What is remote work? Discover this way of working

There is no way to research or want to know more about the different current professional areas without facing the concept of remote work. But for those who have always worked in a traditional way, the doubt of what remote work is may end up arising.

But it is to answer exactly that that we have created a very complete guide on the subject. We will address not only what remote work is, but also examples of very common activities in this environment. Check it out below!

What is remote work?

worth working at home

We have already started here saying that it is okay to not know what remote work is, but that it is not a very complex concept either. Also called the Home Office in many situations, remote work is nothing more than the simple activity of working at home.

That or simply working anywhere in the world, needing only a computer and any other devices needed for your specific area. Whether in your home, in your own office, in your personal studio, etc.

The most interesting thing is that this can be the way you earn your extra income, informally, or it can be your steady job. It is not uncommon to earn money as a freelancer who has multiple clients and does all his work without leaving his room.

Of course, it all depends on what you want to do, whether you really want to be a freelancer or whether your company accepts this type of work.

Common activities in remote jobs

Now that we have learned a little more about what remote work is, it is worth talking about common activities to be carried out in this way. Of course, there are dozens of professions that can be adapted to work remotely.

This proved to be more prevalent with the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, as many companies had to keep their employees in their homes for security. But there are certain activities that have always been natural in this environment.

And it is about them that we will talk about prominently, since great areas to start a career if you want to have a remote job. Although you may be more interested in other options, they may also be related to the activities that we will present below:

1. Editing videos and photos

edit videos at home

Our first option for those who want to know what remote work is and are looking for activities in this medium is editing videos and photos. Most freelance editors work only in the Home Office, with few exceptions from customers who may require a visit to the company.

It is worth mentioning that to work with editing videos and photos, it is necessary to have knowledge of different software and access to a computer capable of performing these tasks. Although the PC can be a heavy investment, knowledge of software can be found in videos and articles on the internet.

2. Writing and proofreading

Another option that many people choose when working remotely is writing or proofreading texts. This does not require extra knowledge on heavy software or powerful computers, such as editing, but other important skills.

First of all, you must have a good knowledge of the language in which you will write or proofread. It is also necessary to know how to write in a cohesive way and in a way that captivates the reader instead of boring him.

Many copywriters end up writing about everything, but everything is always done with a lot of research. It is definitely a choice that requires a lot of attention, but has vacancies in various types of companies.

3. Text translation

Still on the topic of texts, it is also valid to suggest that you carry out translations, either into your native language or others that have knowledge. This is one of the best ways to work from home.

After all, you will only need a computer and internet access to perform the tasks. That and your ability in the languages ​​chosen by the customer, of course. It is also possible to find vacancies on websites for freelancers or specialized for translators.

4. Online store

set up a virtual store

Many people who want a remote job are not content with just looking for normal job openings. They may prefer to do something related to sales, for example.

This is especially true for those who have access to a type of product that can sell in large quantities. Be it something for resale or done manually by yourself.

To avoid having to deal with a physical store, many resort to creating a digital store. Whether through a proprietary platform or when making a professional profile to sell on social networks or even on auction sites.

Just be sure to check out our digital banking guide if you really want to open your own store. So you manage all your money without leaving your home.

5. Online courses

For those who have expertise in a certain subject, a good tip is to create online courses. If you don't know, there are many online course platforms that you can use to create, make available and sell your classes on the internet.

But with so many chains out there, it is more than necessary to take classes of great quality to stand out. After all, most online courses today are quite complete and offer several videos and handouts to accompany the classes themselves.

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our tips to learn more about what remote work is and some of the activities you can do this way? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think and what activities you plan to do.

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