What is Twitch Prime? Everything you need to know!

Even if you don't use the service, it is quite possible that you have at least heard about Twitch. This live streaming platform is excellent for those who like to watch content of the most varied types for hours, in addition to being able to chat with the streamer. Only you may have heard of it and wondered what Twitch Prime is?

In short, it's Twitch's subscription service, but of course there's a lot more to know than just that. To explain it better, we made a complete guide with the main topics for those who want to know what Twitch Prime is. Check it out below!

What is Twitch?

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First of all, how about explaining a little better about what Twitch itself is? As we mentioned, this is a broadcast platform that usually focuses a lot on games, but that in the past few years has also started to have streamers of all types.

Some only talk to their audience while others do manual activities, play music or even watch movies. If you have a streamer that you like, you can follow his channel for free, subscribe for R $ 22.99, make donations of different values ​​or simply chat in the chat.

What is Twitch Prime?

Knowing more about the platform, now it's worth talking about what Twitch Prime really is. Also known now as Prime Gaming, this is Twitch's subscription service that gives you some interesting benefits.

This can include free games, discount channel subscriptions and more. The service is great for those who watch Twitch streamers a lot and it is worth it because it is included in the Amazon Prime subscription.

How to subscribe to the service?

A few years ago, Amazon bought Twitch and included the Twitch Prime subscription within Amazon Prime, as mentioned above. That means you don't have to pay an exorbitant amount just to get Prime Gaming from Twitch.

The current Amazon Prime subscription costs R $ 9.99 per month, gives you exclusive discounts and free shipping on the Amazon store, access to Prime Video's streaming service and access to Prime Gaming, as we said.

You only need to have an active Amazon account to subscribe to Amazon Prime and then connect it to your Twitch account. In this way, Twitch Prime will be activated. Click on the link to subscribe.

Is there a free trial?

Like so many other subscription services, it's completely possible to try it for free if you want to know what Twitch Prime is and if it's worth the money. The only condition is that you have never taken the free trial of Amazon Prime, as this is what entitles you to the Prime Gaming test.

The good thing is that this trial is 30 days free, in which you enjoy absolutely everything that Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime have to offer. This includes all the benefits, allowing you to know whether you want to continue with a real subscription or not.

What are the benefits of Twitch Prime?

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Knowing more about the price and the fact that the free trial exists, it is clear that you should be more curious to know what the unique benefits of Twitch Prime are. By subscribing to the service, you earn the following:

  • A free subscription that you can give to the channel you want, which is valid as a normal subscription for the content creator. This subscription is always available every 30 days and you can always give it to different streamers if you prefer.
  • Free games that you can access through your Twitch account or on other platforms, such as Steam or Epic Games. Usually, they give out five free games each month, but there are occasions for Amazon celebrations that they offer even more games.
  • In-game rewards, which can be cosmetic items, boxes with random items, skins or even an amount in the currency of a specific game. It is common to see them giving a high value in the currency used in Grand Theft Auto Online, for example. In such cases, you only need to link your Twitch Prime account with the game client who receives these rewards.
  • You can store your favorite broadcasts to watch them later for 60 days. Those who are not subscribers can only do this storage for 14 days.
  • Access to exclusive emoticons in the chat that are only given to other subscribers.
  • Possibility to change the color of the chat to tones available only to subscribers.

You can see that the benefits are really interesting, especially the part of gaining registration, games and free rewards. For those who wanted to know what Twitch Prime is, knowing these advantages can be a good indication of whether or not it is worth subscribing to the service.

Other Amazon Prime Benefits

As we said before, you don't just get benefits related to Twitch Prime with this subscription. As you must subscribe to Amazon Prime for this, you also get all your benefits.

