Ways to earn extra income at the end of the month: Top 20!

During this coronavirus pandemic everyone is in need of some way to supplement what they earn (or a new breadwinner). In this article, we have selected for you the best ways to earn extra income at the end of the month.

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Read on to check out all the sites and apps we've chosen and start using one (or several) to earn more.

1. Méliuz

A loyalty program that works by returning part of the money spent to the consumer, Méliuz is one of the best and best known among cashback apps. Its use is very simple: register, shop at partner stores (activating the cashback option) and make the purchase.

The cashback can then be transferred to your bank account without paying anything, as long as you have an accumulation of 20 reais or more. The user pays absolutely nothing to use the app. That is, it only brings benefits. Go to the official website to find out more.

2. Freelancer.com

To start our list, we have Freelancer.com, which is the most well-known freelancer site of all and an excellent application for making extra income. It is actually quite easy for employers from anywhere in the world to get people to perform the most varied tasks.

In addition, through it you can create a very good profile, being able to do an excellent personal marketing and raising large numbers of proposals that can be found by the intuitive search section. To see more, follow the link.


3. DogHero

If you are someone who likes pets and wants to make money by spending time with the pets of people willing to pay you, DogHero is the best option for you. It is possible to earn even 35 reais to walk the dogs!

To work, you need to register on the platform as a "dog walker", scheduling tours in a separate way, programmed or even in packages. To be approved, you must be over 18, undergo training and the platform still performs a background check. Learn more through the link.

4. Workana

Workana is another excellent option to earn extra income at the end of the month working as a freelancer. It is, as in the case of Freelancer.com, available in Portuguese.

In it, you will be able to find vacancies and varied opportunities, including of writing, of design, of management of social media and much more, either in fixed or sporadic modality. To know everything about this excellent site, follow the link.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is another option for those who want to work as a freelancer to earn extra income at the end of the month. One side that can be considered quite negative is the fact that it is only available in English. However, this means that payments are made in dollars.

Through it it is possible to get jobs in almost any area, no matter how much the focus is on artistic works such as drawings, dubbing, writing, singing, instruments and more. Find out everything through the link.

Fiverr earn extra income at the end of the month

6. UpWork

Another option for working on the internet is the freelancer UpWork. On the platform, you will find diverse opportunities for your skills, whatever they may be.

It offers proficiency tests in any area, so that you can show how much you know in your profile in an objective way. It has a search panel where you can select the areas of knowledge to filter the proposals. See more through the link.

7. I got sick

Enjoei is a website that functions as a virtual thrift store where you (and all users) can advertise items of clothing, shoes, bags and accessories in general to sell. As the name implies, it is to get rid of the items you are sick of having.

However, a bad point of it is the fact that any sale will have a 20% discount, making you receive less with each sale. He does promotions to encourage an increase in purchases. In addition, if you want to circumvent the discount, you can make an appointment to meet with the seller in person. Go to the official website to find out more.

8. BeFrugal

Another excellent opportunity for those who like to shop online, BeFrugal, like Méliuz, offers cashback to users.

A major point of attraction to this platform is the amount of partner stores that are large and well known, making it easy to recover at least part of what you have spent. Check out more by following the link.

9. Skillshare

Another excellent way to earn extra income is using Skillshare. This is one of the best known online course platforms. In it, you can create your own courses on any topic in which you are an expert to sell.

By creating a high quality course, you will be able to stand out and sell it to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of users, earning a lot of money. Of course, for that the material needs to be good and well taken care of. Find out everything by following the link.

10. PiniOn

PiniOn is one of the sites to make money that has one of the simplest proposals: answer surveys giving your opinion so you can receive money. To be able to register, you must be over 18 and have a means of receiving money.

You can earn money in three ways: through surveys, where you will answer questions about various things; monitoring, where you will identify products at points of sale; hidden customer, where you will carry out a shopping experience in stores and restaurants and share your impression.

Withdrawals start at 30 reais, and you can only withdraw everything at once. Check out more information through the link.

