What can a CRM do for your business?

If you have a small business, you are probably looking for a way to make it work more efficiently. Highly recommended to do this, a CRM system can be the ideal solution for almost any business.

Read on and discover everything that this platform can do for you, increasing your profitability and sales!

What is a CRM?

In order for you to understand the benefits that a CRM can bring for your business, we will explain to you what CRMs are and only then we will address how they will help to increase your sales.

An English acronym that means "Customer Relationship Management", CRM translation is Relationship Management with Client". It represents the entire process that companies, large or small, or startups use to manage and analyze all contacts with their customers in order to increase both profitability and sales.

What does a CRM do?

A CRM can do a lot for a business. Its main objective is to store the main information – such as the name, address and telephone number – of existing customers as well as their potential customers.

It stores your activities, the main points of contact with the company and many other things, in order to make future contacts and connections easier, increasing the gain of extra income.

What does a CRM do? what a CRM can do for your business

Even doing all of this, it serves also much more. It gathers all the most important data so that company teams are prepared to talk to customers. Among other features, CRM serves to:

  • Actively track the information of all your customers, managing them;
  • Connect and integrate the entire team on all devices, whether computers or smartphones with Android and iPhone;
  • Capture your customers' emails through artificial intelligence;
  • Make repetitive and boring tasks simpler by automating many of them, so that you can follow potential new customers more effectively;
  • Provide recommendations and suggestions for actions to be taken automatically and quickly;
  • Expand and customize as your company grows, keeping up with your needs.

What can a CRM do for your business?

With all this in mind, we will now more properly explain what a CRM does for you, supporting your company.

To implement, you need to be willing to deal with changes in the functioning, the business process and even how your salespeople interact with customers.

Below, we list the main points that make having a CRM in your business almost essential:

1. Greater customer satisfaction

One of the main things that a CRM service can do for your business is to increase customer satisfaction, which results in your loyalty. Through this strategy, everything that involves services, marketing and the sale of products can be done in an organized and systematic way.

In addition, you will be able to offer a better service to customers by better understanding their problems, since everything about them is very well organized.

2. Greater knowledge about customers

It may not seem like much, but the fact that you have all the information for each contact in one place makes CRM a very powerful communication tool.

Working as a "glue", the CRM system guarantees your sales, marketing and customer support teams a competitive advantage.

Your employees not only have the full name of a contact, their email, phone number, website and social media, but also critical business facts, such as the contact's position in the company, their relationships with other contacts in the data pool, spoken languages ​​and more.

With all this information, offering personalized communication becomes much easier.

Greater knowledge about customers what a CRM can do for your business

3. Increase in customer retention

In addition to serving to help find new customers and improve relationships with existing ones, a CRM can make your business happier, bringing several benefits in retention.

CRM goes and reminds you of scheduled appointments and when to respond to emails, as well as notifying you of customers you haven't been in contact with in a while.

It will also help you in planning marketing activities, such as email campaigns, free period offers, post-purchase surveys and much more.

4. Better and faster communication

The last of the main advantages that a CRM system can bring to your business is to make communications, both internal and external, better and faster.

A CRM system will save your time, your employees' time and your time by offering customizable email templates, in addition to any other type of documentation that can be used.

In addition, it allows you to create automated responses from emails, SMS, WhatsApp and more, and you can also pre-determine a sending date for certain messages.

In terms of internal communication, it helps mainly in the fact that sharing customer information becomes obsolete, since all employees have access to a large database with all information.

Which CRM to use?

If you want to start using a CRM service to make your business even more efficient, there are several different platforms for that. The most recommended among them is PipeDrive.

PipeDrive is a CRM platform that brings several benefits. With it, you can use personalized web forms and chatbots to find new customer opportunities, track communications of all kinds, automate repetitive tasks and much more.

To find out all about PipeDrive, being able to check prices and their advantages, follow our link and get 30 days of free trials without any commitment before signing up!

Did you like our tips on what a CRM can do for your business?

Leave in the comments if you already knew CRMs or if we were the ones who introduced them to you, saying whether you want to join a service like this for your business. Discover, too, how a CRM system works and what types of CRM exist!

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