The Sims 4 Kingdom of Magic: how it works, cheats and codes

Among so many expansion packs released for The Sims, one of the most popular is always the one that involves magic. This time, we have The Sims 4 Kingdom of Magic to indulge the desire to create Sims wizards in what is one of the best simulation games for PC today. Of course, before deciding to buy the package, it's a good idea to get a sense of what it brings and how it works.

So we have not only made a guide with everything about The Sims 4 Kingdom of Magic, but we are also going to talk about the main cheat codes it has. To check everything, just take a look at the guide below!

The Sims 4 Kingdom of Magic

the sims 4 kingdom of magic tips

As the name implies, The Sims 4 Kingdom of Magic is a package that focuses almost entirely on spells for your Sims. Generally, it can be found for R $ 79.00 at the normal price, but it always goes on sale.

Other than that, the package itself is very light and should not even increase the temperature of the PC with its installation. You can either create a naturally sorcerer Sim or have an existing one learn to use spells.

To make a wizard Sim, simply open the option to "Create a Sim" and select that he is a wizard. In the same way that you select that he is an alien, vampire or ordinary human, for example.

To become a sorcerer with an existing Sim is also very simple. You need to make him travel to Glimmerbook, find the portal that takes you to the Magic Kingdom.

There, you will need to find one of the three wise sorcerers, who have runes above their heads. When asking to help you become a wizard, they will ask you to find seven purple orbs across the Magic Kingdom.

This is very simple and when they finish the mission, they will do the Ascension Rite to turn their Sim into a wizard. Now just learn to use magic and buy your accessories.

Going shopping magic

With a sorcerer Sim in your hands, a new world of possibilities opens up in The Sims 4. This includes many very important accessories, items and supplies to make sure your spells will work.

In the best style of the Harry Potter saga, you can find everything in Beco dos Magos. There, you will find three stores with different items and whose stock changes every day. They are:

  • “Wands, Books and Family”: This store offers exactly what its name promises. It is there that you can buy unique wands every day, in addition to family members, which are pets that can protect you. The store also has several magic tomes to help you learn new spells.
  • "Brooms and Crystals": also very self explanatory, this store brings many types of brooms and crystals for Sims. As you can imagine, brooms are used to move your Sims. Crystals are used to create potions in cauldrons.
  • “Potion Ingredient Shop”: the last store also makes its purpose very explicit. It has several ingredients for most of the game's potions, so we advise you to visit it frequently to buy everything you need.


We briefly mentioned family members in the topic above, but this is a subject that prefers further explanation. They are very powerful entities that can protect your Sims from death and / or give them confidence.

Most games that have some aspect of magic have such a system. In The Sims 4 Kingdom of Magic, you can buy dragons, owls, or even the strange borboelhos at Beco dos Magos.

The cool thing is that you can invoke family members at almost any time. So you don't just depend on dangerous times to see your companions inseparable.

Advantages of being a wizard

Of course, witchcraft in The Sims 4 Realm of Magic isn't just limited to the fact that being a wizard is something different and cool. There are many advantages to being a wizard, even for those who have never cared about the magic aspects of the franchise before.

These benefits are gained from the experience your Sim gains from practicing their magic. Let's take the best examples below!

1. Advantages to level up

Want to level up in the world of magic quickly? So these are the best benefits you can unlock:

  • Experimenter: allows your Sim to accumulate Sorcerer's XP much faster.
  • Spell Socialite: allows your Sim to discuss Magic with other Wizards. Each social interaction gives your Sim a little Sorcerer's XP, allowing you to gain levels quickly.
  • Particle Hunter: grants your Sim the Permanent Particle Vision, giving him the ability to collect Magic Particles in the world. Your Sim will now be able to Absorb the particles to receive Sorcerer's XP.

2. Advantages for potions

How about making potions faster or making them more potent? This can be guaranteed by unlocking certain benefits as well

  • Blender Arm: this advantage greatly speeds up the preparation of potions, so it's great to have at the beginning of the game.
  • Incredible Collectorl: This advantage means that you will receive additional harvest items from your plants.
  • Potent Potions: with this advantage you can unlucky your potions so that they always fail when consumed.

