What are the 20 best CRM software?

Whoever has a company or thinks about setting up one, must have heard about the importance of CRM. But without good research, it can be difficult to know which are the best CRM systems and software.

To help you with this and make you see which option best fits your business, we separate the main current CRM software. You can check the full list below!

1. PipeDrive

There is no way to start the list with anything other than Pipedrive, which is one of the best CRM software you will find. They have many tools and resources for all types of needs.

Whether for those who need to focus on increasing sales, to have email integrations or to manage the tasks and goals of their teams. It is a great option for small and large businesses.

If you are interested, we have good news. By accessing the official website link, you can test the system for free for no less than 30 days.

2. Senior

Our next suggestion is the Senior. This CRM system also has many interesting tools, such as managing team goals, controlling expenses, etc.

It is also worth mentioning a very nice advantage, which is the fact that they serve various types of segments. This includes construction, supermarket, agribusiness and much more. If you found it interesting, you can check out more at the link below.

3. Nectar

Nectar is next on the list and it has great promises for its potential customers. Not only does it claim to be a better CRM software, it also believes it is great for helping companies grow.

It focuses a lot on providing accurate data reports, something that can help you improve sales. Basically, the system tries to bring clarity and predictability of results in the sales funnel.

It is a really interesting system that is worth a try. You can learn more about the service by accessing the link below.

4. Meets CRM

Meets CRM is another very interesting option for those looking for CRM software. It aims to make your life as an entrepreneur simpler and more practical in general.

Whether with your sales or other activities performed by your teams and employees. You can also manage your leads very quickly. If you want to know more, just access the link to their official website.

5. Fleeg

The alternative that we will present next is Fleeg. Their CRM system is very complete, promising to organize your data, help you have a better interaction with customers and get more sales.

The service itself works in a simple way, but we recommend it for those who really want to make plans for each stage of sales. This goes from the time of attracting more consumers to the moment of closing deals.

If you found it interesting, just check out more on the link.

6. CRM Hubspot

CRM Hubspot is one of many that is not available in our language, but that does not make it worse than the others. This CRM software is highly recommended especially for companies that are still small or growing.

They offer a number of totally free features to their customers, which is a huge advantage. Even so, it is a great starter software for many people who have never tried CRM in their lives. Check out more when accessing the official website.

7. PipeRun

PipeRun is next on our list of CRM software. Not only does it work as a CRM system, it is also great for sales funnel management for your company.

The system helps to automate tasks, organize the business process, organize customer information and more. There is also integration with several other services aimed at entrepreneurs. You can check it out when accessing their website.

8. Insightly

Insightly is another CRM software that does not have a Portuguese version. But none of this detracts from the excellent resources and tools that the system has to offer to its customers.

The service focuses a lot on the sales process. This goes from the beginning of marketing planning to the moment of making sales. You can get a better idea of ​​how their system works by accessing the link.

9. Oracle

Oracle itself is well known and has several services, but it stands out a lot with its CRM system. You can't deny that the cost is high, but it's worth it if you want something more complete for your company.

Their system works in the cloud, something that offers you advantages of different types. After all, you have access to the platform anywhere and on virtually any device. If you want to check out more, just take a look at the link below.

10. OnePage CRM

use sugarcrm

OnePage CRM is another option that you can try if you are looking for CRM software. It is one of the simplest systems to understand from our recommendations, as it focuses on presenting all important information on a single page.

You can organize your goals, check customer data, view sales progress and more. The free trial is available to anyone interested, so it's worth checking out on their official website.

11. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is another interesting option for those looking for CRM software. It has many good features, including very complete email marketing.

Their CRM system in general leaves little to be desired. You can use it to check interactions with your customers and to plan email communication more efficiently.

Having customer data in hand with the tools, you can use the email marketing feature more intelligently as well. After all, you can create different types of email for each customer segment. You can check out more by using the link below.

12. Ploomes

Ploomes is our next suggestion and one that you can’t miss. This system is very complete and offers everything that a CRM system could have for its users.

You can segment and create customer lists, separate portfolios, view sales history, manage your sales processes, and more. The system itself has a pleasant and easy to understand interface as well.

Other than that, they still have several plans, both for start-ups and for larger companies. You can check this and more at the following link.

13. Freshsales

Freshsales is another good CRM software option you can try. They offer many different features, especially for those looking for good communications solutions with their customers.

It is possible to use integrated phones and emails, track previous conversations and find the best sales leads, for example. Other than that, Freshsales can help you make sales progress, schedule meetings and find out which employees are handling which sales.

If you are interested, you can see more on their official website.

14. Salesforce

Salesforce is quite well known, not only here in Brazil, but in other parts of the world as well. The cool thing is that they do not only work with CRM software, but have a variety of services and products for their customers.

There are solutions for sales, trades, marketing, industries and more. Other than that, there are still different plans for startups, small companies and larger companies. You can see this and more when accessing the link.

15. Sugar CRM

worth using onepageCRM

Sugar CRM is another well-known platform that can be a great option for small and medium businesses. His main focus is on the consumer's experience with his company, something that in the long run can improve not only his sales but the strength of his brand.

The system interface is also very simple to understand and use, something great for those who have never used such a tool. Fortunately, you can try out a Sugar CRM demo before signing any plans. Check out more on their official website.

16. Odoo

Previously, we mentioned some platforms like Oracle that work only in the cloud. Odoo ends up being the opposite of that, so it can be integrated into your own server.

This is preferable for some companies, especially those that want to have more control over the system itself. It is worth mentioning that Odoo is still an open source tool, so you can transform it as you wish. You can check this and more on the link.

17. High Sales

As the name of this CRM software, High Sales has a great asset in helping you increase sales. Their system helps to accelerate the pace of their salespeople and is able to show you all the important data of your negotiations in a practical way.

It is also possible to customize a marketing funnel to better organize the sales flow and, thus, the level of purchase interest of your customers. If you found the proposal interesting, we suggest you take a look at the website.

18. Buddy CRM

Buddy CRM is another one of the best CRM software on our list. This system is even suitable for those looking to improve the performance of their sales teams.

Other than that, it still has features like email marketing, project management and more. Like others, you can try it out before opting for a paid plan. If you are curious, just check the link.

19. Agendor

Our next suggestion is Agendor. This system is suitable for those looking for a CRM for their company, but also for those who want to learn more about these systems.

They basically teach you more about what CRM is, how it can be implemented and how it can help your business. This learning package with the software itself makes it a great deal.

It is really worth a try. If you found it interesting, you can still do a free trial for 15 days by accessing the link.

20. Zoho

Our last recommendation of the day is Zoho. It is really interesting and is available in no less than 180 countries today, an impressive number compared to its competitors.

Among its features, it includes phone, email, chat on its official website, chat on social networks and much more. If you liked what Zoho has to offer, just check out the official website!

Did you like the CRM software?

Did you like our list and got to know some of the best CRM software you can use today? Just don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the tips and which system most interested you.

And to reinforce, it is very worthwhile to take an extra look at the Pipeline, since by accessing the link, you get no less than 30 days of free trial of the software.

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