What are the advantages of using commercial Whatsapp?

The most used messaging app in the world is ideal for talking with close relatives and friends. No wonder that pranks for WhatsApp have become so shared, as well as the infamous images of good morning.

What was not expected is that the tool would also end up being adopted by companies to provide online service. Even professionals who are working from home use the tool to communicate with their clients and negotiate contracts to earn money on the internet.

Thinking about these last two groups, WhatsApp created a separate app called WhatsApp Business, exclusively for business. But what are the advantages of using commercial WhatsApp?

What is it different from conventional WhatsApp and why is it worth having an account in this business-oriented app?

That's what we'll show you in the next sections of this article. Check it out below!

What is commercial WhatsApp?

Aimed at companies, commercial WhatsApp is an alternative application to the conventional one. That is, it is necessary to download it on your Android or iPhone to start using.

Much like the conventional version of the app, it is very easy to learn precisely because of this. On the other hand, it has its own features that are not available in the standard version.

For example, in WhatsApp commercial it is possible to program automatic responses to speed up the service. In addition, you can put more information about your company in the profile sentence, such as address and other contact details.

commercial whatsapp conversation

Another feature of this application is that you can enter opening hours. Before or after that time, anyone who tries to contact you will receive an automatic message informing them of their working hours.

This makes it ideal for professionals who are making extra income and want a better balance between work and leisure. After all, you stop receiving message notifications after the working hours you set.

That is, you will not need to know how to take WhatsApp online when your daily journey is over, since the app itself will do it automatically.

what are the advantages of using commercial whatsapp?

What is the difference between ordinary WhatsApp and commercial WhatsApp?

As you can see, some advantages of using commercial WhatsApp are in the unique features that we mentioned above. But what is the difference between them?

Even though it is a different application, they end up being very similar, especially due to the interface. If you take a cell phone running conventional WhatsApp and another phone running Business, you will hardly notice a difference.

In other words, what changes are the details. And it is these details that make WhatsApp Business advantageous for those who usually use the messenger for work.

To illustrate what are the advantages of using commercial WhatsApp, check out the list below!

5 advantages of using commercial WhatsApp

The first major advantage of using this version of the messenger is greater control of the balance between your personal hours and those of your work. One of the main complaints of those who use WhatsApp to work is precisely the breaking of this barrier, since many managers send messages during rest hours.

With commercial WhatsApp, you can activate it only during office hours. By doing this, you no longer receive work messages after your hours dedicated to professional activities have ended.

Another advantage is the possibility to create models of automatic responses. By doing this, you dramatically reduce the time it takes to serve a customer, especially if the customer is after basic and frequent information.

If you have a FAQ set up in your business, you may as well incorporate it into WhatsApp's automatic responses.

In addition, WhatsApp Business allows you to segment your conversations with customers or business partners. Through colored labels – something that doesn't exist in the standard app -, you can separate the subjects you're talking to with each group or contact.

This way, you will already have a better idea of ​​what subject to deal with when communicating with someone.

The penultimate advantage is in its own profile. While conventional WhatsApp only allows you to place a single sentence, you can use the space to show your customers your opening hours, address and other contact details.

whatsapp business profile

Thus, it is enough for your customer to access your profile to know everything about your business and how to contact you!

Closing our list of advantages of using commercial WhatsApp is the possibility to create a product catalog directly on it. This means that your customers can place orders without even contacting you.

They just access the catalog and choose what they want. You receive orders and can already start preparing them for delivery, in addition to sending payment terms – credit card or generating a bank slip from your digital bank are options – for the customer to close a deal.

Do you understand why you should use commercial WhatsApp?

Haven't started using WhatsApp Business yet? You can even register on it with a landline!

However, it is worth remembering that you will still need a smartphone to use it.

Even so, the advantages we have described throughout the article quite justify its use, mainly for greater mental health and a clear separation of your schedules. In addition to the productivity gain!

What did you think of WhatsApp Business?

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