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The fastest ways to print on your notebook

The fastest ways to print on your notebook

One problem that many encounter is going to a page and wanting to take a picture of it to share with friends, but not knowing how. If you also have this difficulty, check here our guide to the fastest ways to print on your notebook!

1. Using native Windows tools

Snip & Sketch (Capture and Sketch)

This is the newest Windows tool, available in the latest updates, for anyone who wants to know how to print on the notebook. With it, you can easily save parts of your screen (or it).

There are a few ways to use it. The first and simplest is using the keyboard shortcut Win + Shift + S. With this, your screen will be grayed out and four options will appear at the top.

Snip & Sketch (Capture and Sketch)

Are they “Rectangular Capture”, “Freeform Capture”, “Window Capture” and “Full Screen Capture”. At “Rectangular Capture”, you can select rectangular and square shapes on the screen to capture.

At “Freeform Capture”, you can choose the desired format in the capture, being ideal for various situations. At “Window Capture”, you determine which window that is open in the foreground you want to save.

Finally, in “Full Screen Capture”, Windows will save an image of everything that is appearing on your notebook.

Another way to use this way of taking a print on the notebook is by searching the Windows search bar. Just write “Capture and Sketch” and open.

The last way is to simply go to the application menu, go to the letter Ç and there you will find the tool.

Using this method, catches will automatically go to the "Transfer area" Windows, requiring you to paste them later in Paint, Word or some photo editing program.

Capture tool

Also native to Windows, the "Capture tool" it is very practical, even if it does not have a Windows shortcut.

To open it, you need to search the search bar your name, "Capture tool", and open. Now, in it, you can select the "Mode", which are the same options as the previous tool.

After deciding what you want to use, click "New", make the cut for the capture and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S to save.

Capture tool how to take print on notebook

Print Screen

Another very easy way for those who want to know how to print on the notebook is using the "Print Screen". It alone takes a full screen capture and saves it to your "Transfer area". To finish the capture, it is necessary to paste in applications such as Paint, Word or Photoshop.

Simpler than clicking the key, it is to use it in conjunction with the Windows button. Just click Win + Print Screen that a screenshot of the entire screen will be saved in the folder C: Users (YourUser) Pictures Screenshots, replacing (YourUser) with your Windows username.

2. Using native macOS tools

Full screen capture

The first option on our list for this is to save the entire screen of your macOS to your Clipboard, just click on the shortcut Command + Control + Shift + 3. Finally, it will be necessary to paste in some software that can handle images.

Capture full screen how to take print on notebook

Capture part of the screen

Who wants to know how to print on the notebook, capturing only part of what is on the screen, click Command + Control + Shift + 4 and you can select which area you want to capture by dragging with the mouse.

As in the previous option, the captures will go to your Clipboard, being necessary to paste later in some program.

Capture part of the screen

Capture and save part of the screen

Another thing that can be done is to automatically save part of the screen, without having to paste later. To use this, just click on the command Command + Shift + 4, drag and select an area and you're done! Now, what you selected is in a PNG format on the desktop.

Capture and save part of the screen as print on notebook

Capture a window

Very easy to do, the user just needs to use the shortcut Command + Shift + 4. You will now need to click on the space bar. When you do this, the window in which the mouse cursor is over is reddish. With one click, the image will be saved in PNG on the desktop!

3. Using Monosnap

The last way to print on the notebook is to use the application and extension for Chrome called Monosnap.

In order to start using it, first go to the official website, where you can download it to the platform where you want to use it. Choice “Download for Windows” or click "MacOS" or "Chrome" below the button to be redirected.

Now, if you chose to download for Windows, the download will start automatically. In other cases, you will need to click the button to be redirected to the specific download page, either for the extension or for macOS.

We will explain just how to use it in the Google Chrome browser. After installing the extension, an icon will appear on the extension bar. When you click on it, you will see all the options that the tool offers, such as capturing the entire screen, just the portion of a page or the entire page, among others.

Monosnap how to take print on notebook 1

After selection, a screen for editing the capture will open. There, you can write, add lines and shapes, among other options.

Monosnap 2

So, what did you think of our guide on how to print on the notebook?

Leave in the comments if you already knew all the tips we have included, saying if you prefer any other or if we present you something new. Don't forget to check out how to take screenshots of the iPhone X screen and the best programs to free up memory on Windows PC

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