Top 10 tips on how to use Amazon Echo

Even if you've never used it, you must have heard of Alexa, the virtual intelligence assistant created by Amazon. But unlike assistants from Apple and Google, Alexa is not used on a simple smartphone, but on a device called Amazon Echo. This cylindrical object can be placed at different points in the house and has several uses. But for those who have never seen it and don't know it very well, how can you use Amazon Echo?

That's exactly what we're going to explain today, after all, Alexa can be an excellent home assistant for almost everything and for the whole family. If you're curious about how to use Amazon Echo, check out the tips below!

1. Control the house

how to use alexa

Although it is not everyone's reality yet, many people already have smart devices scattered around the house. We are not talking only about smartphones, notebooks or smart TVs, but about lights, refrigerators, doors and temperature systems.

For those who have devices of this type, it is very easy to control them using only Amazon Echo. When configuring the wizard to control these devices, you can ask it to perform various tasks with them.

This may include the following:

  • Asking to turn lights on or off in a room
  • Ask to make the air warmer or cooler with the air conditioner
  • Asking to lock or open a specific door that has a smart lock

Pretty cool, don't you think? Of course, this requires many different devices, but the light one ends up being the simplest example. After all, there are already many types of smart lamps being sold at a lower price.

2. Stay up to date with news

You may not be the type to read the newspaper, watch news programs, or look for news on websites. It can really be difficult to have a summary of what is going on in the world when most of these media release a lot of content.

Fortunately, when using Amazon Echo, you can ask Alexa to tell you exactly what is the most interesting news at the moment. The cool thing is that you can configure this to include sites and sources that you prefer.

3. Request information

There are certain subjects that you may be curious about, but instead of searching Google, you can just ask Alexa for information. She can do research and give you the information she wants in a few seconds.

It's even a more dynamic way of getting information, since you don't have to stop what you're doing to research something. Let's say you are playing or reading a book and you come across an unknown word.

Much easier to ask Alexa than to pause the activity in the middle. In addition to the examples we have given, it is clear that this is true for several other situations in which you need a quick search.

4. Control Smart TV functions

amazon echo

Currently, it is quite common to find Smart TVs for prices equivalent to ordinary TVs. So it is more worth investing in the smart version and having access to numerous features and apps directly on television.

One of the benefits of having this type of TV and Amazon Echo is that you can use Alexa to control it. You can ask to turn the TV on / off, start an app (like the Amazon Prime Video or Netflix app) or even pause something you're watching.

Nothing better than having this option when you realize that the TV control is far away or lost around the house.

5. Call someone

If you have friends who also have Amazon Echo, you can use your device to make calls. Just ask her to call the right contact and you were able to communicate through Echo.

Of course, you can also set up your Android or iPhone with Alexa so that she can make calls using only her smartphone. If they are far away and on speakerphone, it is a great option.

6. Play Spotify songs

Spotify is undoubtedly one of the most popular music streaming sites in the world. So it's no surprise that you can easily integrate this service with your Amazon Echo.

By default, Echo plays songs from Amazon Music, but changing Spotify for those who don't have a subscription to Amazon Prime is pretty simple. With that done, you just need to ask Alexa to play your favorite songs.

7. Stay in shape

Did you know that you can even use Amazon Echo to get more fit? Yeah, you can either ask Alexa to give you diet suggestions, or you can ask the amount of calories in different foods.

Other than that, it is also possible to ask the assistant to start quick training sessions that she can do in a few minutes every day. It may not be ideal for those who like to go to the gym, but it is a way to stay active.

8. Play different games

It may not seem like it, but Amazon Echo also has very interesting and different games. As everything works only by audio, it is clear that the game categories may be more limited, but they are still fun.

There are question and answer games, famous game show games, quiz games, etc. We only have to highlight the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which is originally from PC and consoles, but had a fully audio version released to be played with Alexa.

As this is an open world RPG, this version features Alexa telling you about the scenario, situations and enemies. You respond by saying what you would like to do, how to explore or attack enemies, and she keeps telling you what happens next.

It's really fun and worth the experience.

9. Ask for help

We already mentioned that you can ask Alexa to search for certain things for you, but there is also a simpler version of this. Instead of asking for research or detailed information about something, you may just need quick help.

In this case, you can just ask Alexa about it normally and she will answer. This can be great while cooking if you have any questions about food.

You can ask how many eggs to use in a recipe or how to know the right point of the dough you are making, for example

10. Use Alexa voice commands

Finally, we have another really cool tip on how to use Amazon Echo. Basically, we suggest that you test the most different possible commands that Alexa understands and see that there are many.

Only instead of listing all the commands directly here, we'll redirect you to our article on best phrases to use on Alexa. There, you can check phrases, jokes, questions and commands that you can use with the virtual assistant.

Tip: not all Amazon Echo is the same. See this article comparing all versions of the device!

Did you learn to use Amazon Echo?

Did you take advantage of our tips to learn how to use Amazon Echo in many ways? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the virtual assistant.

And if you liked Echo and want to try other services of the company, such as Amazon Prime, just access the following link!

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