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The Traffic Manager profession is one of the most sought after in recent years. Unlike social media professionals who work with content distributed free by profiles, the traffic manager is an expert in paid ads. AdsFreela is the first platform in Portuguese dedicated to these professionals and entrepreneurs who seek their help.

If you are still learning about this new profession and still don't know what a traffic manager is or if this is for you, then stay with us for a few more minutes. Before we talk about AdsFreela, let's show you a little about what a traffic manager is and what it does.

Check it out below!

What is a traffic manager?

The traffic manager is a paid professional to manage sponsored ad campaigns on social media platforms. This means that he is responsible for developing the strategy, managing the available marketing budget and analyzing results of paid campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Google and YouTube.

Of course, these are not the only platforms where a traffic manager operates. You can find specialized managers on Pinterest, for example. This means that this professional can also manage paid ads on Instagram and Twitter, including.

As much as an entrepreneur can create his own paid ads on these platforms, the traffic manager is a professional specialized in this. It also means that he is not a blog writer, nor a social media, but another type of professional.

Studying reports and developing creative ideas for your clients' sponsored ads to translate into more sales are some of the actions that the traffic manager takes on a daily basis. These documents are usually generated by the platforms themselves, or by other marketing tools.

Although dealing with part of your clients' marketing money, this is an ideal profession for those who want to earn a lot of money when working from home. Want to know more about the career? Check out this complete guide.

AdsFreela can be your gateway to this career! Want to know how? So keep checking below.

What is AdsFreela?

adsfreela home page for traffic manager

AdsFreela is an initiative that seeks to unite entrepreneurs who need to improve the return on their paid ads with professionals specialized in traffic management. There, you can find someone to manage your ads on the most diverse platforms.

If you have a business on Instagram, it is perfectly possible to find a traffic manager specialized on that platform, for example. On the other hand, you can also look for professionals who understand a little about each one. What is ideal if your company is present on various social media.

At the same time, whoever is a traffic manager has just gained a new platform to win customers. It may even be what was missing to kick-start your career!

How does AdsFreela work?

The platform has two types of registration: the entrepreneur and the traffic manager. In the first, you register your company and can publicize your project to try to find a professional. In the second, the manager can find these projects and negotiate with that client.

See how to start using AdsFreela below.

1 – Go to AdsFreela and click Sign up now.

register in adsfreela

two – Fill in the data requested in the form and send a profile photo. Also set up a short description about the type of professional you are.

traffic manager registration form

Tip: create a short summary saying how long you have been working with management, in addition to the platforms where you know how to work. It is also interesting to disclose if you are an expert in any of them.

3 – Continue filling out the form, selecting your specialties, country where you live and your level of knowledge. Also, create a password to access your account in the future. click in Complete Registration when you're done.

4 – Now, access the email you indicated in the registration and click on the link to confirm. If a few minutes have passed and the email has not arrived, click on the button Resend email.

5 – With the active registration, just make your first access and you will have access to the AdsFreela control panel! To start searching for projects, click on the chat bubble button.

adsfreela profile screen

6 – Are you an entrepreneur looking for professionals? So just log in to your account, return to the home page and click the button I want to hire a manager.

hire traffic manager

7 – Then, just indicate the search parameters, such as the traffic manager's specialties, the country where you live and your level of knowledge. Click on the button Find manager.

search for traffic manager

8 – With the search results, just click the button Contact to check the profile of the professional and start negotiations.

managers found in adsfreela

Tip: you will not be able to find vacancies once you have created your AdsFreela account. To guarantee the quality of professionals, AdsFreela does an analysis of your profile beforehand. The platform promises that the analysis will be brief and will soon have its answer.

Do you need to pay anything?

It depends on your goal in AdsFreela. If you are an entrepreneur looking for professionals, the use of the platform is free. You will pay only the professionals you hire, with no fee attached to that payment.

If you are a traffic manager looking for opportunities, payment will also depend. If you are a student of Luciano Larrossa's ads mentoring, access is free. Otherwise, AdsFreela charges a monthly fee of R $ 49.90.

What types of professionals can register with AdsFreela?

As we have shown throughout the article, all types of traffic managers can register with AdsFreela. On the platform, there is space for any traffic manager specialized in leveraging ecommerces, launches of digital products or improving sales of delivery services, among many others.

If you are an expert in any of the types of services, it is recommended that you make this clear in your description. This way, you increase the chances of closing deals with customers in this niche, in addition to increasing your authority in the matter.

Did you like AdsFreela and want to start looking for customers – or traffic managers – for your business? Then click on the link right now to get started!

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