Upload large files: Get to know EaseUS Todo PCTrans

Sending large files from one computer to another is not as simple as it sounds. Even with a cool network structure, any small process failure can cause it to have to restart.

The problem is that the failure can happen within minutes of the transfer starting or after hours. This can mean a lost work day. If you work at home on your computer, this failure can impact your digital accounts.

EaseUS Every PCTrans is software for sending large files across the PC. It facilitates the process of transferring your computer programs. Whether through a wireless network, wired or even between two hard drives on the same computer.

Want to understand how it works and why it might be the ideal solution for transferring your files? Then check out our full review of EaseUS Todo PCTrans!

How can software send large files?

The great advantage of EaseUS Every PCTrans It is the possibility to transfer programs and files in a few clicks. He himself recognizes the computers available on the network and simply select what he wants to transfer, indicating the starting point and the destination of files and programs.

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It is worth mentioning that the EaseUS Every PCTrans It is compatible with most file types. Text documents, spreadsheets, files used by image or video editors and music can be sent from one PC to another using the program.

In addition to sending large files, the program also makes it possible to transfer applications from one PC to another without having to download them again to the new computer.

In short, this software saves you from having to copy and paste files, making the process more productive, easier, and less error prone.

How to transfer files with EaseUS Todo PCTrans?

O EaseUS Every PCTrans lets you send large files from one computer to another in three different ways, which you can see below.

  • Via network connection: connect two computers on the same wired LAN and transfer;
  • Via image file: The program creates images of the files and automatically exports them from one PC to another. The application itself will open the image on the destination computer and install the uploaded apps;
  • Local transfer: It also makes it possible to send large files and applications between two storage units. HD to HD, HD to USB stick or memory card, SSD to HD and vice versa are some of the examples of local transfer you can do.

See the short walkthrough below how to send large files using your network connection. First open the app and select the option PC to PC.

PC to PC

Click on the button of the same name as shown in the previous image. Now choose which second PC to participate in the transfer, whether it will send the files and apps or what will receive them.

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Choose whether to transfer from the PC using the program to the other computer or reverse. That is, if the PC that connected who will send the files to your computer.

App download screen

Finally, choose what to send and click the button. transfer to start the process.

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Okay, you just sent large files using EaseUS Every PCTransfer.

Try the program for free!

Now that you understand how the software can help you send large files from one computer to another, how about testing it now?

In the free version, the EaseUS Every PCTransfer lets you transfer up to 500MB or 2 apps for you to try. The Pro version has no limitations, allowing you to send as many files and applications as you want, as well as free technical support.

Best of all, the program is offering 50% off this version! Remember that the license is for life, meaning you will only pay this price and will not receive additional charges.

Now click on the link to test the EaseUS Every PCTransfer!

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