3. Advantages for spells

  • Download: This advantage is good for Sims who want to use many Spells. It allows your Sim to consume their Sorcerer's Charge to prevent an explosion in the event of an overload.
  • Load Control: allows your Sim to cast more spells before being overwhelmed.
  • Magic Resonance: helps your Sims avoid "Death from Overload". It will still explode, but it will not risk dying while in the Magic Kingdom.


the sims 4 kingdom of magic spells

With the mention of potions, you may be wondering what kind of potions the game offers. The good news is that there are countless potions with different effects that may or may not work.

It all depends on your level as a wizard and your experience as an alchemist. There are potions to fill Sims' level of needs, to prevent them from dying, to become friends with another Sim, etc.

You can make potions from ingredients that you grow in your garden and buy from the potions store. It is best to experiment and see what happens, especially in an unpredictable game like this.


There are also countless spells that your Sims can learn. It all depends on your level of sorcerer and the volumes you read.

Different and more advanced tomes can be found at the Beco dos Magos store, so it's always good to keep an eye out there. Of course, you won't be able to learn spells if they are at a level much higher than yours.

In general, there are three types of spells: practical, mischievous and indomitable. The practical ones are used for everyday things of your Sims, the mischievous ones are used to play innocent tricks on others and the indomitable ones are considered the most evil.

How to use cheats

Like most The Sims packs, Kingdom of Magic also comes with new cheat codes that you can use. They don't offer anything much different than what you can have just playing the DLC and trying new things.

It is more like a quick way to achieve certain things. This is great especially for those who don't want to have a lot of work leaving all of their Sims at the highest level, for example.

This can also generate bizarre and funny moments, something perfect for those who usually record games or take screenshots. To start using the cheats, press the "Ctrl", "Shift" and "C" keys at the same time.

This will open the field for entering the cheat codes. Start by entering “testingcheats true” and press the Enter key so that all of the next code works correctly.

The Sims 4 Kingdom of Magic cheat codes

Now that the Sims 4 cheat field has opened, let's show you some of the best code available for this package. Just copy and paste each one and press the Enter key on the ones you want to use.

1. Adjust the wizard level

Enter the code Stats.Set_Stat RankedStatistic_WitchOccult_WitchXP # to adjust your Sim's wizard level. You need to change the “#” for the number of experience your Sim will gain in the process.

There are basically 5 levels of witchcraft that your Sim can achieve. Each requiring a number of experience, which is what we are going to change with this cheat code. Are they:

  • Neophyte: requires 50 experience points
  • Acolic: requires 350 experience points
  • Adept: requires 875 experience points
  • Master: requires 1550 experience points
  • Virtuous: requires 2350 experience points

2. Special features

By becoming a more powerful sorcerer, you can acquire certain special traits from this game mode. If you don't want to have a lot of work getting each one, you can use The Sims 4 Kingdom of Magic cheats to have them in a matter of seconds.

  • Earn the “Spellcaster” trait: Traits.Equip_trait Trait_Knowledge_SlingerofSpells
  • Earn the trait “Mestre das Misturas”: Traits.Equip_trait Trait_Nature_MasterMixer
  • Earning the trait “Weak Lineage”: Traits.Equip_trait Trait_Occult_WitchOccult_BloodlineWeak
  • Earning the trait “Strong Lineage”: Traits.Equip_trait Trait_Occult_WitchOccult_BloodlineStrong
  • Earn the trait "Ancient Lineage": Traits.Equip_trait Trait_Occult_WitchOccult_BloodlineAncient

3. Curses

It’s not just beneficial traits that wizard Sims can have, after all, there are also curses in Kingdom of Magic. If you want to make your game funnier and catch the curses that interest you most, just use the cheats below.

