Video editor for YouTube: How to use?

There is no way to have a channel to publish content without using a video editor for YouTube. After all, it is likely that, when recording videos, you will end up delaying and need to cut some sections.

In addition, when editing videos, you improve an important skill to make money online. Video editors are able to earn a good income, as cutting long pieces is not the only thing they are able to do.

A video editor for YouTube also understands when to place elements such as transitions, special effects and vignettes, which are also often created by this type of professional.

Wondering how to start using a video editor for YouTube? Then check out the next few paragraphs!

Why produce content on YouTube?

There are several reasons why it is a good idea to produce content on YouTube. As the main video platform on the planet, this means that it has the greatest potential to have a video of yours found by users.

In addition, Google has a variety of tools that make it possible to earn money on YouTube without having to resort to affiliations and publiposts. AdSense ads are the most popular form of monetization, but you can also enable a button called Become a member, in which a viewer can become a financial supporter of your channel.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having more commercial content through affiliations and publiposts. Knowing how to use them, dosing them and understanding how your audience reacts to each one is part of the game. Learning these lessons will help you grow your profile faster.

That is, you can use YouTube to monetize your hobby, or simply have a space to help people with your knowledge or even expose a little bit of your life with people of a similar style to yours.

video editor

3 tools to be a video editor

Next, we'll show you 3 tools to be a video editor and record videos for YouTube that are phenomenal.

Check it out below!

1. Filmora9

If you are still planning your first steps towards becoming a content producer on YouTube, Filmora9 is the most suitable video editor. With “drag and drop” mechanics, just drag video files, images and special effects on the timeline to compose your work and edit a video.

Among its functionalities, we highlight the possibility of cutting excerpts, cutting parts of the image, speeding up or slowing down the video playback. In addition, you can include music – but beware of copyright, or your video may be demonetized by YouTube -, add subtitles to videos or own texts.

Some of the advantages of Filmora9 are that you do not need to have previous editing experience. Within minutes, you will begin to learn how to use each of its basic functions. But you will not be alone in learning the program's tools.

Even if you have difficulties, the software has translation into Portuguese and video tutorials – also in our language! – teaching how to use the available tools. Some of them are the Chroma Key and the split screen, in which they can include special effects similar to those of films, in addition to dividing the screen to place two videos or comparative images, common in the channels of fashion bloggers.

The application also allows you to leave your video in the ideal proportion for YouTube, in addition to exporting directly to your channel.

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2. FilmoraPro

If you already have some experience with video editors and need more advanced tools, FilmoraPro is the most suitable alternative. In it, you can include unlimited tracks, in addition to doing advanced editing.

In advanced editing, you'll be able to apply changes like cuts and insert snippets faster, speeding up your work. However, for beginners, this quick way can end up causing confusion.

Among its advantages, FilmoraPro makes it possible to apply automatic stabilization, in addition to having an integrated screen recorder. This last feature is ideal for those who are producing a YouTube channel specializing in tutorials or want to record gameplay videos of their favorite games.

Other tools include motion tracking, the possibility to add customizable effects and automatic audio synchronization, even when placing videos recorded on different cameras. The visual part is also synchronized when using more than one camera at the same time.

In addition, FilmoraPro is suitable for those who produce music clips, as it features an audio compressor, noise reduction and audio transitions, among other specific tools for music.

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3. FilmStocks

Despite not being a video editor itself, FilmStocks is essential for anyone using Filmora9 and FilmoraPro. Although both publishers have their own video and image banks, which can be used commercially without problems, FilmStocks expands its possibilities.

A store with several packages of elements – which can be titles, elements, overlays, transitions and filters – each item is usually appropriate to a theme. As you can see in the image below, FilmStocks has packages of school themes, suitable for vloggers or for those who like to record games, among many others.

filmostocks is a bank of images, videos and music for video editor

It is worth considering that, in it, all acquired images can be used without any kind of restriction. FilmStocks also brings free music for use, avoiding losing the monetization of videos due to copyright infringement, for example.

Even if you don't want to invest in packages at the moment, one of the sections of FilmStocks is free for any user.

Have you thought about editing a video to test?

The best way to get a content channel out of paper is to publish your first content. With a video editor for YouTube, you'll also join the thousands of producers who may end up making a living from it.

From what we know of both software, Filmora9 and FilmoraPro are able to improve the quality of your videos considerably. Thus, it will deliver a more professional-looking job, increasing your chances of receiving subscribers on YouTube and eventually start making money on the most accessed video platform in the world.

To learn more about the tools, get to know Filmora9 right now and see how it can help you!

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