What is enterprise WhatsApp? Everything you need to know

Do you know what corporate WhatsApp is? To summarize the story, it is nothing more than a version of WhatsApp itself, but focused on business.

But don't think we're talking about WhatsApp GB, an alternative version of the world's most famous messaging app that can cause you to lose your data. WhatsApp Business, as the business version is called, was created by Facebook itself, which manages WhatsApp.

It looks a lot like the conventional app and the objective is precisely this: to help entrepreneurs looking to earn money in their own business. But without forcing them to learn how to use a new app from scratch, since the corporate WhatsApp has the same interface as the main app.

On the other hand, it has some features that will help specifically those who have an online business and need productivity when attending online. So, here's what business WhatsApp is, its main differences and advantages over standard WhatsApp and how to start using it!

What is the difference between WhatsApp and corporate WhatsApp?

While you can use conventional WhatsApp to meet online, to get in touch with friends and family and share WhatsApp games, the business version is exclusive for those who are working in their own business.

So much so that it is not possible to take WhatsApp online in this version, for example. If your company is out of business hours, you can schedule automatic messages notifying this and showing your customers when the service starts.

This is one of the features that make the difference between apps, even if they are very similar visually. While conventional WhatsApp can be used for anything, corporate WhatsApp is focused on the business side.

screens showing what corporate WhatsApp is

What are the advantages of WhatsApp Business?

In addition to some features that we will mention below, we can say that the main advantage of knowing what WhatsApp is for business and using it is to separate personal messages from professionals. Throw the first stone who never responded to a job message and then immediately procrastinate a little by exchanging messages with friends.

Another advantage of this version of WhatsApp is that you can include information about your business on the profile screen. Where normally you only need your name, a photo and an impact phrase, in Business you must put your email, contact details and even the address of your physical store, if you have one. It is also possible to indicate opening hours.

In this address area, you can even leave a link to open Google Maps, telling that customer how he can get to your store.

These are not the only advantages. In addition to scheduling automatic messages for when your business is out of office hours, you can create quick response templates, just like Instagram Direct. By doing this, you can streamline long responses by typing just a few letters, as if they were a code.

A “hello”, for example, can turn into “Good morning and welcome to Mercadinho de Filipe, how can I help you?”. Quick answers are one of the best advantages for those who decided to explore and discover what WhatsApp is.

whatsapp business quick responses

Another advantage that deserves mention is the possibility of including your catalog of items on the platform. That way, your customers can see what you have in stock and order directly from the app.

WhatsApp made it possible to make payments through the app, but the lack of an appropriate security scheme has caused the platform to stop offering the service. Still, this means that, in the near future, you can receive payments via WhatsApp through a digital bank, for example.

It is worth mentioning that in this WhatsApp model it is also possible to answer calls, not just answer text messages.

How does WhatsApp Business work?

In practical terms, it works much like conventional WhatsApp. So much so that it is almost impossible to distinguish them at first sight.

application conversation screens

Only after adding tags – which allows categorizing conversations and facilitates organization – does corporate WhatsApp start to look different from the conventional. Still, there are some rules to follow.

The first is that you cannot have a regular WhatsApp and a WhatsApp Business on the same phone line. This means that you will need to have another chip in your device.

Alternatively, corporate WhatsApp allows you to register a fixed number. However. it must be active so that you can serve it and receive the security code at the time of registration.

If you choose to register your landline, you can reply to text messages from your computer, either by downloading the application for Windows or by accessing WhatsApp Web. Still, it is perfectly possible to register a fixed number in the business version and reply to messages on cell phone.

How to switch WhatsApp to the business account?

If you want to stop using conventional WhatsApp to start using the business account on your device, there is no way to transfer. You will have to undo your conventional WhatsApp account, unlink your number and release it for the business version.

However, a reminder: you will lose all your conversations when you undo your account. So be sure to backup WhatsApp before proceeding!

Then, you can download WhatsApp Business on your Android or iPhone. Then, just register your number normally, since it will be released for this version. However, it is worth remembering again that, after registering, you will have to get another number if you want to return to using conventional WhatsApp.

What did you think of corporate WhatsApp?

What did you think of this version? Did you prefer it to conventional WhatsApp or do you think the standard edition already meets what you need? It is worth mentioning that, for now, there is no charge to use WhatsApp Business!

If you are looking for a more holistic solution to service your business online, business WhatsApp may not be for you. Especially for those who need to perform direct service on the site, or also serve via Facebook Messenger, for example.

In that case, the solution may be to invest in an online chat platform. Our suggestion is to use Jivochat!

Low cost, you pay more as your business grows and you hire new attendants. Still, it is worth remembering that even the account for one person releases all the features of Jivochat.

With the platform, you can have an integrated service center, as it allows you to serve both your website visitors and people who arrive at your Facebook Fan Page. In addition, Jivochat also allows you to include forms to capture emails from visitors who asked for assistance and allows you to generate performance reports.

Thus, you can assess how your service is affecting the business. Another important detail is that all conversations are transcribed and available to access at any time.

Want to know if Jivochat can help your business online? Then access the link and register now to try it for 14 days FREE!

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