What is commercial WhatsApp for? find it out

Considering that it is increasingly common to use social networks or messaging apps for companies to communicate with customers, it is not surprising that there are special versions of apps for companies. This is the case with commercial WhatsApp, for example.

The business version of the app that we use every day to communicate, can be an excellent tool in the relationship between the customer and a product / service provider. It is just that it is clear that because it is a novelty, not everyone knows what it is for or how to use it effectively. It is to help you in using WhatsApp commercial that we made the guide below. Check out!

What is commercial WhatsApp for?

using business whatsapp

For those who still don't know this version of the app very well, it's worth starting by explaining more. Suffice to say that it was created to be used by companies or entrepreneurs who want to communicate with their customers via WhatsApp.

As easy as it is to create a conventional WhatsApp profile for this, many companies needed to use external tools or apps to access certain features. Many of these features were implemented when creating the commercial version of the app.

This includes the possibility of creating a service schedule, making a profile completely personalized with your company's brand, scheduled messages, automatic messages and much more. All so that you don't have to use any other app for something that should be simple.

Fortunately, its use is also very easy to learn, as it works much like the original. The biggest difference is in these additions that companies already wanted anyway.

The cool thing is that ease of use helps even those who make their extra income when working at home and do not have their own company in a conventional way.

Like the normal app, commercial WhatsApp can also be downloaded on Android and iPhone. But now that we know this, let's talk about tips on how you can use WhatsApp commercially more efficiently.

Commercial Whatsapp usage tips

Of course, it is not enough to install commercial WhatsApp and send several messages for no reason to your customers. It is best to think and make a strategy for how you want to communicate.

To help you with this, we have prepared some essential tips for anyone who wants to use WhatsApp commercial effectively!

1. Create an office hours

using whatsapp for businesses

Possibly the first thing you should do is create your own business hours on WhatsApp. This time does not necessarily have to be the same as your physical store or telephone service.

Just set up a time that the responsible attendants can really answer the customers that come in contact. We only recommend that you post this information on your official website and on the other social networks you use.

For hours outside of this established period, we recommend that you create scheduled messages. They can tell the customer that attendants are not available, but they also have other functions that we’ll see more in the next topic.

2. Create scheduled messages

As we mentioned in the previous topic, you should take advantage of automatic and scheduled messages. Whether to inform a customer that there are no attendants available at a certain time or for other tasks.

There are cases where these messages can solve simple doubts or get a sense of how the customer can be helped. This already facilitates the work of the attendant, who will have access to the client's answers and will be able to help him with the rest.

There is also the case of messages scheduled to notify the customer that a product they have purchased has been approved for payment or is with the carrier. All of these are great examples of something that doesn't have to be done manually thanks to the functions of commercial WhatsApp.

Other than that, it saves employees time and brings uniform messages to all customers.

3. Do not send unwanted messages

As much as commercial WhatsApp facilitates your contact with customers, you should not go out sending several messages out of nowhere. It is very important to avoid sending unwanted messages even to avoid damaging your relationship with the customer or the way he sees your brand.

It is best to know if the customer really wants to receive messages and get a sense of what type of messages he wants to receive. While some customers may want to know about promotions or discounts, some may just want notifications about products that they have already purchased.

This can be easily established in the customer's registration on your website, for example. Other than that, if your customer asks you to stop sending certain messages on WhatsApp, always respect that decision.

4. Answer customer questions

Although customers do not always want to receive messages from a company, it is essential that they do not ignore the messages they send. This is especially true for questions, since WhatsApp will be the easiest place for them to get in touch with you.

However simple the question may be, always answer it directly. If you realize that it will take time, also inform the customer. After all, it is better than leaving him waiting without even knowing if there will be an answer.

This can help to create a better relationship with your customers. But other than that, it can also be decisive when it comes to deciding whether to acquire something from your company.

5. Make contact after the sale

it's worth using whatsapp in a commercial way

Finally, we will recommend that you always make some contact after the sale. Many companies keep in touch only until the sale is completed, forgetting that the customer exists after he received the product or service.

But what can guarantee that this customer comes back or is completely satisfied is the after-sales contact. Do this to find out if the customer is satisfied with what has been purchased.

Or even to find out if he has any doubts, if he would like to purchase other items, etc. This creates a sense that your company cares about the customer and establishes a much better relationship with them.

It also brings better chances of the customer doing business with your company again. It is only necessary to accept customer feedback and resolve any problems they have with the product or service they have purchased.

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our guide to learn how to use WhatsApp Commercial? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the tips and check out our guide on digital banking to learn how to manage finances without leaving your home.

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