Tips on how to make money on the internet: The 10 best

If you also need to make extra income when working at home, check out our selection here with the best tips on how to make money on the internet!

Read on, see them all and choose your favorite.

1. TryMyUI

The first of our tips is TryMyUI, an excellent platform that allows you to use websites and app interfaces to give honest ratings and get paid for it. Each "job" lasts around 20 minutes and pays you 10 dollars, which can be a good alternative for those who understand interfaces.

The assessments consist of a survey on your use of the website as well as a recording of the time you used it, including your voice and your screen. Check out this idea to make money at home during quarantine through the link!


2. CloudShop

Another of the best tips on how to make money is through NuvShop, considered the largest e-commerce platform in Latin America. With robust and easy-to-use technology, anyone can manage their products, automate their sales and create their online store.

It offers many customized layouts (all with optimization for smartphones), integration with Google Analytics and accepts payments from major companies of the type, such as PagSeguro, Mercado Pago and Paypal. Go to your official website to start using.


Probably the best known on our list, working as a freelancer is something everyone has thought of doing and there is no better time for it than now. Through this type of employment, you can choose what you want to work with from various areas and get paid for what you do.

Examples of the most common areas are: copywriter, programmer, web designer or accountant. To make it easier for those who want to work like this, there is, a website that connects freelancers with clients and guarantees that you will receive your payment. See more through the link!

4. Udemy

If you like to teach and help people learn, creating courses on Udemy is a very viable alternative. Through the app, you can teach your knowledge through varied courses.

To be able to really profit on the platform it is essential that your classes are excellent, almost impeccable, with complete materials for your students. They keep 50% of the sale price, but they help to publicize everything you create there. Follow the link and start using and making extra income!

Udemy Money Making Tips

5. Fiverr

Another option among the tips on how to make money for those who want to work as a freelancer is Fiverr, a very complete platform with many options. In general, it has a more artistic market, with drawings, voiceovers, music and the like, but it is also possible to find, for example, programmers.

As the name may indicate, the minimum payment received by the professionals is 5 dollars. Conduit, it is quite possible to earn a lot more per task, as long as your job offered is really good and done with excellent equipment. Check it now on the official website!

6. Foap

Those who like to take photos as a hobby and have a collection of old images can get a good extra income with Foap. It is a platform and app that allows you to sell your photos and videos and is widely used even by very large companies.

With each image sold, you can get around 5 dollars, a very acceptable value considering how much the dollar is currently worth. Start using and selling your photos through this link.

7. FundsForWriters

For writers and copywriters who know English and want to earn extra money, FundsForWriters is a very good option. It is a site with several tips for more novice writers who are always looking to buy new content and freelance articles.

You can, if your text is approved, receive $ 50 for just 550 to 650 words. Follow the link and check all the rules and stipulations to be able to participate and earn that money!

FundsForWriters Money Making Tips

8. Skillshare

Quite similar to Udemy, Skillshare is another tip on how to make money, also allowing you to share your more specific knowledge to teach online.

It has a free trial period. Its courses are in the subscription model, also offering a large catalog of free courses. If you like to teach, this is certainly a good option. Start using it through the link.

9. SurveyJunkie

An alternative accessible to everyone is SurveyJunkie, a website that allows you to complete surveys and earn money online. You receive surveys by email or by the website itself and you get paid for answering them.

Payments are made through PayPal or gift cards, all without having to spend anything to participate, directly from your computer or smartphone. It is available on the official website.

10. Méliuz

Finally, we have Méliuz, which is the most popular cashback app in Brazil. After registering, you can find all the biggest online stores and follow the link to earn money back.

It also has an extension for Google Chrome, which allows you to earn a monetary return even more easily, since whenever you visit a virtual store the extension will let you know if this is really the best price (and where you will have the cashback !). Use it by following the link.

Méliuz Tips on how to make money

So, what did you think of our tips on how to make money?

Tell us in the comments if you already knew the options we give you to earn extra income and if you liked them. Don't forget to also check out the complete guide on how to make extra income online and how to choose the right digital bank for you.

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