What are the steps of the Sales Funnel in CRM?

Almost every entrepreneur has heard of CRM, a system that helps you collect and use data from your customers and your company to your advantage. This can improve communication with consumers, establish brand positioning and increase sales. But another term that is widely used is that of the Sales Funnel in CRM.

It basically represents the whole process involving a negotiation or sale, from start to finish. Only of course, this is more complex and involves several steps that many people are not familiar with. If you want to learn more, we have prepared a complete guide to the Sales Funnel steps in CRM. You can check everything below!

What is Sales Funnel?

sales funnel tips

Well, as we mentioned earlier, the term Sales Funnel involves the entire process of a sale or negotiation. From the moment a customer becomes aware of the product or service offered by your company, until the time when that consumer purchases it and the sale is closed.

Basically, it is very important information that can help you understand what is making this sale work, what attracted the customer, what made him decide to close a deal, etc. This opens up space to enhance strengths and improve weaknesses.

What are the steps of the Sales Funnel in CRM?

With a better understanding of what the Sales Funnel in CRM is, it is also worth talking about its main stages. It is clear that each sale, negotiation or interaction will be different with each customer.

Still, it is possible to establish a pattern of steps that occurs most of the time. Basically, each step shows how close the customer is to purchasing a company's product or service.

Even if he skips some step, it just means that he is on the next step on this scale. We will explain each of them below:

Funnel Top

At this stage, the customer is not yet aware of your company. This is the moment you can use to attract new consumers, whether through a marketing strategy or action.

Of course, consumers can also reach your company through recommendations or direct searches. But this is not as stable as the strategies mentioned.

Middle of the Funnel

The stage known as the “Middle of the Funnel” is one of the most common. Basically, the consumer knows your company, but he is not yet a customer and has never acquired anything from himself.

This is the best time to attract you and turn you into a customer. It is good to have a good idea of ​​the profile of your customers exactly to know their needs, if it is he who makes the purchase decisions, what is your budget, etc.

After all, knowing this profile, you have the necessary information on how to make people of this type into potential customers.

Funnel Background

The last step of the CRM Sales Funnel is called a "Fund". At this stage, the consumer already knows your company and may even have some background or relationship with it.

This is where the company needs to turn mere sales opportunities into concrete sales. It is at this point that a sales team starts the final negotiation, doing everything possible to close the deal and offer proposals to the client.

Is it worth considering the Sales Funnel in CRM?

CRM is worth using

With all the information about the Sales Funnel in CRM, you can of course ask yourself if it's worth focusing on. Well, as you can see, all the steps highlighted in the process can be very important.

Not only do they help you understand more about your customers and future consumers, they also give you a better perspective on what attracts them to your company. Not only that, but it also helps you see what makes these customers decide whether or not they want to do business with you.

Essentially, it is a way to boost sales and get new opportunities in a shorter than normal period. Something more than important for those who want to expand their business and attract new customers.

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