Using Instagram polls: what are the benefits?

Learning how to use Instagram polls can be beneficial for anyone looking to gain followers on Instagram. The tool is one of the best to generate engagement, but that is not the only advantage of it. After all, all Instagram features can help you generate engagement in some way.

With that in mind, we want to convince you to use surveys on Instagram and enjoy the good results they can bring to your profile. In addition to being an excellent source of ideas for Instagram posts.

So, here are the biggest benefits of using Instagram polls!

1. Generate engagement

There is no way to start a list of benefits without mentioning the most common goal: to generate engagement among your followers on Instagram. Generating engagement is perhaps the most important thing for anyone who wants to become an authority and expand their business through this digital platform.

Using Instagram polls is one of the best ways to do this. After all, just a little touch on one of the options that already counts as engagement. Instagram Stories polls are interesting and bring a huge benefit precisely for offering this facility.

stories screen with polls on Instagram

2. Measure the knowledge of your followers

Although it is already possible to test on Stories, polls are a good way to test the knowledge of your followers. If you work with online education – like offering courses for those who need to learn English -, for example, you can create some strategic surveys to discover the average level of understanding of your followers.

By doing this, you get to know your audience a little more in general. Which will take us to the next item on that list about the benefits of using Instagram polls: market research.

But before that, a little help for those who have doubts on how to start asking these questions to the public. Our article giving some tips on what questions to ask on Instagram Stories!

3. Do market research

Did you know that you can use Instagram polls to do exclusive market research with your followers? As your Stories only appear to those who follow you, it's a great way to bring some ideas to the audience that already follows you.

You can use the tool to find out which of your next products make the most sense for those who follow you, to know what types of content your followers are looking for the most or even to validate if an idea makes sense, for example.

Of course, the scope of the survey is limited, as not all of your followers will see the poll. On the other hand, no market survey receives responses from everyone to whom the survey was sent.

Best of all, using Instagram polls is free. That is, you do not need to invest hundreds or thousands of reais in an agency, unless you are planning a major campaign across all of your digital marketing channels.

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4. See how the public responds to a new product?

You already have a product almost ready for launch, but you want to know how the public will respond to it? You can use polls on Instagram as a thermometer. That is, reveal a feature or show your product and ask a question about it.

See how your followers will respond. Depending on this answer, you can adjust some characteristics that can still be changed. Release date, price or some detail in the product itself that would make it more interesting for your audience are some of the changes you can make.

One of the best ways to use Instagram Stories as a thermometer for your business is to make a kind of teaser, very similar to what already happens in the film and series industry, for example.

5. You can combine them with other Stories stickers

You don't need to use Instagram polls in a “lonely” way. In fact, one of the best strategies to generate engagement is to combine some stickers in a chain of posts.

For example, you can ask your followers to send free questions. For each question, you can create a poll asking which answer makes the most sense. That is, you use a follower's question to generate interactions with many others.

After receiving the question and taking the poll, you can close it with a Stories explaining what the right answer was and why it is the correct one. This combination of content is very interesting, since it has an excellent potential to keep your follower with the fixed attention in your sequence of Stories.

stories screen with instagram question

Learn how to manage your Instagram profile

Polls on Instagram Stories are some of the best ways to stay present in your followers' digital lives. Not only that, but it also encourages them to participate and engage, which will keep your business in the memory and routine of that follower.

In addition to knowing what types of content can bring you the most engagement, it's interesting to know platforms that can help you manage Instagram. Grow Social is one of them.

From Grow Social, it is possible to schedule posts in the feed and Stories, in addition to using automatic interaction tools to increase the exposure of your profile. All of this accompanied by reports that will show how your profile has evolved in the past days and months.

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