Top 20 Netflix 2019 Series to Marathon

Netflix has been in Brazil for almost 10 years now and there were few options for original series. Nowadays, the best series of the streaming service is mostly occupied by their own productions, with some classics that never die, even though they’re not that funny. Friends, I’m looking for you. The problem is that it’s now harder to pick a show to marathon. How to know which are the best series of Netflix 2019?

There is no definitive answer to this, as each has its own particular tastes. That’s why we mix critically acclaimed and publicly acclaimed shows, as well as the personal tastes of the AppTuts team.

We also failed to put the list in order of preference or any kind of note. The interesting thing here is to know each of these series and then decide which one will marathon next.

Before you get started, check out these listings with the best documentaries and our nominations for original movies that you can watch on Netflix.

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1. Stranger Things

There is no denying that Stranger Things is the biggest fever of all the best Netflix 2019 series. Each season is eagerly awaited and commented upon to the full.

It’s not for less either. The series has several references to the 80’s and one of the main diversions is to find them, hidden in the middle of the episodes.

In its third season, the work takes place in a small American town, where experiments have revealed the existence of a girl with special powers and another dimension, parallel to ours, called the Inverted World. Named Eleven, the girl is the key to understanding the mysteries of this other world and especially defending our dimension from the Inverted World creatures.

2. Orange is the New Black

Coming in its seventh and final season, Orange is the New Black was the first big hit of the original series of the producer. Based on a book of the same name, she follows the prison life of a middle-class white woman for a crime she had committed in her youth.

The series takes place during the fulfillment of this sentence, in which Piper, the protagonist, comes across and is forced to live with a reality far from her social bubble.

3. Daredevil

The first series created in a partnership between Marvel and Netflix is ​​the best. With three seasons (and strong support for developing a fourth), the show features well-choreographed fight scenes, especially those that take place in hallways. We also follow an engaging story that can surprise you any minute.

Without a mask, blind lawyer Matt Murdock tries to protect underprivileged citizens of his New York neighborhood from those who are stronger. At night he wears his mask to seek justice by less conventional means.

In addition to the intrigues and thudding scenes, themes such as duality, sense of identity, and how far superheroes should get in protection from evil are covered in the series, one of the best in the catalog.

Highlights include Vincent D’onofrio’s role as villain William Fisk, aka The King of Crime.

4. Jessica Jones

The second partnership between Marvel and Netflix also yielded excellent fruit with the relatively unknown heroine Jessica Jones. The superpowered private detective relives past trauma with the return of Kilgrave, a villain with the power to convince anyone to do whatever he wants, who has held her captive under his rule for years.

Unlike Daredevil, here we have fewer action scenes, with a greater focus on character investigation and development against threats.

5. Our Planet

Unlike what we have shown on the list of Netflix 2019 best series so far, Our Planet is a documentary that uses the series format. In it we see the relationship between us and the various environments on earth.

Forests, mountains, frozen areas, each episode shows the destructive impact of our presence and our habits. With stunning scenarios, Our Planet explains the harm we do to Earth, but we are not aware. A great series to understand how climate change is affecting us.

best netflix series 2019 planet

6. Bandits on TV

Another documentary series, but produced in Brazil, shows the impressive case of Wallace Souza. Presenter of a police program on Amazonian TV, his popularity has thrown him into politics, where he held the expensive state deputy for 10 years.

But his kindness was false. With suspicions about the presenter’s agility in discovering crimes even before the police, an investigation was made revealing a bombastic truth: Wallace himself was involved in the crimes he denounced.

To understand how Wallace achieved his meteoric career and then plummet from above, you need to watch Bandits on TV.


Another Brazilian series, but this time of fiction. With good reviews both here and abroad, the series features a futuristic but at the same time dystopian society. Divided into two territories, Maralto society is evolved and technological, while the Continent is populated by misery and lack of resources.

Every year, young people in their 20s have the chance to go through a rigorous selection process to migrate from the Continent to the Maralto. Only 3% can win the Process. The series follows a group of these young people, their motivations and the secrets behind this meritocratic society.

8. The Good Place

If documentaries or strong social critique series are not what you’re looking for, maybe The Good Place is the right series for you. The show begins with the death of its protagonist, an egocentric person who ends up in paradise by mistake.

Philosophical questions that address issues such as the duality between good and evil mingle lightly with the hilarious and meaningless situations the protagonist goes through in this «Good Place.» But it is worth mentioning that even with all its lightness, not everything is what it looks like in The Good Place.

9. Sex Education

At first glance, Sex Education looks like some kind of American Pie today. Sex Education goes beyond the fifth-grade jokes that movies are known for. The series follows the high school life of a teenager who, unlike his peers, is not so interested in starting his sex life.

