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Top 10 apps that make you senior!

Top 10 apps that make you senior!

One of the most fun things about taking selfies is the numerous edits you can do later with varying results. There are many apps that make you a man, fun apps, to turn you into a drawing, and of course there are apps that make you old!

With them, it will be possible to get a sense of what you might look like in a few decades. Of course, the result won't be exact, but it's certainly fun to use these apps!

1. Face App

To start the list, we have the so famous FaceApp. Precisely because of his fame (and of course how good he is) he takes first place on almost any similar list. It was the smartphone app made by this company that made various face filters popular!

With this application, you can do a lot using artificial intelligence. For example, you can change your facial expression, make you older or younger, change your gender, apply makeup, and much more. Go to the Play Store or the App Store to download!

2. Oldify – Old Face App

Oldify is a very good application through which you can create albums and albums of artificially aged people, and you can select which regions of the photos you want the aging filter to be applied.

Besides, it is also possible to create animations with your photo montages, being possible for your creation not only to move, but even to blink. The photo quality is excellent, and the app is one of the only ones that can also age your voice. Check it out for iPhone!

3. AgingBooth

Then we have AgingBooth, an app that allows all kinds of customization and modification to face photos. One of the most striking things about this app is the fact that it can also swap faces giving a surprising result.

Plus, it's obviously one of the apps that make you old, and it's going to be possible to change your gender. It is really easy to use, with good results. You can take a photo through the app or use existing photos. Check the Play Store or the App Store!

4. Old My Face

Old My Face is another really good option, with lots of effects and editing opportunities. In fact, it does a lot more than just allowing you to artificially age in a photo.

You can change your gender, make you look like someone, get older or younger, use lots of beauty filters, change your skin and hair color, make bizarre effects on your face, and more. Check it out for Android!

5. Make Me Old

We also have Make Me Old inside the apps that make old people, doing a lot of other things in addition to that. In essence, it lets you see what you and your loved ones look like in the future, with very realistic results.

You can configure the beard, eyebrows, change the expression of the eyes, enlarge them, make the skin clearer, adding some wrinkles. You can see yourself younger, too, among a few other things. See more in the Play Store.

6. Face Changer 2

Face Changer 2 is an app that was very popular when it was released, and is still quite popular among Android users. With it, you can manipulate your face in many ways, being able to morph heads, add parts to the face, funny hats, among others.

You can also swap your face with a friend's, add more than 600 stickers, merge two faces into one, and even create a video that shows the entire process you've done. Overall, it's one of the best Android-only options.

7. Face Secret Pro

Face Secret Pro is one of the age-old apps that uses many unique techniques to tell you lots of secrets about yourself. With it, you'll be able to see how you'll be when you're older and even discover your ethical origins (or at least that's what the app promises).

Plus, you can see what your child will be like with someone else you upload the photo to, offers a preview of their future, a daily horoscope, and more. If you're curious, just head to the App Store.

8. Old Face Predictor

Another very complete option is the Old Face Predictor. With it, it will be possible to enter old age through a virtual mask, being able to choose from a wide selection of different masks.

It is very easy to use, allowing you to configure any mask you want before applying it to yourself. You can also customize the hair color, glasses, beard, wrinkles, spots, among others. Download for Android right now!

9. Old Me

A good photo editor is Old Me, with which you can see what your face will look like a few decades from now. It allows you to age your face and skin, and you can choose to use existing photos or take a new one from your camera.

You can share directly to almost any social media, have access to a complete horoscope, and even a professional analysis about your love compatibility. One of the best old age apps that offers all of this and more on the Play Store!

10. Old Face Camera

To top it off, we have the Old Face Camera, a rather strange option. As much as it lets you see what you're going to look like a decade (or a few) from now, the filters used for this have certain quirks.

In particular, the colors these filters have are not very realistic, giving a bizarre result. You can control their intensity, besides adding a lot of funny masks. Check it out now for Android!

Did you like the best apps that make you senior?

So, was our guide helpful to you? Did you manage to figure out what it would look like a few years from now? Leave a comment with your opinion!

Images by DepositPhotos.

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