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The best tips for making money on the internet

The best tips for making money on the internet

Nowadays, especially now during the coronavirus quarantine, making extra income has become increasingly necessary. To help you with this, we created this guide with the best tips on how to make money on the internet, in addition to having some others, such as the complete guide on how to make extra income online!

Keep reading to check all our suggestions on how to make money on the internet without leaving your home and being able to supplement your income!

1. Work as a freelancer

The first of the best tips that exist for those who want to earn money when working at home over the internet is to perform services as a freelancer, on the best platforms. The first step in understanding how to make extra income like this will be to understand what this type of service is.

What is a freelancer?

The freelancer, also known as "freela", is a professional who works autonomously when providing services to individuals or companies for certain periods of time, charging pre-defined prices for this.

It is probably the easiest way to get some extra jobs (or “beaks”), to supplement your income. It is greatly favored by employers for tax reasons.

A very interesting fact about freelancing jobs is that this type of professional works without a formal contract (that is, without any employment). This brings with it several advantages, both for the company and for the employee.

  • Caused by the lack of employment, you can attend to several companies and projects simultaneously, increasing the possibility of income;
  • You do not need to dedicate yourself full time to work, being able to choose at what time of the day you want to perform the duties. With this, you are responsible for determining your own hours, increasing income if you are willing to work more;
  • It is also possible to get a recurring freela (but of course, without a bond). This occurs when you produce very satisfactory results for the employer, making him want to keep you.

In short, the freelancer can manage to be very well paid, possibly even more than formal workers. However, keep in mind that the income is no longer fixed, and there may be months when you earn very little.

What is a freelancer?

What does it take to be a freelancer?

Now that you know what it means to be a freelancer and what it means to be one, we will help you understand everything it takes for you to work with it in order to earn money when working over the internet, giving you tips on how to do it. Keep reading this section for that!

  • Organization: The first of the greatest needs for those who want to start working as a freelancer is for you to be really organized.

This happens since you are solely responsible for everything in your professional life: your working hours, the tasks to be done, your project management, being able to meet the deadlines that have been stipulated, the communication that occurs with clients and even verification of payments.

In other words, if you are a disorganized person, you may damage your image in the market and lose customers because of delays and bad contacts.

  • discipline: Another essential thing for all freelancers and being able to learn to discipline yourself to be able to deliver everything on time, since there will not be a boss asking you if everything is in order. To improve your discipline, check out the best tools for time management;
  • Have contacts: One of the tips that is not fundamental, but that will help you a lot to make money on the internet, since you will have more possible employers from the beginning. Of course, it is possible to create new contacts as you work and do what was asked for. Keep in mind, however, that you can get into the business without knowing anyone;
  • Personal marketing: Very important, almost essential, is the personal marketing of the worker, since this is how possible employers will have the first contact.

To do this, share your skills with friends and family so they can spread your brand. Also, focus on creating the highest quality profile on freelance sites;

What does it take to be a freelancer? tips for making money on the internet

Something that worries many and makes them think they will not achieve anything when trying to work as a freelancer is the lack of diplomas and qualifications. This is an almost unfounded concern, since it is fully possible to get jobs and jobs without any of them, as long as you are good at what you do.

Of course, having a diploma or a qualification will not hinder – it will help -. Having them will make people who are looking for employees more confident in hiring you, especially in areas such as engineering or accounting.

Instead of certifications, having proven experience by portfolio or a large network of contacts will help a lot, possibly even more than if you had them!

What is good and what is not?

There are a lot of benefits attached to working as a freelancer. On the other hand, there are several things that are missing for you, which you may consider imperative, the main one being the lack of stability caused by the lack of bonds.

  • Schedule flexibility: Possibly the greatest attraction for this area, the flexibility of the schedules that the professionals have is considered by many to be essential. In addition, he has complete autonomy, being able to decide what time the projects will be done, when he will be off, how he will dress and where he wants to work;
  • Possibility of higher wages: Another really positive point of working as a freelancer to make money on the internet is the “salary”. In quotation marks since in general it is not a fixed amount that you will receive, unlike more traditional works.

However, as a freelancer, you can increase your earnings by accepting more projects. In addition, you will no longer receive only at the end of the month, but whenever you complete some work;

  • Lack of stability: Something that can keep many away is the lack of financial stability caused by the lack of employment ties. Even if you can earn a lot of money, this is not a guarantee.