The reason: Your mother is a sex therapist and can’t wait to talk to your child about it. On the other hand, he ends up counseling his colleagues with the knowledge he acquires – albeit unwillingly – by listening to his mother’s care.

10. Explaining

Returning to the documentary series, Explaining does not carry the weight of Bandits on TV or Our Planet. Unlike them, the episodes happen like a chat, dealing with diverse contemporary subjects.

In one case, you can learn about themes like feminism, and in others, explanations of how K-Pop (Korean pop) exploded around the world. Ideal for understanding concepts that have been commented on lately, but we still know little.

best netflix 2019 series explaining

11. Narcos

Starring Wagner Moura, the series is inspired by the life of Pablo Escobar, one of the world’s largest drug traffickers. The show shows how the Medellin Cartel managed to spread the drugs to the United States and Europe, which attracted the attention of the most powerful country in the world.

In response, two American special agents are sent to capture and kill him. Thus, a game of cat and mouse is established between the characters. The series features 3 seasons and other series derived from the main story.

12. Black Lightning

Going to the DC side of the Force, Black Lightning brings the veteran hero of the universe of Superman and company. A successful headmaster of a public school, the hero who has chosen to retire his cape and live like a normal person will need to re-wear his uniform to rescue his daughters from a kidnapper.

Obviously, the brief return to superhero activity doesn’t stop there. With an aggravating factor: how to be a superhero without exposing your family?

13. Star Trek Discovery

Anyone missing a science fiction show just met Star Trek: Discovery. In addition to being part of the popular franchise, Star Trek: Discovery can also be considered one of the best series on Netflix 2019.

That’s because the adventures of the spaceship and the new set of characters fell in the fans’ grace. Featuring events that took place 10 years before the original series, Discovery brings back what made the franchise so popular: space exploration and contact with new planets and civilizations.

14. The Paper House

Another series that occupies the mind and viralizes on the internet is La Casa de Papel. The Spanish series follows the story of the mysterious El Profesor, who recruits eight assailants with distinct abilities to carry out the biggest heist of the century: breaking into the Mint and printing about 2 billion euros.

Each character uses a world capital as their code name – we even have a Rio de Janeiro! – and the first season follows the days when robbers are trapped in the Mint with over sixty hostages. Will the mission be successful?

15. The Crown

If robberies aren’t your thing and you prefer intrigue and conspiracy nets, The Crown may be a better fit for you. Accompanying the coronation of the young Queen Elizabeth II, the series traces the life of England’s longest-running queen, showing the main events from 1947, her wedding date, to the present day.

follow the life of queen elizabeth

16. Titans

DC doesn’t keep Marvel quiet, and it’s Netflix subscribers who take advantage of the dispute between rivals. Titans is the latest series that competes with Marvel productions. A rereading of the group Young Titans, for the first time they are portrayed in a movie with real actors.

Robin, Beast Boy, Stellar and Ravenna star in the first season – with a second on the way – and the episodes show their origins and serve to unite the team of young heroes. Despite their young age, Titans does not skimp on word and violence, with a tone more adult than the franchise’s designs.

17. Damning Eyes

A Stab in the Stomach, Eyes That Damn is a series based on real facts and one of the best series on Netflix 2019. The episodes of the series follow the story of five black teenagers, wrongly accused of raping and killing a woman in Central Park.

The series shows how racism is pervaded in society and the thirst for justice can end up ruining the lives of innocents. Condemning Eyes also shows how public opinion and the media play an alternate jury role, condemning even without evidence.

18. Better Call Saul

A derivative of the hit series Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul shows the story of attorney James Morgan McGill, many years before becoming the well-known Saul Goodman. In the spin-off, you’ll get to know all his trajectory and the events that made him become the character we saw in the main series.

Even though it’s a derivative, Better Call Saul has been hailed by audiences and critics alike, and is a great way to delve into the Breaking Bad universe.

19. House of Cards

Accompanying the backstage of power, House of Cards is a drama that follows the career of Francis Underwood, an ambitious (and unscrupulous) politician who seeks high office in the American capital.

During the six seasons, the series shows the consequences of the quest for rampant power and the entire web of intrigue, traps, and traps to get to it. A full plate for those who like complex and unobvious plots.

20. Black Mirror

Closing the list with the best Netflix 2019 series, Black Mirror is also an impactful and heavy series in many ways. Still, each new season also attracts comments, debate, and attempts to guess what macabre directions technology can take.

Each episode is a different story and, in just a few exceptions, one chapter has a continuation. What connects the episodes is the theme: How misusing current technologies can make us less human.

black mirror is one of the most controversial series

What are the best Netflix 2019 series for you?

Now that you’ve checked out our series recommendations, just put them on your list and prepare popcorn for weekend marathons.

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