What is the ideal internet speed for stable IPTV?

One of the biggest trends in quarantine times, IPTV lists have become the type of service most sought after by those who want more entertainment options. But then two concerns arise: what exactly is IPTV and what is the ideal internet speed for stable IPTV?

We will answer these two questions in this article, in addition to mentioning how many megs of internet these types of apps for watching movies and series consume from your plan. Looking for IPTV options, but not sure if your internet plan will handle the service?

Answer this question by reading the article below and see what is the ideal internet speed for stable IPTV!

What is IPTV?

Acronym for Internet Television Protocol, IPTV is nothing more than internet television. In other words, the satellites and cables go out and the internet signal of your home comes in.

You can use IPTV in the same way as streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. That is, just subscribe to the service, create your password and access it both on your smartphone and internet browsers.

Some programs like Kodi, for example, allow you to connect and organize channels in a way more similar to what we already see on television. Remember that some of these programs are also available on smart TVs.

That is, if you have a stable internet at home, you may very well replace the traditional way of watching television with this mode.

But this raises an important question: what is the ideal internet speed for stable IPTV? Will my internet signal be able to receive images in high quality?

Find out soon!

what internet speed is ideal for iptv

What internet speed should I have?

The question that guides our article is very simple to answer. For those with more modest connections, do not be afraid: to see IPTV in good quality – HD and Full HD – it is not necessary to have the most expensive connection from your internet operator.

But before showing how much you need to have, let's reveal what speeds are not recommended for IPTV. Connections below 1 MB, unfortunately, cannot watch IPTV. The transmission quality would be less than 480p, the maximum within what we know as Standard Definition (SD).

In other words, not even a quality considered low would run the programs well. To watch IPTV in the quality we mentioned above, you need to have a Wi-Fi connection of at least 1MB to 5MB.

With 5MB of connection, it is already possible to watch IPTV programs in 720p HD quality, which we can already consider a good image. To watch in FullHD 1080p, a connection of at least 10MB is ideal.

For those who want to watch the channels in 4K and enjoy the maximum resolution that a current generation TV can reproduce, it is necessary to have a more robust connection, offering 35MB.

watch iptv!

How many megs of internet does IPTV consume?

Knowing what is the ideal internet speed for IPTV is the most important, but it is also interesting to know how many megs of internet watching IPTV channels can consume.

Different from what we showed above, it is not possible to give an exact consumption value. There are several factors involved, such as the image resolution you are watching and even the time you are watching.

Therefore, it is worth mentioning that video transmission is one of the most consuming megs in your internet plan. This means that we do not recommend watching IPTV using a mobile data plan, as this can quickly drain your franchise.

We can say that IPTV is an “internet thief” due to its high consumption, so access the channels through your wired or Wi-Fi connection.

Have you watched any channel by IPTV?

Now that you know the internet speed you need to watch your favorite channels over the internet?

Tell us in the comments and get to know some of the best sites and apps to test your internet connection!

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