So it is good to keep in mind that if you earn a lot in one month, it is good to save a little just in case, to ensure that you will not run out of anything in the next. For that, check out the best apps for managing finances, useful for everyone;

  • Lack of benefits: Finally, another great counterpoint for those who want to work as a freelancer will have to deal with not having access to various benefits, such as the 13th salary, paid breaks (something you can get around by working a little more for a few days) and the FGTS .

Furthermore, in case you are unable to work for any reason, be it sickness or whatever, you have nowhere to turn. That is, have a good financial organization and savings!

Best sites for freelancers

Finally, we will give you the tips of the best sites and platforms so that anyone who wants to work as a freelancer to earn money on the internet gets many opportunities!

Best sites for freelancers

  • Without a doubt, is the website for freelancers that everyone has heard of, being an excellent application to make extra income. Through it, employers from anywhere in the world are able to seek people to provide quality services.

In addition, you can create an excellent profile through it, in order to do a good personal marketing and get more proposals with ease, which can be found by the well implemented search section. To see more, follow the link;

  • Upwork: Another very good site for those who want to work as a freelancer is Upwork, through which you can find the most varied opportunities for your skills. In it, you also find tests to be able to show your level of proficiency in the area!

It has a very convenient panel, where you can check your areas of knowledge to see the best proposals for you. See more through the link;

  • Fiverr: Another really good recommendation, which has one of the best apps to make money, is Fiverr, which has a really self-explanatory name for anyone who speaks English. It means "five", in reference to the minimum price of the works, five dollars.

Anyone can find offers here, however much the main focus is for artists (designers, music, voice actors or writers). To see more, just follow the link;

  • Workana: Another of the best tips for those who want to make money on the internet when working as a freelancer is Workana, one of the oldest sites in the area.

It is very easy to use, offering new projects daily. In it, you will find very detailed and well explained vacancies when it comes to deadlines and values. Check the official website;

  • 99Felas: A Brazilian platform for freelancers, 99Freelas allows you to make yourself available to do the jobs you think you are capable of and make some good extra income from it.

You can find programming, photo and video design, translation and much more, all at a fair price for both parties. Follow the link to see more and check out our complete guide on how to use 99Freelas;

  • Monster: Finally, we have Monster as a website for freelancers. It is one of the oldest platforms that is still in operation, being filled with great vacancies for professionals from various areas.

To use, simply create the profile, specify the skills and then search for the best vacancies for you. See everything about the platform through the link.

2. Teach online courses

One more of our tips, one of the best for anyone who wants to make money on the internet, no matter how much it involves some involvement, is the creation of online courses for sale.

Looking at MEC data, distance learning or distance education is the fastest growing form of education in Brazil, going unlike most other segments. Therefore, learning how to create an online course is potentially very profitable, especially if you know how to do it properly.

Still, many are unsure whether to start creating courses, mainly because they do not think the initial investment for this is high, especially in cases of wanting to create the highest quality materials.

However, be aware that with very few investments it is perfectly possible to create very good videos, even with few edits and retouching. What matters most and is really essential is that you have extensive knowledge about the area, in addition to that its content is applicable in the real world.

The most common areas are languages, programming, web development or investments, but it is possible to create courses in home repairs or crafts and this will also pay off.

Teaching online courses tips to make money on the internet

Why create online courses?

There are a lot of reasons why the online course market is growing almost unrestrained, even in Brazil.

In the past, this type of education was the cause of much suspicion, something that has changed a lot with time, due to the greater availability of internet and mobile devices for the general population. This caused many to turn to online courses to learn new content or skills.

In addition, the fact that these courses have become more reliable has made many more people willing to create online courses to earn extra income and share their knowledge.

Below, we've listed the top four reasons why using this tip to make money at home during quarantine is an excellent idea:

  • Greater flexibility: A great benefit of online courses on more traditional teaching modalities is the fact that neither physical space nor regular classes are necessary, allowing students to study when and where they wish, also removing the need for mobility.

In addition, precisely because there is no need for mobility, it ends up becoming more accessible for many (of course, as long as you have internet and a device to study from), allowing studies at the best institutions (including MIT and Harvard have free online courses!) ;

  • Lower costs and easier production: While in traditional classes it is necessary that you have a physical location that accommodates a class, that produces printed handouts and much more, in online distance education courses you can create the entire content with a camera and a computer with internet directly from your home .

Of course, it is still necessary that you produce a handout for students, which separates exercises and the like. But the economy comes from the fact that everything is in digital form!

