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The top 15 news of Android 12

The top 15 news of Android 12

Anyone who owns an Android smartphone must have heard of the arrival of the new version of the operating system. Android 12 has already arrived on the Pixel line devices, which are developed by Google itself and should be made available to devices from other brands in the coming months. Of course, knowing about this update, you can't help but have a certain curiosity about what your main news is.

Most of them are in the redesign of several existing functions, which made Android 12 much more modern. You can check this and the other new features below!

1. Appearance of notifications

new android version

Anyone who has used different versions of Android must have realized that Google loves to change the look of app notifications. In Android 12 this was no different and the design of the notification screen changed again.

This time, we have a more rounded and minimalist design. It certainly made the screen much more modern.

2. Media player

Another part of Android 12 that had a design change was the media player. Not an app for playing videos and music, but the player that is displayed on the notification screen when you leave a video or audio playing in the background.

It is also more rounded, but now it emphasizes the album cover or the video thumbnail.

3. Quick access design

The quick access menu is one of the most used features by anyone who has an Android. Therefore, it is something that always receives focus on new versions of the operating system.

In the case of Android 12, we have a quite radical change. The icons for each feature are much larger this time and have a rectangular shape instead of the small circles from before.

4. One-handed mode

It is increasingly common to find smartphones with a large screen, so much so that it is difficult to use them with a single hand. This takes away a lot of the comfort and practicality of devices that should be portable.

Fortunately, there is now an accessibility mode that makes the device perfect for use in one hand. In this mode, the Android interface only occupies a smaller part of the screen.

5. Lock screen design

The lock screen was another one that had changes in the design, which became much more beautiful when there are no pending notifications. In this situation, you have a large clock in the central part of the screen, which gives a very modern look to the system.

When there are notifications, the clock goes further to the left and gets much smaller. Still, it is still much more beautiful than previous versions.

6. Widgets tab

Another part of Android 12 that received a change in design was the widget tab. This page is more compact and now shows the widgets available according to each app.

You can even search for specific widgets in the search bar just above.

7. Settings app design

It may not seem like something so important that the settings app has had its design changed, but we have to remember that it is one of the parts we access most on Android. Overall, the new look is simpler, cleaner and easier to use.

This applies even more for those who like to use the smartphone with just one hand.

8. Button for virtual assistant

If you want to access Google's virtual assistant quickly, it is now much simpler. On Android 12, just press the power button and you will have access to it.

Of course, you can go back to the old way with an option in the settings.

9. Theme system

android 12 news

Another feature that Google is working on for Android 12 is the theme system according to your wallpaper. With that, the colors of the smartphone menus can change according to the colors of the chosen wallpaper.

The function is not yet present in the initial version of Android 12 and should only arrive in the coming weeks.

10. Larger prints

Another very cool feature is the possibility to take screenshots and choose to scroll the capture through the content below. This means that you can take a longer screenshot instead of having to take several separate prints of the same page.

This is something that was already available on some smartphones with Android, but depended entirely on the manufacturer of the device. With this Android 12 update, this will be available to everyone.

11. Sharing the Wi-Fi password

With the arrival of Android 12, you will have an easier option when sharing your Wi-Fi password with others. In addition to the QR code method, you will have a button to find and share the password with smartphones that are nearby.

12. Annotation tools

The annotation tools for images have also improved a lot. You can now import an image from your gallery to use the tools directly.

When you're done, just press the share button and send it to whoever you want.

13. Privacy panel

With the arrival of Android 12, you'll have a lot more control over how your apps use your smartphone's features. In the new privacy panel, you will see the exact times that apps used your camera, microphone, contact list, etc.

Of course, it is always good to have the context that a social network cannot post photos without accessing its gallery, for example. Only it is much simpler to know if one of the apps behaved strangely.

14. App installation indicator

Instead of just seeing a notification that an app is being downloaded, you can see an icon just for that on your home screen. Now, any app that is in the download and installation process will appear there.

There will even be a progress indicator to let you know how much time is left. This is great especially for those who download many apps at once and want to stay up to date.

15. Games panel

games on android 12

Considering that mobile games are being taken more and more seriously, it is natural that Google will focus more on them as well. In Android 12, for example, there is a game panel that makes life easier for those who love to play games on their cell phones.

In this panel, it is possible to start a live transmission to YouTube, take screenshots, record the screen and even show the FPS count. Pretty interesting, don't you think ?!

Did you like to know more about Android 12?

Did you take advantage of our guide to learn more about what's new in Android 12? Just don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the details!

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