Currently, the main advantages of being an Amazon Prime subscriber are:

  • Free delivery on selected products in the Amazon store, which fortunately are the majority of the items found there.
  • Exclusive discounts on selected products in the Amazon store.
  • Full access to Prime Video, a Video streaming platform similar to Netflix. There are hundreds of films and series available in their catalog, many of which are not in any other competing service. There is also a lot of original content currently being produced for Prime Video, so it’s worth checking out.
  • Access to Prime Reading, a service that provides you with thousands of eBooks and digital magazines that you can read freely on your computer, smartphone, tablet or Kindle.
  • Access to Prime Music, which is Amazon's music streaming service. It works like Spotify or Youtube Music, and has no less than 2 million different songs for its subscribers.

As you can see, it's a subscription that can benefit you even if you don't watch Twitch that much.

Does Twitch Prime help streamers?

As we mentioned above for anyone who wants to know what Twitch Prime is, you get a free subscription to any streamer channel you want. This raises doubts about whether that specific subscription is worth the same as a normal subscription or if the streamer receives less money for it.

Fortunately, it has already been confirmed that Prime Gaming's free subscription works in exactly the same way as the $ 22.99 subscription for its users. Then the content creator receives the same value with it as with any other subscription.

Just keep in mind that the streamer does not receive the full amount of subscriptions, since a part stays with Amazon. Still, giving your Twitch Prime free subscription can be a great way to support and help a streamer if you are unable to pay a regular subscription for each of the creators you like.

Just remember that the subscription is not recurring, so you have to remember that you have one available each month and remember to give it to a streamer manually. You can do this when the person is broadcasting or when they are offline.

The only difference is that you will not have your application read by the live streamer if you do the process when it is down.


Currently, you can say that there is no shortage of ways to watch your favorite broadcasts on Twitch. You can follow everything in your internet browser through the platform's official website, for example.

But in addition, it is possible to watch Twitch with the Android and iOS mobile applications, whether to view the content on the smartphone or tablet. Apart from these options, you also have special platform apps on consoles such as the PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X.

It is still compatible with devices like Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV for those who don't have a Smart TV. If you have an LG Smart TV, you can now download a special app inside your television store to watch everything without having to connect your smartphone to the TV.

Other TV brands are expected to receive the app soon, but there is no preview yet. The good thing is that you can watch your broadcasts preferably on almost any device.

Mainly competitors

twitch prime competitors

It is difficult to say that Twitch Prime has direct competitors, as other streaming services do not offer the same benefits that Amazon is able to offer. Many people are unsure whether to use Facebook Gaming or Twitch, for example, but the Facebook service is not yet up to date with its rival.

Facebook Gaming does not offer great benefits to its users, just the possibility of accumulating stars that can be used to donate a value to your favorite streamers. Unlike Twitch, these stars can only be acquired by watching live streams.

On Twitch, the closest to that is the channel points, which you also accumulate when watching the streams from each streamer. The difference is that this only releases interactions proposed by the streamer itself and does not allow donations converted to money for him.

Another major competitor is YouTube, which has also invested heavily in the possibility of live streams in recent years. They also allow you to subscribe to the channel and make direct donations to content creators.

The problem is that if you have a YouTube Premium subscription, it does not give you benefits for broadcasts like Twitch Prime. YouTube even ran a test in which they subscribed to a channel for free for those who had YouTube Premium in 2020.

The problem is that this has been limited in some countries and is not available to everyone even now. Anyway, they also don't offer anything else for free, like games and rewards.

The closest you find these additional benefits is in services like the Xbox Game Pass, which gives you a library of games that can be enjoyed while maintaining your subscription. There is also the Epic Games Store, which offers one free game per week without any subscription.

Of course, in these cases, there is no streaming service behind these platforms. As you can see, it ends up being difficult for consumers to find something even similar to Prime Gaming at the moment.

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our guide to find out what Twitch Prime is? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of this service and if you believe that the benefits of subscribing to Amazon Prime are worth the price!

And if you are interested in this idea of ​​making live streams, be sure to check out our tips on how to easily record games on your PC!

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