Up to 3 months of weather forecast? Check out Accuweather!

When it comes to weather tools and apps, Accuweather is one of the most remembered. After all, it is not only extremely popular, but also one of the most comprehensive services out there. To give you an idea, it allows you to see up to 3 months of forecast instead of just a few days or weeks.

If you are interested and want to know more about Accuweather, just check out our complete service guide below!

How Accuweather works

For those who do not know Accuweather so well, it is worth repeating that it is one of the best apps and website for weather forecasting. You can use it on the official website, Android or iPhone completely free.

Of course, both on the site and in the apps, he has ads to get this free for users. Anyone who doesn't want to deal with this on their smartphone can simply buy the premium version, which is not too expensive.

But other than that, it offers many interesting features. As soon as you open the mobile app, it already gives a general view of the current day's forecast, for example.

Accuweather how to use

Going down a bit, you have more interesting details. This includes sunrise and sunset, felt temperature, wind, humidity and more.

There is also the possibility to see the temperature of the whole day, of all hours or of several days. Other than that, you can click on “Radar” to see different types of maps.

weather apps

With this, you can choose between radar, satellite, alert, tropical storms and temperature maps.

maps for weather forecast

By clicking on one of these options, you can check the entire map in the chosen style. Very interesting for those who like a more than complete report.

Accuweather Satellite

Pretty interesting, isn't it? But Accuweather is even better known for offering up to 3-month forecasts, as we mentioned before.

And that is what we will see shortly!

Up to 3 months forecast

It may seem strange, but the forecast of up to 3 months is not available on the Accuweather mobile app. You can only access this longer forecast on their official website.

To do this, just open the website and click on the “month” option at the very top of the page.

monthly forecast on accuweather

This will take you to the current month's forecast page. They even update these forecasts according to any changes, so they always remain relevant.

If you go further down the same page, you will find options for forecasting the following months. As we mentioned, it is up to 3 months ahead.

official weather forecast

Clicking on one of these options will take you directly to the forecast page for the chosen month. As with the current month, all forecasts are updated so there are no errors.

Accuweather january

Therefore, if you check in November that January will have many rainy days, that does not mean that the information is 100% concrete. So it is good to always check again closer to the actual date to see if there have been changes.

But anyway, it is really interesting and different that there is this option on Accuweather while most websites and apps are limited to forecasts for the coming weeks.

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our guide to learn more about Accuweather and its main features? So be sure to tell us what you think and if there are other weather apps that you also like to use.

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