  • Win the curse "Embarrassing Hugs": Traits.Equip_trait Trait_Curses_TouchyFeely
  • Win the curse “Contagious laugh”: Traits.Equip_trait Trait_Curses_InfectiousLaughter
  • Win the curse "Disgust": Traits.Equip_trait Trait_Curses_Repulsiveness
  • Win the “Shuffled Spells” curse: Traits.Equip_trait Trait_Curses_WildMagic
  • Win the “Night Specter” curse: Traits.Equip_trait Trait_Curses_NightStalker
  • Win the curse "Impurable Stink": Traits.Equip_trait Trait_Curses_SweatyStench
  • Win the curse “Uncontrollable Energy”: Traits.Equip_trait Trait_Curses_FountainOfMagic
  • Win the curse “Free Hostility”: Traits.Equip_trait Trait_Curses_PunchableFace

Of course, you can repent and not want your Sims to have certain curses. Fortunately, there are also cheat codes for this:

  • Remove the “Embarrassing Hugs” curse: Traits.Remove_Trait Trait_Curses_TouchyFeely
  • Remove the “contagious laugh” curse: Traits.Remove_Trait Trait_Curses_InfectiousLaughter
  • Remove the “Disgust” curse: Traits.Remove_Trait Trait_Curses_Repulsiveness
  • Remove the “Shuffled Spells” curse: Traits.Remove_Trait Trait_Curses_WildMagic
  • Remove the “Night Specter” curse: Traits.Remove_Trait Trait_Curses_NightStalker
  • Remove the “Impurable Stink” curse: Traits.Remove_Trait Trait_Curses_SweatyStench
  • Remove the “Uncontrollable Energy” curse: Traits.Remove_Trait Trait_Curses_FountainOfMagic
  • Remove the “Free Hostility” curse: Traits.Remove_Trait Trait_Curses_PunchableFace

4. Release potions and other hidden items

It is also possible to release all potions and other items hidden in the game with a cheat. Simply enter the code bb.ShowHiddenObjects to unlock everything in the Sims 4 purchase or build mode catalog.

5. Learning spells

the sims 4 kingdom of magic portal

There are two ways to learn spells with cheats. One involves using the code above to show the hidden objects to acquire and read all the tomes of magic in the game, one at a time.

If you only want to use cheat codes, you will need to use a mod called All Cheats Mod. You can find it in the following link, you only need to put it in The Sims 4 Mods folder for it to work.

This mod serves to activate all mods that exist in The Sims 4. Even those that have been disabled in the latest game updates. With it in your game, just use the following codes:

  • Learn the spell “Fix”: Spells_Practical_1_Repair
  • Learn the “Scrub Status” spell: Spells.Unlock_Spell Spells_Practical_1_Clean
  • Learn the “Delicius” spell: Spells_Practical_2_Food
  • Learn the “Florariare” spell: Spells_Practical_2_Garden
  • Learning the “Teleportation” spell: Spells_Practical_3_Teleport
  • Learn the “Clonare” spell: Spells_Practical_3_Duplicate
  • Learn the “Plantare” spell: Spells_Practical_4_GrowPlant
  • Learn the "Despair" spell: Spells_Mischief_1_Sadness
  • Learn the “Delirious” spell: Spells.Unlock_Spell Spells_Mischief_1_Confuse
  • Learn the “Enrage” spell: Spells_Mischief_2_Fight
  • Learn the spell “Fall in love”: Spells_Mischief_2_Love
  • Learn the “Furtare” spell: Spells_Mischief_3_Steal
  • Learn the “Morfar” spell: Spells_Mischief_4_Transform
  • Learn the “Weird” spell: Spells_Mischief_5_ChangeAppearance
  • Learn the “Inferniare” spell: Spells.Unlock_Spell Spells_Untamed_1_Fire
  • Learn the “Eletrificare” spell: Spells_Untamed_2_Lightning
  • Learn the “Necrochamare” spell: Spells_Untamed_2_SummonGhost
  • Learn the “Freeze” spell: Spells_Untamed_3_Freeze
  • Learn the “Minionize” spell: Spells_Untamed_3_MindControl
  • Learn the “Desmorteare” spell: Spells_Untamed_4_RemoveCurse
  • Learn the spell “Unclean”: Spells_Untamed_4_Resurrect
  • Learn the “Duplicate” spell: Spells_Untamed_5_CloneSelf

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our tips to learn more about The Sims 4 Kingdom of Magic? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the DLC and whether the codes worked for you.

And if you're feeling really creative with The Sims, take the time to check out our top tool tips for creating games!

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