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Track Android or iPhone Mobile: Complete Guide

Track Android or iPhone Mobile: Complete Guide

Losing the phone is not that unusual. You can lose it even inside your own home. Because the cell phone is so present in our routines, it is common to forget where you put it. At these times, cell phone tracking is better than just searching.

Doing this is also ideal for less comfortable situations, such as having your mobile phone stolen. No matter what situation you need to find your device, both Android and iOS have tools to track your phone.

If you do not know these tools yet and every time you lose your cell phones you need to overturn your home, this article has been made for you.

With our complete guide to cell phone tracking, you will learn how to use both Find my Google Device how much Find my iPhone. In addition to finding your device, you can use them to block access to your smartphone and even delete all files on it.

Check it out below!

How to track Android phone

O Find my Google Device is a platform that can be accessed by both browsers via the link and an app on Google Play, available for download on this page. But remember, for the second option, you need another smartphone with access to your Google account.

For this guide, we will use the tracking application on the computer. Regardless, the steps below are also for those using the mobile app.

1 – Choose the device you have lost;

track android cell phone choose

2 —Please enter your Google Account password;

3 – If you have lost it in your home, click the Touch. If you don’t hear your phone or are sure you lost it outside your home, tap To locate;

track android cell phone locate

4 – You can track mobile by the green button that appears on the map;

find your device on the map

5th – From here you have two options: lock your phone or erase everything inside it. By clicking on Protect my device, you will prevent access to your information and sign out of your Google account, but will still be able to track your device;

track android cell phone protect

6th – If none of your phone tracking attempts have been successful, the best option is to clean your device to prevent your data from leaking. However, it is worth mentioning that by cleaning, you will no longer be able to track cell phones. To proceed, click Wipe Device;

track android cellphone clean

Now that you’ve learned how to track Android phones, here are the steps to do the same with your iPhone.

How to find your lost iPhone

The process for tracking Apple mobile is very similar to what Android offers. Even the app name is similar: Find my iPhone (find my iPhone).

You can access it with your iCloud account from any browser, plus the app for any other iPhone or iPad nearby. As with Android, the process is similar in both browser and application.

Here’s how to find your lost iPhone!

1 – Go to the website or app and choose the device you want to track. All of them will already appear on the map if they are in your immediate surroundings;

track iphone cell phone choose

2 – Three options will appear in the lower menu. Choice Play sound to make your iPhone ring;

track cell phone iphone ring

3 – To lock your iPhone or iPad with a password protection;

lock your iphone to prevent data access

4 – Just as you did on Android, you can erase all content on your iPhone or iPad. To do this, click on IPhone / iPad Erase;

erase your iphone data as a last resort

Remember that by deleting everything on your Apple device, you will be unable to track it.

Could you track your phone or tablet?

Both tips let you find your smartphone or tablet. Trying to find your phone and blocking access to your data are some of the first things to do when you lose or steal your phone.

Especially if developer mode is active on Android. This mode gives you greater access to malicious apps, which may be installed by malicious people.

We hope you don’t need this tutorial, but some situations are unpredictable. To continue learning about using your phone or tablet, check out our Android screen lock app suggestions!

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