The Sims 4 University Life: everything you want to know

One of the most classic expansions of The Sims franchise is the one with a university theme. His first version appeared in The Sims 2 and since then, fans of the PC simulation game have always expected him to show up in the latest games. Fortunately, The Sims 4 University Life did not take long to be released and brought news beyond the elements already expected.

So that you know absolutely everything about this package and decide if it is worth a place in your collection, we have put together a very detailed guide. Let's talk about everything The Sims 4 University Life offers and even some cheat codes that can be very useful. Check it out below!

The Sims 4 University Life

As the name of the package already indicates, The Sims 4 University Life focuses a lot on the student life of the young adults in the game. You can choose one of the two colleges available in the world of Britechester depending on the course you want to take.

With that, it is necessary to go to class, do your projects, take tests and even try to do extracurricular activities. All to ensure a successful graduation that will give you an advantage when it comes to getting a job.

But how does it all work? We will explain better about each university, what courses they have and other aspects of the expansion.


the sims 4 college life options

To start, it is best to talk about the two faculties that The Sims 4 University Life has to offer. It is the University of Britechester and the Foxbury Institute, which offer the same courses, but excel in different areas.

This means that if you want to have a distinguished degree in a specific course, you will have to choose a university in particular. If you don't care, you can do a normal graduation in any of them.

Britechester University

This is a very traditional college and the highlight is courses related to the arts and humanities. Other than that, your Sim can join the “Britechester Spirit Crew” and participate in game days.

So you can meet new Sims, show off your new dance moves, or promote the pride of the school's mascot, the dragon. If you prefer, you can let your creativity flow and spend time with the “Sociedade de Arte”.

Finally, there is also the option to participate in the “Debaters Guild” if you like the idea of ​​facing other students in heated debates. Enough to do between studies.

Undergraduate courses: Biology, Computer Science, Economics, Physics, Psychology and Vilania

Distinguishing undergraduate courses: Art History, Culinary Arts, Theater, Fine Arts, History, Letters and Literature and Communication.

Foxbury Institute

The Foxbury Institute is much more modern, including the structure of its campus. For those interested, their outstanding courses are those in the areas of science and technology in general.

For those who enjoy more of the fun part of the university, it is possible to join the “Foxbury Spirit Crew”. With them, you can wear school-colored clothes, drink from the juice keg, hold ping-pong championships with juice, or go running without clothes.

If you prefer, you can join the "Geniuses of Robotics" to build your own robots. You can even take your creation to the Utility Robot Contest and win a prize if you have the best of all.

Graduations: Art History, Culinary Arts, Theater, Fine Arts, History, Letters and Literature and Communication.

Distinction Graduations: Biology, Computer Science, Economics, Physics, Psychology and Vilania.

Paying for studies

the sims 4 college life tips

As in real life, going to a university may not be the cheapest thing in the world. In fact, both schools require a good investment, so it is best to prepare very well before going out to graduate.

In the case of The Sims 4 University Life, there are many scholarships and grants available to students with some academic and athletic talent, as well as scholarships based on needs. Even if your Sim has already started his professional life and wants to advance his studies, he can get a career scholarship, for example.

You will be able to find out which bags are available through any computer within the game. Overall, having good grades or being good at athletic ability helps a lot.

It is worth mentioning that your Sims also have a chance to take out student loans. In this way, they can finance their education, but payments will begin to mature as soon as they graduate.

Preparation is everything at this stage of Sims' lives, so it might be a good idea to get a part-time job or have your parents save some money beforehand. Whatever is most comfortable for your style of play.

Living on campus

Fortunately, colleges have several facilities for students to live on or off campus. Decorating dorms, spending time with roommates, or playing ping pong are just a few of the new experiences your Sims can enjoy.

On campus, you can have a study session in the living area or participate in activities after class with the Football and Electronic Sports teams. These are just some of the examples, as the place is full of things to do.

You just can't let all these distractions make you forget about classes, exams and presentations. You may even lose your scholarship if your grades start to drop, so dedication should never be left out.

We guarantee that this attempt to balance fun and responsibility creates many funny situations. Perfect for those who like to take screenshots or record games.

New careers

With an expansion focusing so much on studies to pursue a successful career, it is not surprising that new professional areas have been added. This time, we have no less than three new professions.

They are the careers of Education, Law and Engineering. Nothing is more perfect than the classic professions that we thought of when someone went to college, isn't it ?!

New objects, clothes and hair

best expansions of the sims

There are also many new objects, furniture, clothing, hair and accessories for your Sims. These are very varied things, but many of them end up focusing on the university theme of the package itself.

One of the coolest news is the bicycle, which you can use to get around the campus with ease. Since we hadn't seen other types of transportation in The Sims 4, this is a great addition;

The Sims 4 University Life cheat codes

Cheat codes have always been available in games in the Sims franchise. They can either help you with extra money, or make the game more free in other ways.

In the case of The Sims 4 University Life, there are specific cheat codes for the expansion. This can help you with small elements added with this DLC if you are having difficulties.

To start using the cheats, press the "Ctrl", "Shift" and "C" keys at the same time. This will open the field for entering the cheat codes. Start by entering “testingcheats true” and press the Enter key so that all of the next code works correctly.

Just copy and paste each one and press the Enter key on the ones you want to use. It is worth mentioning that cheats are disabled when you close the game, but those that made fixed changes to Sims' lives will remain.

