What are the uses of Adobe Spark?

Adobe Spark is one of the most recent tools that Adobe has provided to its users and customers. The company, which is already well known for software such as Illustrator, Photoshop and Premiere, decided to focus on a very diverse web service. But after all, what are the uses of Adobe Spark?

It is this question that we will answer in more detail in today's guide, both for those who have heard of the product and want to know more and for those who don't even know what it is about. Check out all the utilities of Adobe Spark below!

What are the uses of Adobe Spark?

Unlike other Adobe programs, Spark has several uses. Other than that, it does not need to be installed on your PC, as it is used entirely in your internet browser.

The service can still be used completely free of charge, as long as you don't care about the Spark watermark in your creations. For those who don't like it, there are paid plans at very reasonable prices.

But let's get to what matters: the utilities of Adobe Spark. Basically, there are three services it offers to users: Adobe Spark Post, Adobe Spark Video and Adobe Spark Page.

We will find out more about each of these services individually in the topics below.

Adobe Spark Video

What is Adobe Spark?

As we can imagine even by the title, Adobe Spark Video is used to create and edit video. We know that Adobe already has Premiere as one of the best video editors in the world, but nothing prevents Spark from having its own audience.

It is more aimed at those who want to make simple videos, either with existing videos that need to be edited or when mixing photos and videos in one project. Some of the utilities of Adobe Spark Video are:

  • Create quick and simple videos
  • Combine videos, photos and icons into a single video
  • Place or add captions to videos and texts above images
  • Choose from a variety of free soundtracks or music you have on your PC
  • Use your own voice for videos, as a narrator or for other purposes
  • Control the volume of video clips
  • Choose by themes that add animations to videos
  • Share the videos on your social networks, on your website, blog or page created on Adobe Spark Page
  • Save the video to your smartphone or PC gallery

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post is the perfect service for anyone looking for a tool to make ads or images for social networks. This goes for posts, banners, stories, pamphlets, etc.

Basically, you can either create an ad to advertise something, or you can just create a more professional post for your Facebook or Instagram. There are formats of all types, even for printed media.

Other than that, Spark offers ready-made templates that you can customize. Only the service logo appears at the bottom of the posts, but you can get it out if you subscribe to the paid plan.

Adobe Spark Page

how to use Adobe Spark Page

As the name already means, Adobe Spark Page serves to create web pages. Considering that it is a web tool and can be used free of charge, until it is quite complete.

Options and resources for customizing your web page are not lacking. With Spark Page, you have a quick menu that adds the following elements to your page:

  • Photograph: add a single photo of any shape or size
  • Text: creates text boxes for almost everything, with the exception of captions in images
  • Button: is used to add a link with a chart
  • Video: it is possible to add a video via a link from Vimeo, YouTube or Spark Video itself
  • Photo grid: with this option, you can add several photos at once and you can mount an album
  • Glideshow: this option is used to show several photos successfully to each other with transition effects
  • Split layout: this option is used to add two different elements to the same section of the page

Of course, pages created with Adobe Spark Page will be much simpler than with robust tools for creating websites. Still, the service is very advantageous for those who want to set up something fast, simple and for free.

What are the software prices?

adobe spark utilities tips

Despite offering a lot of good stuff for free, the utilities of Adobe Spark are even more interesting with paid plans. Fortunately, they are not that expensive and you can even get the first few months for free from Adobe.

In the personal plan, you pay R $ 43 per month or R $ 430 in the annual option. In the team plan, it is necessary to pay R $ 86 per month or R $ 1,032 in the annual version.

The benefits of both plans are as follows:

  • Choose from thousands of free images and icons for your designs
  • Invite people to work on your projects and add tags to team edits
  • Create unique designs from exclusive premium templates
  • Create using branded templates and themes made just for you
  • Customize any design with your logo, colors and fonts with just a touch
  • Easily switch between tagging while editing your project to increase productivity
  • Remove the Adobe Spark watermark from all projects
  • Access the complete library of beautiful fonts and premium templates from Adobe Fonts

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our guide to understand more about the utilities of Adobe Spark? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the Adobe service and which features you find most useful.

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