What is Omegle and how does it work? [Guia Completo]

With so many people having to spend a lot of time at home because of the pandemic, it is understandable that they are looking for other ways to interact with people. While some have apps for having online conversations with their friends and family, others find the idea of ​​talking to strangers more interesting. If you are one of those people, you may have been wondering what Omegle is.

This is one of the main platforms used by those who want to chat with strangers around the world. If you are curious and want to know what Omegle is and how it works, check out our tips below!

What is Omegle?

omegle home screen

Omegle is an online chat site that was launched in 2009 by an 18-year-old American boy. In a few months, the site has gained thousands of users and has been improving and gaining some new features. This includes the possibility of video and audio conversations instead of just exchanging text messages.

As the site became more popular and famous, it received more news and different modes of interaction. Due to certain controversies, he also had security measures in place.

You can tell that it is quite simple, but it still has some very fun and different modes. Unfortunately, it has to be said that resources are quite scarce compared to other chat apps.

But now that we already know a little about what Omegle is, now it's worth talking about how this service works.

How does it work?

As we mentioned earlier, Omegle allows you to chat with strangers over the internet. You can talk to them by text, by voice and even by video, but it is good to say that there are different modes available as well.

The main mode is normal conversation, in which you are placed in a room with a random stranger and you can chat about anything you want. When you get tired of the conversation, you can quickly press a button to talk to someone else.

You can make this exchange of conversations as many times as you want and there is no time limit. So if you find someone unpleasant, you can leave immediately and without satisfaction.

There is Spy mode in which you enter into a conversation with two strangers and can ask a question or suggest a topic. Then, the other two people can discuss this issue while you watch. There is allowed to have more than one spy in the same conversation.

There is also a possibility to chat only with people who have the same interests as you. To do this, you click on the subject tags you like and the service puts you together with people who have made the same choices.

In the video section, you can choose the version without monitoring. In it, adults over 18 can participate in a video chat in which they are allowed to do or say whatever they want, even if it is something with explicit content.

There is also a way for college students, in which users need to provide an email specific to their college to prove they are enrolled there. In this way, users can be placed in chats with only other members of that university.

Interface and ease of use

There is no doubt that a site like Omegle is very interesting, but the same cannot be said for its look. The site may have been created in 2009, but it looks as if it had been developed in the 1990s.

Its interface is extremely simple and not in a good way. It has a very polluted layout, with large buttons and without a clear visual identity.

The ease of use is ok, but this is due more to the fact that the site is very limited. You only have a few chat options, which are listed in the middle of the home screen, so it's not too difficult to choose what you want.

If there is anything that could improve the service, this is the part, since the service itself can be nice for those who want to meet people. Considering its simplicity, these are really fun and different ways. Unfortunately, it has to be said that resources are quite scarce compared to other chat apps.

It's dangerous?

what is omegle tips

It is quite common to wonder if using Omegle can be dangerous, especially since it is a chat service with total strangers. Unfortunately, the site does have a lot of bad people.

Although it is a place reserved for friendly conversations between strangers, many take advantage of the situation. A few years ago, there was controversy among people who displayed explicit content in video chats.

This led to the creation of monitored video chat mode, in which there is an algorithm that can see if something is wrong. As the system is not perfect, it is always good to be aware that unpleasant things can appear there.

But other than that, there's not much danger involved, since you can leave the chat if you notice that there is something you don't like. This includes threats, content you don't want to see, swearing, a different conversation than you expected, etc.

Of course, there are other things you can worry about using Omegle. That's what we're going to focus on in the next topic.

Is there a possibility of viruses on the PC?

Aside from the normal dangers you might encounter when talking to a stranger, there are also questions about other problems that Omegle can bring to your PC. Because they do not know exactly what Omegle is, many people end up wondering if it is safe or if they can get a virus on the computer because of it.

We can assure you that the site itself is safe, but that you can still put your PC at risk because of the people you chat with there. That's because someone can send you a malicious link or make you download a file with a virus.

In this case, it is quite possible to expose your PC to unnecessary dangers. Our tip is to never trust the people you talk to over there, even if they are very friendly.

You may be dealing with scammers who have experience in this type of thing. Our recommendation is that you never click on links provided by other users unless you have a safe way to verify them.

Age range

In view of the nature of Omegle, it is natural to want to know the age of the site. Currently, you need to be at least 13 years old to participate in conversations with strangers, but there are chat modes that only allow people over 18.

This is the case for that mode with unmonitored video, in which people can display explicit content in chat and video. Unfortunately, the other monitored modes can also rely on people trying to harass minors, so be careful.

That is why we cannot fully trust the use of the site when we are talking about teenagers. If you are concerned about your children's access to a site like Omegle, it costs nothing to use a parental control app to block this type of service.


While there are many services for meeting people available on multiple platforms, Omegle can only be accessed on the official website through your internet browser. Of course, you can do this on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Still, it is a pity that such a well-known and used website does not have its own mobile application. The good thing is that you are not stuck with any operating system, of course.

For now, there is no sign that Omegle will reshape the way it works or where it can be accessed. So the way is to accept it as is or look for alternatives, which we will list shortly.

Other than that, it is worth saying that the service is completely free and does not even need a login for more common use. The only exception is for students who want to chat with people studying at the same university as they did, as we mentioned earlier.


how to use omegle

As we mentioned earlier, Omegle gained popularity very quickly shortly after its launch. If years ago it had a few thousand users a day, today it is even more successful.

It is estimated that it has at least 1 million users every day today. Of course, the number of people wanting to know what Omegle is and wanting to use the service may have increased even further with the Covid-19 quarantine.

Basically, you can see that you will always find it very easy to find people to chat with there. Since these conversations are completely non-binding, you can move from one to another quickly.

Alternatives to Omegle

Now that you have a good idea of ​​what Omegle is, it is worth talking about what are your main alternatives. That's because you may not like the service so much, since as we said, it has a very old-fashioned interface.

It is also not as complete and does not have many features that current apps have. Therefore, we will recommend other good options below if you want something different:

  • Whisper: our first option allows you to share thoughts and ideas within the app. This way, other people can see and comment, which can lead to a conversation if you want. Of course, you can do the same by checking other people's posts on the app.
  • MeetMe: with this app, you can define your main interests and chat with like-minded people. It's great if you want to form friendships or romance online more easily.
  • Bloomy: this app is newer and focused on finding you more interesting conversations. You can use it for friendships or romantic interests, rather select what your interests are in your profile.
  • HearMe: our next indication is perfect for those who just want to vent to strangers. It can be about anything in your life, whether it is something more serious or that you consider more futile. Everything can be done anonymously, which is an advantage for many people.
  • Anonymous Chat: this last option is much more similar to Omegle. After all, it lets you chat with people from all over the world completely anonymously and without much commitment. You talk about what you want and leave the chat when you prefer without having to give any personal information.

All of these alternatives can be used for free and many have their own mobile applications. This way, you can use the service on any smartphone quite easily.

It remains to be seen if you prefer something more complete like this or if you like the way Omegle works more.

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If you have any other application similar to Omegle that you like to use, be sure to tell us in the comments too!

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