What is VSCO? Discover everything about the photo app

Among so many photo montage apps, VSCO ends up being one of the most popular. It is also used to refer to certain girls on Instagram and TikTok – the so-called VSCO Girls -, which can leave people who have never used the app confused. After all, what is VSCO?

To answer this question, we have prepared a more than complete guide talking about what VSCO is, where the term “VSCO Girl” comes from and much more. Check everything in detail below!

What is VSCO

As we already mentioned, VSCO is basically an application focused on photographs. It can be used both to take photos and to edit the images you already have stored on your smartphone.

The app offers several beautiful effects and filters when editing images, which ends up attracting many of its users. Another difference is that VSCO has its own social network, where users can post their photos.

In the past, he was even seen as a type of competitor to Instagram, but now the two platforms have very different audiences. Overall, VSCO users really want to share beautiful photos instead of just posting updates about their lives.

Another positive point of VSCO in relation to Instagram is that it has much more image editing options. Similar to Photoshop, there is the possibility of editing in different layers.

This brings much more versatility to what you can do in editing, even on a smartphone. Other than that, it is worth mentioning that VSCO allows editing details such as exposure, contrast and image saturation.

Basically, it is a very complete app for those who like photographs, which explains its popularity. If you are interested, VSCO can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.


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Now that we know the basics of what VSCO is, it’s good to touch on another topic as well. A lot of people end up hearing about the app because of the term “VSCO Girl“, which became very popular especially because of the TikTok app.

The term itself refers to the girls who post several photos on VSCO and other social networks with the app's filters and with a very similar aesthetic. In general, the photos use soft filters, have pastel colors and have a casual look.

Such VSCO Girls are usually famous users on TikTok, for example, and usually post videos with this more stripped-down look, trendy clothes and very light makeup. It is worth mentioning that this term can also be attributed to women who post photos or videos with clothes and accessories from expensive brands.

The difference is that they do not do this to flaunt, at least not explicitly. In this case, they only act as if it were something more casual.

Alternatives to VSCO

alternatives to VSCO

Despite being a very interesting photo app, there are other alternatives that you can try besides VSCO. Our main recommendations can be seen below:

1. Photoshop

To begin with, it is clear that we could not make any recommendation other than Photoshop. This is one of the most complete programs when it comes to images, especially for those who want to change or improve them.

As many know, it is possible to do everything: be it transforming photos into drawings, removing the background from the image or even transforming photos into caricatures.

You can test the app by accessing the following link.

2. Lightroom

Here we have another app from Adobe, but different from Photoshop, it is more focused on more realistic editions. So don't expect to use Lightroom to make creative changes to your photos.

It serves much more to correct the color, the white balance, the contrast, etc. Basically, it is widely used by professional photographers and those who aspire to learn more about this art form.

The program even has a great backup system, which helps you recover photos if you accidentally delete them.

You can check out more by checking the link.

3. PlaceIt

An unconventional but very good alternative is PlaceIt. This one is highly recommended for those who want a website that helps them create logos, images, videos, designs and more.

You can check out designs created by other users or create your own from scratch. If you are curious, you can take a look at PlaceIt's services by accessing the link.

4. Camera +

Camera + works more like an extension of the functions of your smartphone's native camera. It allows you to control exposure and focus separately, which makes it easier to shoot lighter or darker images.

The app still has a type of stabilizer, which can decrease the amount of blurry photos you take. You can check out more by accessing the app link.

5. Snapseed

To close our short list of alternatives to VSCO, we have Snapseed. This Google application is very popular and offers very advanced options for editing and improving the images you take with your phone.

It is even considered one of the best photo editors for Android, so of course it's worth checking out. You can download it totally free on your iPhone as well as on Android.

Did you like the tips?

Did you take advantage of our article to find out what VSCO is? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the app and if you liked what it has to offer to take pictures with your phone.

And if you want tips on how to take professional photos with your phone, just check out our tips on the link!

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