1. Obtain undergraduate degrees

As you can see, student life is far from easy in The Sims 4 University Life. Therefore, we understand if you want to streamline your studies with cheat codes to obtain your graduation diploma. Each course has its own code, so choose the right one:

  • Obtains Britechester Art History diploma: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ArtHistoryDegreeBA
  • Obtains the Britechester Art History diploma with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ArtHistoryDegreeBAHonors
  • Obtains Foxbury's Art History diploma: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ArtHistoryDegreeBS
  • Obtains the Foxbury Art History diploma with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ArtHistoryDegreeBSHonors
  • Obtains the Britechester Biology degree: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_BiologyDegreeBA
  • Obtains the Britechester Biology diploma with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_BiologyDegreeBAHonors
  • Obtains the Foxbury Biology degree: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_BiologyDegreeBS
  • Obtains the Foxbury Biology diploma with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_BiologyDegreeBAHonors
  • Obtains the Britechester Communication diploma: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CommunicationsDegreeBA
  • Obtains the Britechester Communication diploma with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CommunicationsDegreeBAHonors
  • Obtains the Foxbury Communication diploma: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CommunicationsDegreeBS
  • Obtains the Foxbury Communication diploma with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CommunicationsDegreeBSHonors
  • Obtains the Britechester Computer Science diploma: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ComputerScienceDegreeBA
  • Obtains the Britechester Computer Science diploma with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ComputerScienceDegreeBAHonors
  • Earns the Foxbury Computer Science degree: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ComputerScienceDegreeBS
  • Obtains the Foxbury Computer Science diploma with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_ComputerScienceDegreeBSHonors
  • Obtains the Britechester Culinary Arts diploma: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CulinaryArtsDegreeBA
  • He obtained the Culinary Arts degree from Britechester with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CulinaryArtsDegreeBAHonors
  • Earns Foxbury Culinary Arts degree: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CulinaryArtsDegreeBS
  • Earns the Foxbury Culinary Arts degree with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_CulinaryArtsDegreeBSHonors
  • Obtains Britechester Drama Diploma: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_DramaDegreeBA
  • Obtains Britechester Drama Diploma with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_DramaDegreeBAHonors
  • Obtains Foxbury Drama diploma: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_DramaDegreeBS
  • Obtains Foxbury Drama diploma with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_DramaDegreeBSHonors
  • Obtains the Britechester Economics degree: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_EconomicsDegreeBA
  • Obtains the Britechester Economics diploma with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_EconomicsDegreeBAHonors
  • Obtains the Foxbury degree in Economics: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_EconomicsDegreeBS
  • Obtains the Foxbury Diploma in Economics with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_EconomicsDegreeBSHonors
  • He obtains the Fine Arts degree from Britechester: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_FineArtDegreeBA
  • Obtains the Britechester Fine Arts diploma with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_FineArtDegreeBAHonors
  • Obtains Foxbury's Fine Arts degree: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_FineArtDegreeBS
  • Obtains the Foxbury Fine Arts diploma with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_FineArtDegreeBSHonors
  • Obtains the Britechester History diploma: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_HistoryDegreeBA
  • Obtains the Britechester History diploma with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_HistoryDegreeBAHonors
  • Obtains the Foxbury History diploma: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_HistoryDegreeBS
  • Obtains the Foxbury History diploma with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_HistoryDegreeBSHonors
  • Obtains the Britechester Language and Literature diploma: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_LanguageAndLiteratureDegreeBA
  • Obtains the Britechester Language and Literature diploma with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_LanguageAndLiteratureDegreeBAHonors
  • Obtains Foxbury's Language and Literature diploma: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_LanguageAndLiteratureDegreeBS
  • Obtains Foxbury's Language and Literature diploma with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_LanguageAndLiteratureDegreeBSHonors
  • Obtains the Britechester Physics degree: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_PhysicsDegreeBA
  • Obtains the Britechester Physics diploma with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_PhysicsDegreeBAHonors
  • Obtains the Foxbury Physics degree: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_PhysicsDegreeBS
  • Obtains the Foxbury Physics degree with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_PhysicsDegreeBSHonors
  • Obtains the Britechester Psychology degree: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_PsychologyDegreeBA
  • Obtains the Britechester Psychology diploma with distinction:
  • Obtains the Foxbury Psychology degree: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_PsychologyDegreeBS
  • Obtains the Foxbury Psychology degree with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_PsychologyDegreeBSHonors
  • Obtains the Vilechester Vilania diploma: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_VillainyDegreeBA
  • Obtains the Vilechester Vilania diploma with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_VillainyDegreeBAHonors
  • Obtains Foxbury's Vilania diploma: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_VillainyDegreeBS
  • Obtains the Vilbury diploma from Foxbury with distinction: Traits.Equip_Trait trait_University_VillainyDegreeBSHonors

2. Career promotions

the sims 4 college life campus

If you don't want to spend a lot of time trying to get that desired promotion in the expansion's new careers, you can use some cheat codes. This goes for both new normal careers and part-time jobs that have been added for students.

  • Level up in the Education career: Careers.Promote Education
  • Leveling up in the law career: Careers.Promote Engineering
  • Leveling up in the Engineering career: Careers.Promote Law
  • Level up in a Football Team Volunteer career: careers.promote careers_Volunteer_SoccerTeam
  • Level up your eSports Volunteer career: careers.promote career_Volunteer_E-Sports

3. Increase skills

As expected, there are also some new skills in The Sims 4 University Life. They are “Robotics” and “Research and debate”, and it is possible to increase them to level 10.

If you don't want to do this manually, just use a cheat code. Insert the codes below in your game, replacing only the number that we put as “(1-10)” with the level number that you want to leave the skill in question.

  • Increases the level of the Robotic skill: Stats.Set_Skill_Level Major_Robotics (1-10)
  • Raises the skill level Research and debate: Stats.set_Skill_level Major_ResearchDebate (1-10)

Did you like the tips?

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