Finally, both students and you will see results very quickly, since students can apply in the real world everything they learn in a dynamic way and you will be better able to attend them to answer questions and solve complications;

  • Scalable earnings: Another of the best positive points for those who want to create an online course is the fact that you will receive it in a scalable way.

This is a way of saying, basically, that the sky is the limit of how much you will earn, since the number of students for your course is virtually unlimited, which is impossible to happen in classroom courses;

  • Different contexts: The last point is the fact that online courses and distance education in general can be used in several ways, much more than just in a context where a student goes after a course to learn.

They can also be used by companies of all sizes that need to apply training to their employees, since not only will the quality of learning be the same, if not better, but spending on qualifications can be reduced immensely!

What does it take to create an online course?

If you want to create an online course to earn money on the internet, it is good to know that there are some needs for your project to work, before actually investing in it. The main ones are:

What does it take to create an online course? tips for making money on the internet

  • Define what you will teach: The most obvious is to be able to decide what the general theme of your material will be, prioritizing some subject that you have a lot of knowledge or experience. You know that thing where people are impressed by how much you know?

Be it playing instruments, speaking languages ​​fluently, being a good draftsman or painter … whatever it is, it can be your course material. And remember, you don't need teacher experience to create a course;

  • Decide who your audience will be: You need to be able to choose your target audience to be able to sell more. Choose the way you are going to approach the subjects, how you are going to do the marketing, create a Facebook page or a YouTube channel .. in short, expose yourself;
  • Use the best camera you can: Very important is also the camera with which you will record, as this is how your students will see you. The better the video quality, the higher the apparent value of your content.

Of course, cameras in general are relatively expensive, making this investment unviable for many. So, using your smartphone's camera can be a good idea, since currently the quality of recorded videos can even be compared to professional cameras;

  • Take care of the audio: Unfortunately, smartphone microphones do not keep up with the quality of the recordings, making an investment in it necessary. That's because nobody will want to watch a video with poor sound quality, especially to learn.

Microphones with acceptable audio quality, however, are not nearly as expensive as cameras, being completely possible to buy one for less than 100 reais, especially if you accept using a lapel;

  • Worry about lighting: Very important is the lighting you will use, especially if your face will appear in the videos. There are many ways to achieve good lighting, but using your smartphone's flash is not one of them.

If you are willing to make an investment, it is possible to buy an LED illuminator for less than 100 reais, if you are looking for the less "professional". The simplest – and cheapest – solution is to simply record near the window on a bright day;

  • Have the best scenario: Some simple tips that will greatly increase the quality of your content production are, for example, always recording in quieter places, with few visual elements. Also, avoid background noise as much as they disturb students.

If you live with someone, be sure to let them know that you are going to record so that not only do they not have possible interruptions, but also so that they focus on minimizing noise;

  • Focus on the script: Another important issue is that you need to have a good script for your videos, that makes sense with how you want to teach. Try to be more focused on the demands of the public that no one else is addressing, for example.

Once that is decided, everything becomes much easier, especially the creation of the script, which is necessary so that your videos are not too long.

  • Learn to edit videos: Finally, knowing how to edit may not be necessary (since it is always possible to hire someone for this), but having edits to your videos is. So, if your goal is to make money on the internet without spending anything, knowing how to edit is necessary.

It is highly recommended that you learn how to use Movavi, a very easy to use video editing program that offers very complete options for editing. Check out more about this program through the link right now!

Best sites for creating online courses

The final step in knowing how to make money on the internet when creating online courses is to know which website or online course platform to use. It is important that you choose one that has a good learning environment and with a lot of interactivity between teacher and student.

Below, we've listed the top three and best of the kind so you can choose which one to use:

  • Beved: First, we have Beved, an excellent way to make money on the internet without any investments. Through it, it is possible to create courses on the most varied subjects, almost without any restrictions, and decide how much you want to receive for them.

The platform is fully equipped and prepared to help creators produce excellent content, being one of the most popular in Brazil. If you want to use it, check out our guide on how to teach at Beved or go to the official website right now;

  • Udemy: We also have Udemy, possibly the best known in the business. It has a really large library of courses already created on a wide range of subjects, such as programming, languages, video and photo editing and even writing.

Unfortunately, it does not allow webinars, but can only teach through recorded classes and PDFs, in addition to the complete area of ​​students. Through it, you can clear doubts and go even deeper. Check out our complete Udemy guide and head over to the official website to see more;

  • Hotmart Club: To close this topic, we have the Hotmart Club, an excellent teaching platform created by one of the largest affiliate services in the world. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make money from applications on the internet.

