What iFood means – everything you need to know

The act of ordering food has become increasingly easy, with the internet and now with delivery apps. The most famous of them is what we will cover in this guide in which we explain what iFood means. Don't forget to also check out the best alternatives when iFood is down.

If you do not know this, continue reading this article that, without a doubt, we will solve all your questions about the platform.

1. What iFood is and what it means

IFood is a food delivery platform founded in May 2011 as a startup. In 2014 it was acquired by Movile and since then it has expanded more and more, both within Brazil and throughout Latin America, with a presence in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

It came about revolutionizing how food delivery services work, making it much simpler for restaurants and customers. It is the largest service of its kind and is available in most Brazilian states and cities.

2. How to use iFood as a consumer

Now that you know what iFood means, now see what it takes to use this app to get food on your doorstep. Here, we will detail everything you need to know to register and to place your first order.

First of all, download the Android or iOS app. Now that you've installed the app, open it; you will come across a message asking for access to your location, which you can safely refuse if you want to guarantee your privacy.

how to use ifood

The next screen is the registration screen, with several options: you can register with your Google account, with your Facebook, with your cell phone number or even with your email. If you prefer to go to see the restaurants and menus without registering and understand what iFood means, just click on follow as a guest.

Now you will need to enter your delivery address or use your location, using GPS, which is the most practical option. After that, you will see a restaurant selection screen, with several options for filters, promotions and recommended places, in addition to being able to answer three questions to filter what you like.

Select the filters you want and choose the restaurant you want by clicking on it or using the search bar to refine the results. When choosing, you will go to the menu screen, through which you can see all the options offered, choose what you want to order and add to the cart.

How to use what iFood means

After that, it is necessary to register on the platform to be able to place the order. As stated earlier, connect your Google account or your Facebook. You can also register by email or mobile number. Then, choose the best form of payment for you.

Okay, so you should have a better understanding of what iFood means and now you can also place orders and receive food more easily.

3. What iFood means – How to be a delivery boy

If you have a bicycle or motorcycle and want to make an extra income, being an iFood delivery man can be a great idea. We will detail here everything that is necessary to have this service.

One of the biggest positives of working delivering by iFood is the completely free insurance that is offered to all of its partners. It covers all travels as long as you are working on the platform. It also covers your journey home. The amount reaches R $ 100,000.00 for cases of permanent disability or death.

To understand what it means to work with iFood, it’s almost essential to experience it. Therefore, we will show you all the necessary steps for you to be able to perform this job, from registration to approval.

To start, download the iFood App for Delivery Personnel, which does not have an iOS version and is only available for Android devices through the Play Store.

Home Registration Delivery

Once you have the application installed, enter all the necessary basic data, including CPF, name, phone and Email. Now check the box below and click “Register”.

You will receive an SMS containing a 6 digit code on your smartphone. Enter it in the app and it will be validated, and you can continue. You will now have to create your password. Remember that a good password is a password that you can remember – or use a password manager to store all of them for you. click in "Continue".

After that, you will have to choose how you want to make your deliveries, whether through the Cloud mode, the Fixed mode in restaurants or even if you want to be able to use both. Through the Cloud, orders from all restaurants in the area will come to you, while through the Fixed, orders from just one establishment arrive at the delivery person.

Password Signup Deliverer what iFood means

Now, all that remains is to select the region you want to work in, including state or city and select which vehicle you want to use for deliveries. If it is a motorcycle, entering all CNH data is necessary. Enter all your bank information as well.

Delivery Register

Finally, send the photos of your documents, as requested and wait for the result of the analysis, to approve or reject you. And, if you prefer, iFood has a video guide, showing what it means to register with iFood as a delivery person.

So, what did you think of our explanation of what iFood means?

Leave your opinion in the comments and if we clarify your doubts about this incredible delivery platform. Don't forget to check out our updated guide on how iFood works.

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