Top 20 Job Search Apps

The time to look for work in newspapers or advertisements in establishments has thankfully passed. Now you can use websites and applications to find jobs easily and much faster than before.

This not only helps you find more jobs, but also makes it easier to find something in the specific area you want. Generally, the application processes are also quite simple and can be completed within minutes. If you would like to know which apps are best for you, just check out our suggestions below.

1. LinkedIn

job search apps linkedin

To start our list, there is no better platform than LinkedIn. This is one of the best known when it comes to professional social networking. You can enter information about your entire experience, past positions and qualifications.

This allows you to contact companies and vice versa. In fact, companies registered there may post vacancies for which you can apply with your profile or with a conventional resume.

In addition to the official website, you can easily use LinkedIn on your smartphone through mobile apps. You can check out more via the link.

2. Fields

Trampos started small but has been growing a lot in recent years. It has a more modern proposition than other job search sites and applications.

On their website, you can register as a company or possible candidate for different vacancies. You can easily search for jobs in your area and see all the requirements that the company in question requires.

Your profile and resume are saved on the site, so the application process is also very quick. You just need to push a button and confirm your interest. You can check out more through the link.

3. Vacancies

Another popular platform for job search applications is Vacancies. In it, you set up your profile, upload your resume and search for vacancies related to your area.

In addition to doing this manual search, Vagas himself can send you emails with proposals that look interesting according to your profile. In addition to the website, you can use the platform on Android or iPhone.

4. Catho

Catho is an older, traditional service known for job seekers on the internet. Unlike the current majority, it is paid but still has a free trial period.

He has great job openings from very large companies and from various areas. You just have to set up your profile and resume to start your applications. You can use your official website or Android or iPhone apps.

5. Indeed

job search applications indeed

Indeed is also a well-known platform for job seekers or job seekers at your company. You just need to create your profile, register the resume and search for the job you want most.

The cool thing is that there are several filters to determine the area, the workplace and the wage claim that is most compatible with what you want. This is easily one of the best job search apps. You can download it on your Android or iPhone.

6. Jobs

Like Catho, the Jobs site is one of the most famous for job search online. Despite being older, it has a really nice integration with social networks. This way you can log in with your Facebook profile, for example.

With this, just register a resume and start looking for the vacancies you want. Or if you prefer, the site itself makes job suggestions based on your profile. You can check out more through the link.

7. Freelancer

Freelancer is just for professionals looking for something more informal in their work area. This goes for copywriters, video editors, designers, programmers, etc.

It's a good way to get extra money without having to settle for just one company. You just need to make your profile, search for vacancies and apply.

The platform itself can be used for free, so it's worth a try. You can check out more through the link.

8. Fiverr

Fiverr kind of works similar to Freelancer, which we presented above. In it, several people may request certain services, usually artistic, and you can offer to perform them.

This way you can play instruments, edit photos or videos, write something, make presentations, etc. All services are paid, although not that much money usually. You can check more through the site.

9. Twenty20

Twenty20 is a platform especially suited for photographers who want to start making money from their work. You just need to register and try to sell the photos you have taken or can take with your equipment. Everything can be done on the website or in the mobile app.

Definitely one of the best apps for job hunting for photographers. Check out more through this link.

10. InfoJobs

infojobs applications

Infojobs are part of the most traditional job search platforms. They have large companies registered on their website and offer very good vacancies for dozens of different areas.

You make your profile, register your resume and you can immediately start applying for the thousands of available positions. You can use the platform on both Android and iPhone.

11. TAQE

Our next recommendation is TAQE. It is quite unusual, and is definitely one of the most modern among so many job search applications.

You sign up, take tests, and even answer fake interviews to better prepare you if a company is interested in your talents. Best of all, you can install it completely for free on your Android or iPhone.

12. Related Employment

A good tip is Employment Linked, which is one is another Brazilian platform to help you seek the dream job. You register, select preference filters and region you want to work on and it shows you the most suitable vacancies.

The cool thing is that you can use the app itself to communicate with the companies of the vacancies that are interested. This in itself is a big advantage. You can download the app from yours on your Android or official website via the following link.

13. Upwork

Upwork is another platform for those who like to work more freely. You can search for vacancies in your general area or something more specific depending on your skills and specializations.

The cool thing is that you can even do some tests in your area to demonstrate your skill level in certain tasks. You can check out more through the link.

14. Trovit

Unlike many of the job search applications on our list, Trovit offers jobs from over 50 different countries. In fact, you can find any type of ad there, as it is not restricted to job openings.

Either way, you just need to register, search for what interests you and apply. You can use the app for free on Android or iPhone.

15. Monster

applications for job search monster

Since we are talking about apps with international reach, it is worth mentioning an American platform: Monster. It's all in English, but it shows vacancies near the region you are in, almost similar to Tinder, for example.

The proposal is not only quite different, but even effective. This is especially true if you are already registered on other job sites and want to try another approach. You can check out more through the link.

16. JORA

Going back to the options in Portuguese, we can recommend JORA. This is one of the most interesting job search apps on our list.

You can build your profile (with name, past experience, skills, qualifications, etc.) within minutes. After that, just look for and apply for the most interesting vacancies.

All through your smartphone and for free. You can check more and download the app on your Android or iPhone.

17. Get Ninjas

Get Ninjas has become increasingly popular and also has a slightly different approach. It caters more to those looking for job openings such as technical assistance, help with events, classes, renovations, etc.

The idea is very interesting and serves a portion often overlooked by great job-seeking applications. Just remember that jobs are usually temporary. You can download the app on Android or iPhone.

18. Chashot

Chashot is another good option for those who want to make money as a photographer. The difference is that this site is more relaxed, since photos can be taken even with your smartphone.

Of course, nothing guarantees that you will be able to sell any kind of photo, so it is always best to do it with care. You can check out more about Chashot through the link.

19. FundsForWriters

We've already mentioned some job search apps for specific areas, so you can't leave FundsforWriters out.

As the name suggests, it is great for writers and writers. There are many types of texts being ordered every day, with an average payment of $ 50 for each 600 word article.

If you have the proficiency and speed to write on various subjects, it may be a good idea. You can check out more through the link.

20. Works Brazil

Trabalho Brasil is one of the great job search platforms in our country. They serve huge companies from all over Brazil and offer millions of vacancies in the most varied areas.

Other than that, it's a very simple site to use. You just need to register and start your job search that has more to do with your profile through various detailed filters. Check out more through the link.

Did you like the job search apps?

Did you take advantage of our list to find some of the best job search apps? Be sure to leave your comment telling us which one you liked best and if there are any others you would like to see in our recommendations.

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