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Simplegram vs Bume: Qual deles você deve usar? 0

Simplegram vs Bume: Which one should you use?

Tools that can help you gain followers and have a good base to make sweepstakes on Instagram or even to sell by social network are not lacking. But they are not all that can...

WWDC 2019 – Novo (e poderoso) Mac foi revelado! 0

WWDC 2019 – New (and powerful) Mac has been revealed!

One of Apple's top annual events, WWDC 2019 is a developer-focused event. But if you are already thinking that this is an article that will be difficult to read, you are mistaken. It is...

Como passar fotos do celular para o PC de 2 maneiras 0

How to move photos from mobile to PC in 2 ways

We took so many photos that sometimes it seems like the cell phone has infinite storage. Until the last hour in which he accuses the space for new photos. What to do now? The...


Track Android or iPhone Mobile: Complete Guide

Losing the phone is not that unusual. You can lose it even inside your own home. Because the cell phone is so present in our routines, it is common to forget where you put...

7 passos para aprender como desativar o Windows Defender 0

7 steps to learn how to disable Windows Defender

Windows antivirus has become so advanced that today an ordinary user does not need external software like it used to. On the other hand, the digital defender of Windows gets in the way of...

Aplicativos de grávidas: 10 apps para acompanhar sua gravidez 0

Pregnant Apps: 10 Apps to Track Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time in the life of someone and those close to you. Each person lives this phase in their own way, but it is agreed that the 9 months inspire...

Como vender pela internet em 15 truques e dicas 0

How to sell via the internet in 15 tricks and tips

Do you still leave the house to sell your things on the street? This is a thing of the past! You can learn how to sell over the internet and make your day a...

9 melhores aplicativos para bloqueio de tela no Android 0

9 best apps for screen lock on Android

The native Android lock screen is very bland! Fortunately, some apps for screen locking on Android allow you to use better images or even allow some extra features. By default and considering the recent...

Configurar aparelho Android – Como fazer 0

Set Up Android Device – How To

Whether you are earning your first smartphone or migrating from iPhone to Android, we are sure you should be having some difficulty setting up Android device. Even though today systems are more like each...