It works very similarly to the previous alternatives, however it does not charge anything for you to create your course. All you need to pay is a portion of the value of your sales. Check it out right now through the link!

3. Create a sales website

Another excellent way for those who want to know the best tips for making money on the internet when working from home is to create your own sales website. Of course, there is a lot of competition, but it is quite easy to do and almost always has a lot of payback.

Why create a website?

If you want to create a sales website it's probably because you want to be able to make money over the internet. However, there are several other reasons that may motivate you to do this and you may not have even thought about them. In this section, we will list what are the main reasons and reasons.

Why create a website? tips for making money on the internet

  • Increased credibility: An excellent motivator for you to create a sales website is to increase the credibility of your company and the confidence that your audience will have.

This is because every company that has a professional website has a more sophisticated image, in addition to having various information about the brand. And, in this case, it allows your customers to buy directly through the website, without having to contact anyone;

  • Greater exposure: A website that works well, is attractive and well programmed is an almost sure way to reach many more possible consumers, which is why, when someone performs a Google search related to your product, the website will appear.

This results in you being able to make money much more easily from new customers and consumers.

  • Others: There are also some other reasons that can motivate you to create a website to earn money on the internet. Are they:
    • The company will have an effective operating time of 24 hours a day, since customers will be able to buy at any time, send emails through the website and more;
    • Marketing becomes much more economical, since it becomes through the website. Just redirect customers to it so they know everything;
    • Maintenance and alteration of all information, such as catalogs, menus and portfolios, much more easily;
    • Customers will be able to place orders online, without contact with other people. This is particularly beneficial for those who have difficulty speaking on the phone, leaving the house or even speaking with strangers. In addition, it allows people to buy when they want, without time restrictions;
    • Strengthening the brand, since having an online presence is something that has become increasingly necessary and helps to increase brand exposure and reliability;
    • Low investment with high returns, since anyone can create a website using the right platform for this. The initial investment is low, and the monthly cost is even lower.

What is the best sales modality?

If you want to better understand how to use this one of the tips on how to make money on the internet, it is necessary to know how to choose which type of marketing to use in your e-commerce, remembering that it is perfectly possible to use more than one to guarantee a higher income. Are they:

  • Sale of own products: The first is the sale of your own products, produced by you, such as handicrafts, clothes, drawings and the like.

It is the most difficult to deal with, since everything is your responsibility: production, packaging, shipments, contacts with customers, care if received correctly and everything else;

  • Sale of imported products: Considerably easier than the previous option is to use shopping sites outside of Brazil such as AliExpress, Wish or Alibaba. Through them, you will have access to millions of products that you can import for low prices.

Of course, it requires an investment on your part, but you can make a stock of products for resale, and you can profit a lot. And, if you want to create your own brand, many of the products come with no print, making the process easier;

  • Sale of third party products: Finally, you can decide to sell third-party products, in short, being a virtual showcase. Through this alternative, you are only responsible for store support and payments. Moreover, delivery, logistics, in short, are the responsibility of the producer!

What is the best sales modality?

Best sites to create your store

With all this in mind, we will list some of the best sites for you to create your own and take advantage of our tips for making money on the internet. There are many free and complete options, but if you want to make the site really yours you need to pay a small fee.

Among the best known and easiest to use for those who want to create websites without the help of an expert are Bagy, Nuvemshop, Wix, Shopify and Zyro, all offering many features to help users.

  • Bagy: The first is Bagy, a platform that has the exclusive focus on creating sales sites integrated with Instagram Shopping. Through it, you can easily sell all your products using one of the largest social networks today. See more through the link;
  • Nuvemshop: Another excellent option is Nuvemshop, a tool to create very complete sales sites, regardless of whether you have a large or small store, and you can easily scale the site;
  • Wix: Wix is ​​probably the most well-known platform among those on the list, offering the possibility of creating varied websites and blogs with customizable and easy-to-use templates.
  • Shopify: Shopify is yet another platform dedicated exclusively to creating sales sites. It has Facebook integration, making the task of creating your online store quite easy, in addition to offering a large stock of store models;
  • Zyro: Finally, we have Zyro, the platform that we most recommend to create sales sites (or the type you want). It has many features, constant support for users, huge image collection, slogan and logo generator and much more.

Did you like our guide with tips on making money on the internet?

Leave in the comments if you already knew the ways we list here and if we help you to supplement your income. Using any of these methods, it will probably work. And remember to check out how to choose the right digital bank for you!

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