PiniOn earn extra income at the end of the month

11. TryMyUI

Earning extra income is a task that can be quite easy through TryMyUI. This is a platform that offers payment for you to test websites. To be successful, you need to give your detailed opinion on interface, usability, negative and positive points and more.

This opinion needs to be in the form of a video with your voice explaining everything (no need to appear) and a written review. Find out more about the platform on the official website.

12. Udemy

Very similar to Skillshare, on Udemy you can pass on specific skills and knowledge to others. In it, it is possible to create online courses to sell them, uploading videos, tracking sales and managing classes on any device.

Better still: you can also use it for yourself to learn more about some area that you are interested in but never managed to delve into, making this much more than just a money-making app. Find out more through the link.

13. PicPay

Another well-known option (even more so with emergency assistance) is PicPay, a cashback application. It has a functionality very similar to Méliuz, giving you money back when you shop at partner stores.

As a bonus, making it a possibly even more attractive option, PicPay also offers cashback for payment of slips and sending money to your friends and contacts. It is possible to win more than 20 reais in a single cashback! Click the link to see more.

14. Foap

A lot of people like to take photos as a hobby. However, it is popular knowledge that in order to sell photos, you must be a professional photographer. There are services like Foap that make this fake, allowing anyone to sell the photos taken on their smartphone.

The images you upload go through an evaluation process, which usually does not last more than 4 hours and, if approved, will be sold for 10 dollars. Half the value stays with you. Go to the official website to find out everything.

15. OLX

In OLX you, as in Enjoei, you can sell the most varied articles of clothing, including clothes, shoes and accessories. However, as a great differential, in OLX you can sell any product you want, including smartphones, notebooks and more.

In addition, it also allows renting and selling real estate, offering services (such as bricklaying, cleaning, cell phone repairs) and more, all without taking a dime from your sales. Find out everything on the official website and check out our guide on how to make extra income on OLX!

OLX earn extra income at the end of the month

16. CloudShop

To earn extra income when working over the internet, the CloudShop is an excellent alternative, being the largest e-commerce platform in Latin America. It has robust and simple to use technology, facilitating the process of creating a virtual store.

In it, you will find customizable layouts of various types (all of them are optimized for smartphones), gain integration with Google Analytics and you can receive payments through PagSeguro, Mercado Pago and even PayPal. Go to your official website to start using .

17. GetNinjas

GetNinjas is an excellent alternative for those who want to make money by doing varied (and in person) services. The options vary widely, so you can teach, work as a bricklayer, repair cell phones and more.

To work through GetNinjas, you need to register with specific specialties. The platform will then send customer orders so you can choose to accept or not. You can check out more on their website.

18. Eduzz

Everyone who is interested in working as a blogger or as a content producer needs to know more about affiliate marketing. In this modality, you produce content to indicate a product or platform to your followers.

One of the main platforms for this is Eduzz, through which you can indicate many things, but with a special focus on educational digital content. Find out more about this excellent option to profit through the link!

19. EyeEm

Quite conceptually similar to Foap, EyeEm is another option to earn extra income at the end of the month and work as your own boss, functioning as a social network for photographers and aspiring photographers.

On the website, you can find many tools of your own to edit photos, so that their quality is always really excellent.

With that, your work ends up being even more valued and it becomes even more possible to earn a lot of money easily, just cracking the photos you took on your cell phone. See more on the official website.

20. 99Felas

Finally, developed by the company that owns one of the biggest transportation apps at the moment, 99Freelas is a Brazilian app for freelancers, making it easy for companies and professionals to close contracts.

To use it, it is only necessary that you register on the platform, create a profile (remember to make it the best possible), put all the specialties and experiences and determine what type of work you are looking for.

Finally, just send proposals to potential employers and, if approved, start working to earn extra income on the internet! Find out everything you need to know by following the link.


Did you like our tips on how to earn extra income at the end of the month?

Leave in the comments if you already knew them all or if we help you to supplement your monthly income. Remember to also check out how to choose the right digital bank for you and read our complete guide on how to make extra income online!

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