

3. Google Meet

Another alternative to Zoom is Google Meet, included in the paid version of G-Suite. With it, you can make video calls with up to 250 participants, make presentations and record meetings, automatically recording them to Google Drive. In addition, it is also possible to send a link to the meeting easily.

It also has a free version, but it allows only 150 people to connect. It is not possible to make presentations or record calls, and all participants must have a Google account. Follow the link to see more.

4. Skype

Skype, which is also one of the best and essential applications for home office, is on this list because it is not only well known but very good. With it, you can easily make voice and video calls, send messages in your complete app and even international calls.

It is possible to hold meetings for up to 50 people, it is completely free, it is very stable, you do not need an account to use it, it allows extremely cheap calls and much more. In Skype for Business, the person limit is over 250. Go to the official website to start using!

Skype alternatives to Zoom

5. Cisco Webex Meetings

Another of the best apps for team meetings is Cisco's Webex Meetings. It is highly known for being a corporate app, which remains its focus. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the free version now allows up to 100 participants and removed the call timeout.

In addition, it is possible to share your screen, send messages, it has excellent security options, an AI that takes notes, live transcription and much more. All of this in one package, available to you through the link.


Another alternative to Zoom is, excellent for those who want to collaborate with screen sharing, unlimited audio and video conferences. The worst part of it is that it doesn't have a free version, just a trial period.

On the plan Business, you have access to up to 250 people per conference, all with unlimited video and audio, recording, 1 terabyte cloud storage, sharing mouse control, among other great options. To know everything about it, click on the link.

7. Discord

Originally for gamers, Discord has now evolved to also be used in more professional settings. It's free, secure and works both on your computer, regardless of the operating system, and on your smartphone, be it Android or iPhone.

It recently increased the user limit per video call from 10 to 50 in response to the current coronavirus situation. In its premium version (Nitro), you have access to 1080p broadcasts, higher quality videos and uploading files up to 100 MB. Start using it right now by going to the official website.

Discord alternatives to Zoom

8. Whereby

Whereby is an excellent option, even though its free version is very limited. With it, you can only have four people per meeting room, in addition to being able to lock rooms, causing others to access them to have to "knock on the door" of it.

It has a chat function, allows the sharing of screens, which silences or ejects users and even has some emojis. In the Pro version, up to 12 people can meet per room and you have access to three meeting rooms. It is available through the link.

9. Jitsi

A little known videoconferencing application, Jitsi Meet is an open source platform simply by browsing to the official website and clicking "Go". Of course, if you are experienced programming, you can create your own version of the app using Jitsi Videobridge.

It allows up to 75 people to attend a meeting and have private and public chats. It also allows your background to be pixelated and even includes integrations with Slack, Google Calendar and Office 365. All of this completely free, just follow the link to use.

10. Eyes on

Eyes on, another alternative to Zoom, which is new to the market. This platform offers cloud-based video calls and presentation solutions, without having to download apps to join the call, being particularly good for those who are bad with technology.

In addition, the platform focuses on keeping the bandwidth constant, reducing latency and helping those who have a more legendary internet. It allows you to make lives for Facebook and YouTube and you can also record excerpts from calls. See more information through the link.

Eyes on

11. Microsoft Teams

Another option from Microsoft for those who are having to work over the internet is Microsoft Teams, ideal for those who use Office 365 in their company. Offers two-factor authorization for the entire team, as well as encryption of all data.

It is a complete solution, offering features such as simultaneous editing by a team of an Office package document, in addition to video conferences. You can record the screen and share it easily. Follow the link to start using.

12. Facebook Workplace

Finally, we have the option of Facebook for those who want to make video calls. With it, you can easily communicate with everyone in your company, sharing information and marking it as important, in addition to allowing polls to know the opinions of employees.

Of course, it also allows video meetings easily in HD quality with up to 50 colleagues for free! It also has chat tools typed with emojis and GIFs and more. Go to the official website to find out more.

Facebook Workplace alternatives to Zoom

13. Facebook Messenger

It is not a solution for companies, but it can serve to break the branch. Facebook launched the Messenger app for Windows and Mac. With it, you can make calls without any time limit, receive notifications of new calls directly in the app (something that did not normally happen) and can share your screen. You can find out more here.

So, what did you think of our selection of alternatives to Zoom?

Leave in the comments your opinion about them, saying if you already knew any of them and if you already used them. Also, check out our tips on how to make extra income online and see our review of Houseparty, the best app to stay in touch with your friends!

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